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  1. You can just go to the play store and type the "The Room Visual Novel"
  2. Thanks but i found a character design artist and btw i finished the VN the room
  3. Hey what is up guys! My name is Stone and i am a visual novel creator. Currently i am looking for a character design artist for our upcoming visual novel. We do Pay you per character design. If you are intrested please reply to this post or email me at simplyappproductions@gmail.com THANKS FOR READING!
  4. lol I can't tell if your talking about my demo or the characters underneath ur text lol either way thanks? oh alright, thanks. I will keep you notified on the visual novel!
  5. Yes i agree on alot. I did give alot of character back story and development after the first choice so it becones diificult to decide who to kill. I'll also looking into consideration into making the beggining longer. And i think you can save. I really love your ideas! Would you happen to know any character design artist?
  6. I see. I will probably add it to the site when j finish the full game. In terns of it being a on pc theres a slight chance. However that takes a long process. If i want to upload it on steam i would have to pay a fee and sign some online paper work. This is also my first VN. And i want to use this as some sort of reference when i make another VN. I plan on making another VN. Much better and longer story. But i dont have a character design artist.
  7. Its a really short demo and VNBD? Sorry am new to this website
  8. Thanks lol Did you have a chance to play it? If so thanks. I will notify you when the full verison comes out
  9. What is up to people of the world! My name is Stone and I have recently uploaded my own visual novel demo on the play store. like many of you who have a passion for anime or visual industry, I want to have a career in it any form. It would mean a lot to me if you would check it out and tell me what you think. It might not be the best but I can't expect it to be since it's my first one. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.org.androidset I plan on releasing the full game soon and on ios! Thank you for reading this.
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