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Found 42 results

  1. Hey guys & gals, I'm having trouble converting some character sprites from the visual novel Yahari Game demo Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. When I convert the sprites from GXT to PNG, they end up being 'tiled' so it looks like it needs to be rearranged. I'm no pro at image editing, but when I did it myself there seems to be a lot of tearing. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to properly rearrange the sprites, programs or any other methods? Any tips or tricks will do! Additionally, when I extracted the whole archive for the sprites, it included a small-sized file which may be the data needed to rearrange the layout of the image since it's only a few kilobytes. Here's an example of the sprite. Here is the corresponding layout file (I think).
  2. Hey all! I'm Fuyunokawa, background artist. Now I'm looking for an employer you probably would like to be. Here's my price list: 1) Easy background - 20-25$ 2) Usual background - 50-60$ 3) Some variation in weather, camera angle, day time etc - 7-20$ The price depends on how hard the background you'd like is. The only way to commission my arts is PayPal. There's a prepayment of 50%. When the background will be completed, you should make additional payment. For some examples of what you’re paying for there, here are easy backgrounds:https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8ErmEhttps://www.artstation.com/artwork/xKnJ4usual backgrounds:https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zBmXwhttps://www.artstation.com/artwork/5bLv8https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dP5DWI've got an Artstation(https://www.artstation.com/artist/fuyunokawa) and a Deviantart(http://fuyunokawa.deviantart.com/) where you can see many of my works. If you’d like to get in touch with me, I’m pretty easy to reach - you can always contact me at Telegram(https://t.me/fuyunokawa), Discord(Fuyunokawa#4891), and my email(fuyunokawa.art@gmail.com).
  3. Hi! I'm in the process of making a visual novel, but being one person, I'm obviously in need of some help. I already landed some character and CG artists, but now I'm concerned about the background art. My question, what is the common consensus about using such art? Is it seen as a cop out? Is this something that is already done commonly, and I just haven't realized it? I've found a person who makes various high quality backgrounds and sells them to anyone for use in VNs. He's foreign, so his work isn't already being used in a ton of other games, and its appearance in my VN would be relatively unique. I know how people get flack for using royalty free music in games, but I haven't heard about any stigmas around using royalty free art.
  4. Hello! I'm still working on my visual novel full-time, but sometimes I need a short break and I thought that I could draw something nice for people here I draw anonymous requests on 4chan, but I received great support from you before, so I wanted to repay you somehow. I will visit this thread from time to time and fulfill requests (if there are any) one by one. Things I'm good at: clothes, facial expressions, hands, interactions like hand holding, head patting, pinching cheeks. Things I'm not good at: full backgrounds, mecha, electronics. Here are some of the fulfilled 4chan requests: Horo - Spice and Wolf COLOR Yozakura - Senran Kagura COLOR Blanc - Neptunia Okoi - Basilisk Ginko and Natsume - Mushishi, Natsume Yuujinchou Sako - Upotte!! Mei - Another Edea Lee - Bravely Default COLOR Mirai Yozora - Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Rukia - Bleach Amira - Otoyomegatari 18+ Older Mami - Madoka Magica 18+ Melona - Queen's Blade
  5. Hi! I've been working on the UI for some days and I could use a bit of feedback. I want to set the UI up before I start drawing the characters so I don't have to move or resize anything in the future. Both the character and the side images in this screenshot are just placeholders. So, does it looks good? It's too big? It's pleasant to the eyes? And finally, (I can change this latter but...) what about the font, easy to read? Cheers!
  6. Hi, I'm Miya! I'm the leader of Truth Unveiled Visual Novel. We need artists, programmers, and more writers for this project. We already have two. Here is everything you need to know and every bit of info we have so far: http://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/15762-truth-unveiled-gxbsupernaturalromancepsychological/#comment-428907 Contact me here, via email, miyarishirou@yahoo.com or Skype: Miyu "Aoba cake" I look forward to hearing from you. ❤
  7. Hello! First of all, this is my second post (but is like the first one) so I want to say: hey everyone. This web is like a VN paradise, I love it haha I've been working on a Cyberpunk VN for a month, mostly on the script but I have some art already and I wanted to show it to you. Hope you like it. I have a lot more but of couse I can't post it. So, thats the art but I want to talk a bit about the story and all of that, just because this is my first VN and I'm excited about it. As is said on the title the game will have a Cyberpunk/Sci-fi thematic with some soft philosophy on it and a lot of robots. All the protagonists are girls (with a bit of Yuri even if this is not an eroge~) Right now I'm thinking about using TyranoBuilder as engine, because I don't know anything about scripting, I'm not sure if is the best option though. I'm a bit worried about the music and the translation because: even if I have experience drawing and writing, this is my first time composing music so I will upload a couple of tracks in the future and you can tell me if they are any good. And since I'm spanish, I need to translate the script but my english is nowhere near perfect, so I may need help to correct the mistakes I will make translating the script. Thats all for now, I'll gladly answer any questions ;D Thanks everyone for reading me. Cheers.
  8. Heya ! I bet those who draw or follow artists on social networks are aware of what is inktober,since this shit is going more or less viral. For the others who dont pay intention to this kind of things,i ts basically an art challenge,where you must draw something with ink(or liners) every days till the end of october (only in black and white and with à nimb for the purists.) So,of course i m doing it,but i Will run out of inspiration quickly,so i ask you to submit me some notions/atmosphere to illustrate,or chars /words you want me to draw. Of course,if anyone else is into drawing and want to share his/her stuff here,he/she is welcome (~°O°)~ Ps : i was planning to do a lil giveaway for those who submited me ideas,tell me if it might interest you. Here is what i already drew : Day1 Day2 Ps2 : my computer is ded,so im using my phone,who is silly af and even with english keyboard keep putting à and é & è,and sometimes even wont let me write english words. Sorry for this 😓
  9. art

    Hello guys! I'm a new member here and I'd like to show you my drawing of yuri and girls. Please feel free to comment to my artworks. I also open a commission now. If you're interested, you can contact me. Thank you and enjoy my art! Rainy Day Tranquil Hours Moment Towards Forever Morning Cuddle Valentine's Day Onwards Just the Two of Us The Veil of Night After School Their Happiness Warm Winter Sparkling Harmony One Hot Night Shizuru Viola from Mai-Otome Natsuki Kruger from Mai-Otome Fujino Shizuru Portrait White Shirt MariMei Here's my commission guide : Commission Price Guide
  10. Hello there, Recently I just published a 2D character CG generator tool via itch.io (demo versions are available) It's currently in early access state, with development status and plans available for public via Trello. Mannequin is a template-based character CG generator; by making it I'm hoping to make development easier for both non-artists and artists alike. For non-artists, you can generate a production-ready quality CGs just by mixing and matching templates, adjusting the colors, then instantly export the result to a PNG file. For artists or someone with experience using vector drawing programs, you can export the result to SVG file (which can be opened using Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Inkscape) and make your own custom modifications. Included below are some screenshots: Let me know what you think! -- Quick Links: itch.io Store Page | Public Trello Board | Devlog on Tumblr
  11. Hello everyone, I want to make a visual novel with branching stories and a lot of choices with many endings. But Art style hinder me. What kind of art style most people like? Is it Japan anime style or Western style? Which one do you like from the picture under this text? And which kind of story people will like the most? Does Romance visual novel is too mainstream? I have plan for 1. Fantasy Romance, 2. Crime/Supernatural/Romance, 3.Horror/Thriller/Romance, 4.Romance/Drama and 5.Romance/Comedy. Please help me guys~ Thank you so much!
  12. Hello all! I am a freelance artist looking for some work. I can do figures, sprites, backgrounds, and objects/items. While exact prices are pretty varied depending on what you're looking for, you can expect any given commission to fall in the $3 - $50 USD range. Here are some samples: Here is my website: http://vividvapor.wixsite.com/vividvaporart And here is a link to my deviantART Gallery: http://vividvapor.deviantart.com/gallery/ If you're interested you can email me at vivid_vapor@yahoo.com Thanks so much!
  13. art

    LAST UPDATE: JULY 15 2016 Hello, I am Juliastorybored a 2D and 3D artist and an experienced game developer. I am here to offer my quality artworks and services. I will be accepting graphical and artsy requests like Game logo, title screens, characters, backgrounds and more. I can do usually everything from detailed medieval armors, Scifi/cyberpunk themed art, Chibi, Animals/Monsters to realistic art. But if there's something i can't do, i will tell the client earlier before the start of the commission. Below, I will be giving my price list with samples for your convenience. If interested, you can contact me here through PM. COMMISSION STATUS: OPEN This is a "first come, first serve" basis. SLOT1: "Starshiner" SLOT2: "Uzuki" SLOT3: -OPEN- SLOT4: -OPEN- SLOT5: -OPEN- Payments are handled through Paypal. Art commissions under 20 USD must be paid in full before work begins and anything above that, will be requested half to be paid after the outline of the art and the other half payment will be requested before sending the final files (PSD's, JPG's, PNG's). I do the commissions during my free time because i have work, but if the client gave me a deadline then i can consider on adjusting my time for the client. I usually finish simple tasks right away so there's no problem. I will be sending updates of progress for the clients convenience. I am available for inquiries during weekdays (Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm +8 GMT) that means I can attend to and reply to your messages during that time right away if not sooner. The commissioned art provided belongs exclusively to the "Artist" and the "Commissioner" of the artwork. No other party is allowed to use any of the materials without the expressed consent of either the "Artist" or the "Commissioner". Prices of the title screen are the same as of the scenes. *The LOH (Land of Heroes) logo design in these artwork isn't mine. Required information for your requested commission/s: - What kind of resource you want to make. - How many. - Your Email Address (for me to send my art updates to you) - Size and resolution of the artwork. - Visual references/pencil sketches or images you found online. - Additional written information about the character/background, like age, hair color, personality, etc... - Deadline. (If Any) List of Ordered commissions so far: Hyreal: 2 Character Busts Ryue: 6 Background Art Golden Unicorn Gaming: 1 Logo and 3 UI Text button Suika: 8 Weapon Icons, 4 Recolored Weapon Icons and 2 Item Icons Watermark: 1 Logo Feldschlacht IV: 1 Logo, 1 Titlescreen and 1 Twitter Banner BCj: 1 Logo Hyreal: 1 Scene F117Landers: 1 Logo Starshiner: 1 Background Thank you for reading fellow game enthusiasts and future clients! You can also visit my DA and Behance.Cheers to us all!
  14. Thoughts? Rah is next on the chopping block with a new darker vision to match his personality.
  15. Hi there everyone! We are currently seeking a background artist to join our noble cause in creating a unique visual novel experience. For information on the project, check: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=38900 For further questions and expressions of interest, please email me at yourgeekgoddess@outlook.com with samples of your work. Thanks for the support! Sincerely, YourGeekGoddess
  16. Vritra is the Dragon King of the Asura. Hindu culture speaks of highly advanced gods and wild imagery. Vritra is not evil and measured in his actions. Feel free to leave explanations to your decision below
  17. Hi. I have been working on a visual novel. I'm not an artist though and unfortunately do have any money to hire an artist so I am a bit stuck having to do the art myself. I decided to go with rendering scenes with three models and was hoping to get an idea if the artwork is passable or not. However, I can't figured out how to put the pictures in the post. Sorry (believe me, I know it is stupid and I only have myself to blame, but the only thing I can do is apologise for the inconvenience, and I do know that there is a simple solution, sorry again). I put in a link (http://pandadeath.com/annes-book) (I really don't know if that is against some kind of internet protocol manners, if it is then I am sorry for that and maybe one day will figure out how to put the picture in the post. Thanks.
  18. Hi! I'm planning on developing a visual novel titled "Reset", a mystery horror anime, since I know how to write the script for a visual novel. However, I cannot draw at all and I'm quite frankly, well, terrible at it. If there's any artist out there who is willing to draw some characters on a computer with some description of what I imagine them to look like, I'd greatly appreciate it and be in debt from your assistance! Thank you.
  19. Hello! I am an illustrator and I love graphic novels and I especially love drawing concept art, character designs and background works. I would love to be involved in a VN project in the future. These are a few examples. I am very stylistic but I can easily tweak my art to fit a specific style and I work well with deadlines. I work with Sai, Photoshop, and After Effects so I can animate as well. If you would like more examples of my artwork or would like to see something specific PM me, please. Thank you.
  20. Ioruko here to share some fan art with you! I will be updating this topic when I finish a new piece of fan art! VN fan art: Mahoutsukai no yoru you can check out the process steps for this one here: http://ioruko.deviantart.com/art/Mahoyo-fan-art-process-593052599 Muv-Luv Alternative Fate/Stay Night These are the best I can present for the moment! If you liked them, you can check the rest of my art here: http://ioruko.deviantart.com/gallery Also I am not sure if I should post anime fan art on a visual novel forum, so I'll just post vn related pics
  21. Hello! I am working on an otome visual novel game right now. It is a fantasy game with elves and i have a cg artist for all the cutesy fluff stuff lol but there are a few scenes that lean toward the creepy side, also for bad endings there might be some blood. So anyone that is good at doing creepy slightly gorey art I'd really appreciate if you contacted me. It's not going to be super gorey with intestines hang out and stuff, just some blood. And in regards to payment, once i have more to show for my project i plan to run a campaign to fund the project (because i am paying out of pocket and i work at a deli ;-;) anyway i'd really really appreciate if you would be willing to work with me without payment until the campaign and then of course i'd pay for all the previous work and current work etc. But if that's a no go that's not a problem either, id still be able to, just using the money out of pocket ;-; lol anyway, the link to the game info is down below, please let me know if you're interested, oh and make sure you look at the main character on the main page and see if you can get close to the same art style(except all creepy like) i just don't want it to not even look like the same person ya know? Anyway thank you for reading! viewtopic.php?f=43&t=37765
  22. Hello guys! We are going to be finishing up our game map in a couple of days but would like to hear some commentary on where it currently stands. A little background. The Rift is a dimentional tear in which the interior is its own ecosystem. Its roughly 5 miles wide and has wildly different environments. Currently there are no landmarks but as you progress through the game, you will unlock locations. It is also in 4k so zooming in does not pixelate which will be a major factor when it comes to location art.
  23. Hello, I am an artist specializing in character illustrations. I am currently working on a small number of projects right now and hoping to do more in the future! Hope you like my work DA: http://elairi.deviantart.com/
  24. Coeus Corrupt (Ko-wus) Pantheon: Greek Age: 1482 Height: 14' or 19' standing Fighting Style: Soul Leeching Alignment: Chaotic Evil FANTASY In the bowels of a long lost Anunnaki burial chamber roams the Titan Coeus. He once was the most intelligent Titan to ever exist and was the most likely to succeed at developing humanity in the outside world. Fate was cruel to him though as his curiosity got the best of him. Nun warned all the ancient bloodlines of the three dominant spirits that were sent to Earth with him. Nun possessed one but the other two were lost in the crash landing of his ship. Coeus searched for years for relics of the long lost Sirius ship and did not heed the warning of Nun to notify him immediately if they ever were to be discovered. When he touched the relic, the spirit within it infused with his core, causing him to fall into madness. He tried to fight the urge for a time but eventually it took over and he killed an Anunnaki by draining it of its soul. Uranus, his father, intervened on his behalf when Marduk seeked vengeance. Marduk did not trust Uranus to honor his word though and negotiated the terms of his punishment. The Annunaki would build a cursed facility under the ground which would keep him imprisoned for eternity with special sigils that drained his power. He is forever roaming these halls waiting for the day he can be free to feed again. HISTORY Coeus is of the Greek pantheon, known as the Titan of rational intelligence. He fathered many children and was considered a positive Titan. In the Titanomachy (The war between Titans and Olympians,) he was overthrown and imprisoned for an eternity in Tartarus (Hell.) unlike the other Titans, he went mad in his imprisonment and broke free of his chains in an attempt to escape but failed in his attempt. THEORY We decided to change the timeline a bit and tie his historical madness into his inquisitive nature. We liked the tragedy of an intelligent and benevolent Titan falling from grace due to his lack of wisdom. By showing his fall, we make him more relatable and also incorporate cross pantheon relationships between the Anunnaki and the Titans. This allows us to create vivid lore that mixes the two worlds and enriches the story of a mad god who was once a benevolent saint. Full blown critiques plz. This is a rough of the Coeus concept which will be properly rendered at a later date. The image is the scale.
  25. Hello! This is MikomiKisomi, and for a limited time I'll be offering my sprite work for free! That's right, I'll draw sprites for a limited amount of games for free! Here are a few examples of my sprites: (more on down) ☛ Why are you doing this for free? I'd like to offer my art services to other devs who can't draw or can't pay for it. Helping people make VNs is really fun to me, so giving my art to good projects makes me happy. ☛ What's the catch? There, of course, are a few catches to getting free art. The game must be near completion/you will actually finish the game. We all know the stories of would-be devs coming up with fantastical stories but can't program, draw, write, or anything, and thus create a team to make their ideas come to life, only to never see past the first page of the script. If I put forth the work to make sprites for a game, I'd like it to see daylight. I must like the character designs. Assuming I won't be designing all the characters (which is discussable), I have to like the character designs. I'm not very picky, but I'll tend to not want to draw for projects that I can't draw for in the first place- I can't draw big chested guys, but I am very partial to characters with frilly/magical designs. You must credit my deviantART page. Everyone likes credit, right? So all I ask is to put a hyperlink to my dA page in the credits. If you don't like putting hyperlinks in your games, then on the Itch.io page or elsewhere is fine. TL;DR- Make sure you'll actually publish your game, have non-bara or ecchi character designs, and credit me... Not too much to ask for. Now, onto what the finished product will look like! Cell + Gradient Sprites These are my normal sprites, so I have a lot more experience drawing them. Find more examples here and on my Itch.io page. Chibi Sprites This is a new style I made for cuter projects. I am more likely to accept games that want this style because I want to work on this one more! ☛ What Else do we Need to Know? Here's some more technical stuff about my sprites: These sprites can be used for commercial and non-commercial projects. I require no revenue, royalties, or anything monetary. I want to work on smaller projects, i.e. projects with around 5-6 characters. If your project needs more, we'll discuss it. I will only draw one outfit and one pose per sprite. However, all of my regular sprites (not the chibi ones) come with 8 expressions, 4 talking and 4 non. If more is needed, we'll talk about it. I can design characters for your projects- however, I'd like to not have to design all the characters and do all the sprite work unless I extremely like the project. I am more willing to work on projects with themes such as magical girls or princesses. Please comment here with the basic plot of your game and some character designs if interested! Please need no more than 6-8 sprites per project. If you need character designs, the limit is 4-5, depending on how much I want to design the characters.