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  1. Check out our socials for more content Steam (in the future) Patreon | Boosty | Subscribestar | Discord | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | VK Greetings! And welcome to our Fluffy Fuwanovel! We’re Fluffy Tail Studio, an indie game developers team that LOVES Furries and Visual Novels. We’re currently working on our newest FREE game - Project Genome. Have a look! Huge island, futuristic devices, magical powers, immersing battles, endless gameplay, insane amount of fluffy characters of different races to have relationship with and these are only a small piece of what the main character May will face to write the greatest article about her adventures. Project Genome is a nonlinear Furry Visual Novel with a mix of Sci-fi, Ancient Fantasy, Dating sim, RPG, Open World, and Roguelike. The game combines only best genres into one place so every one of you could find something to play with, whether it’s making more and more love interests or it’s playing every day and getting new experience every single time. Will you be able to help May with her journey? Will she fulfill her dream? Will your choices have positive impact on the story? Find out in Project Genome! Project Genome is: 1) A story that will not leave you indifferent! 2) Loads of fluffy characters of different races to have love with! 3) Various fetishes with beautiful illustrations and animations for every single one! 4) Gorgeous soundtrack to feel the game with all the senses! 5) Immersing combat gameplay and Roguelike mode! 6) Huge Open World map, you go wherever you like and do whatever you want! We invite all of you into our ever-changing world of Project Genome! “Warning! This game contains scenes of erotic content and fluffy creatures.” (The game is in development. Assets will be updated as soon as possible) —RUS— Подпишитесь на наши соцсети Steam (в будущем) Patreon | Boosty | Subscribestar | Discord | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | VK Приветствуем! И добро пожаловать на наш Пушистый F95! Мы - Fluffy Tail Studio, команда разработчиков инди-игр, просто обожаем Фурри и Визуальные Новеллы. В настоящее время мы работаем над нашей новейшей БЕСПЛАТНОЙ игрой - Project Genome. Взгляните! Project Genome - это нелинейная Фурри Визуальная Новелла со смесью Научной Фантастики, Древнего Фэнтези, Симулятора Свиданий, RPG, Открытого Мира и Roguelike. Игра объединяет только лучшие жанры в одном месте, чтобы каждый из вас мог найти себе занятие по душе, будь то создание новых любовных интересов или каждодневная игра для получения нового опыта. Огромный остров, футуристические устройства, магические силы, захватывающие сражения, бесконечный игровой процесс, безумное количество пушистых персонажей разных рас, с которыми можно иметь отношения, и это лишь малая часть того, с чем столкнется главная героиня Мэй, когда будет писать величайшую статью о своих приключениях. Сможете ли вы помочь Мэй в ее путешествии? Исполнит ли она свою мечту? Окажет ли ваш выбор положительное влияние на историю? Узнайте это в Project Genome! Project Genome - это: 1) История, которая не оставит вас равнодушными! 2) Множество пушистых персонажей разных рас, с которыми можно заняться любовью! 3) Различные фетиши с красивыми иллюстрациями и анимацией для каждого из них! 4) Великолепный саундтрек, чтобы прочувствовать игру всеми органами чувств! 5) Захватывающий боевой геймплей и Roguelike режим! 6) Огромная карта мира, вы идете туда, куда вам нравится, и делаете все, что хотите! Мы приглашаем всех вас в наш постоянно меняющийся мир Project Genome! “Внимание! Эта игра содержит сцены эротического содержания и пушистых существ.” (Игра в разработке. Ассеты будут обновляться по мере возможности)
  2. Trailer: [youtube]vzdGpkhYkzg[/youtube] - In a world of demanding women, you need to be at the top of your game. - After you apparently disobeyed your Mistress by saving a young-woman, she's so badly injured that she requires a few days of rest and a potion that leaves her in debt. You'll have to find a way to recover her investment while hiding from the "justice". -It´s an Interactive Visual Novel that offers a large number of decisions that will allow you to reach satisfactory endings unless you have chosen wrongly.- Click Here to see Next Changelogs, Next Updates and Walkthrought. WARNINGS: - ADULT CONTENT. - WORK IN PROGRESS. GENRE: - Date-Sim - Interactive Visual Novel - made by Ren´py - TAGS: #Date-Sim, #Interactive, #Male Protagonist, #Sexy Girls, #Small Tits, #Big Boobs, #Genderbender, #Blowjob, #Hardcore Sex, #Mystery, #Romance, #Big Dick, #Public Sex, #Seduction, #Brunette, #Blonde, #Ginger, #Cumshot, #Facial, #Deepthroat, #Doggystyle, #Wet Pussy, #Anal, #NTR, #Femdom, #Inverse-NTR. GAME FEATURES: -"Namable protagonist". -A lot of CGs with expressions and opend/closed mouths. -Resolution: 1920x1080 - Sounds and Music MUSIC in the game by: - Alcaknight - Kevin Macleod - Alexander Nakarada QUESTIONS (I would appreciate if you could answer them after playing the game): - Wich is the most boring part of the game in your opinion? - Wich is the most interesting part of the game in your opinion? - Is there any song annoying for the game situation? - Is there any sound you feel it´s wrong or bad recorded? - What do you think about the english grammer/text? - Even if the main scenes didn´t started yet... Is there an interest for ending the story? - Do you have any other kind of opinion about the game?
  3. So, we are the creative studio "Ray Out"! In short, we are a bunch of enthusiasts who have united in a team for creativity. Thanks to our rich YouTube history, as well as translations, voice acting and songs, we finally have enough connections to dev Visual Novel! Of course, we will tell you about this in this post, but at the very beginning it is worth noting only one thing. We know our business, we know many talented people, and we just have to collect the necessary funds to implement our ambitious idea. We hope for your support! Once a young man who lost his parents a few years ago receives an unexpected call. He is called by a certain Collins Brooks, who reports on a large inheritance awaiting the protagonist in a distant town. Mark Tino, whose role you take on, will certainly go for untold wealth. After all, he just finished his studies as a psychotherapist, and now his future is in question. Life was not easy for him, because he lived in a rented apartment and always worked part-time to feed himself. Study and work absorbed him so much that he did not even have time to rest. But having arrived in the distant town of Akunagi, Mark learns that his deceased grandparents lived in this wonderful place for a reason. Тhe town itself is surrounded by a forest and located behind high walls, far from civilization… Immerse yourself in a world where money does not matter, you do not know who you are, and you are surrounded by persons with mental disorders. Or is it not so? Why did you come? Who are you? Perhaps you will find here the love of your life, or perhaps … your death. Only by knowing the whole truth behind the walls of Akunagi City you can find your true self. "Town" is not the most standard visual novel. Have you ever asked yourself what is missing for you in this amazing Japanese genre? We asked ourselves this question and … Here's what we decided: - Collecting items in different routes (to reveal the truth) - Collection of folklore in different routes (to reveal the truth) - Over a hundred choices and decisions for the player (to make your own story) - Easy puzzles (this is not a game for children) - Romantic scenes (18+) - More than 5 romantic routes (different options and girls) - Two personal routes with an emphasis on yourself (where there is no romance, but crumbs of truth are sown) - Additional root after passing the main (for those who are looking for real freedom) - Displacement map (so the replay value is high) - Different times of the day: Morning, Lunch, Evening (after all, this is how life is … and events can be different) - Choosing where to go (to reveal the truth) - The consequences of your decisions (to make your own story) - Colorful characters (we devote the most time to the player, but the rest of the characters have their own lives) - Thoughtful story where you can be a scientist and rely on facts, or accept the true mystical nature of the city (to make your own story) - Personal scale of character development (and no, these are not levels, it's just your mental state) - You can live in Akunagi without thinking at all, but this will lead to very different consequences (to make your own story) - Each character has from two to seven endings (yes … because your role in their life can be completely different) And most likely we have not even listed everything here (because we are waiting for you …) What have we already done? The novel has been in development for about 2 months, and now we are finally ready to show you what we have already done in hope that the "Town" will be released and will delight many players. So what do we already have? - 40% finished script - 10 prescribed routes - Five+ original sound compositions - Sketches of the main characters (1 ready to go ) - Interface layouts and some menus - More than 30 different endings - City map For more info please visit our wesite! Its here! You can also fallow us on Twitter Or on Itch.io Or on VnDb Or on Indigogo Or just buy me some coffy! Or find us on Tumblr Before you make up your mind, let's just say that we are big fans of the Kara No Shojo and would really appreciate you spreading this news among fans of similar topics! Thank you and have a nice day!
  4. WIN, MAC, ANDROID, LINUX Hello guys, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce our latest project to you – Echoes Of Home! Echoes Of Home is a captivating visual novel that seamlessly blends elements of an NSFW adventure, a click adventure, and a dating simulator. Immerse yourself in the vibrant setting of a Japanese school and metropolis as you embark on a journey filled with communication, relationship-building, and decisions that intricately shape the narrative. Beyond that, revel in the ability to customise characters clothes and explore diverse locations. Echoes of Home promises a rich experience, complete with the enchanting allure of a dating simulator. At its current juncture, Echoes of Home is actively evolving, with the development phase only just commencing. Anticipate at least 2-3 more years of development before we unveil the final masterpiece. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver an exceptional gaming experience, and to that end, we will continuously enhance the game. If you're keen on staying abreast of our progress, consider joining our vibrant community on Discord. The present version of the game is available for download on our Patreon platform, with older versions accessible on itch.io. Be aware that the current iteration is merely a prototype, with a more comprehensive package slated for release in the coming month, featuring a brand-new engine. Let me take a moment to delve into the narrative that Echoes of Home weaves. The story orbits around Asahi, a young student whose life takes a tragic turn as he loses his parents in a car accident. Forced to abandon the bustling life of Tokyo, he returns to his hometown where Kanae, the cherished friend of his late mother, takes him under her wing. However, Kanae's warm embrace isn't the sole surprise awaiting him... enter Kotone, her spirited daughter, showcasing a strong tsundere disposition. This dynamic sets the stage for an array of fascinating characters – from the fervent gamer Fuka to Hiroshi, a childhood friend providing steadfast support. Not to mention, the presence of Satori, the school council president, and Sonata, a dominant classmate, Kanon classmate and a renting girlfriend and among others. First you will select school club and job, you'll uncover fantastical elements within the story. Asahi possesses the unique ability to delve into the dreams of others, fostering captivating interactions with those who share a slumbering proximity. Dreams unveil desires, fears, and memories, enriching the storytelling experience. Your objective is to seamlessly integrate into the new school, establish meaningful relationships, and acquaint yourself with all the diverse characters. The path you choose is entirely yours to navigate, allowing for the formation of romantic connections or even the creation of a harem. The story refrains from steering you in a singular direction, and in the future, you'll have the agency to play as either a benevolent angel or one who introduces a touch of mischief to the lives of those around. At present, our prototype features 20 characters (both primary and supporting), with plans to incrementally expand this roster in future releases. In upcoming iterations, it will be perfectly acceptable not to encounter specific locations or characters based on your chosen decisions. Delving into the gameplay mechanics, Echoes of Home presents a myriad of engaging features: The option to select a school club and job (currently 1x job and 1x school club, with plans for 5 each) A dating simulator experience An interactive world map A day and night cycle A store for customizable character skins and items A gift/dating system A school system A task tracking system Point-and-click adventure elements The ability to alter character appearances The option to rename main characters NSFW scenes For further insights and updates, feel free to peruse our Patreon. It's essential to touch upon two pertinent matters. Firstly, the current prototype affords approximately 20 minutes of playtime, providing a glimpse into the trajectory we're pursuing. However, the story version is yet to reach completion. Originally developed using the Ren'Py engine, we are transitioning to the GODOT engine in the next version, ensuring a more expansive narrative. Secondly, during the course of development, we encountered a regrettable misstep in the creation of CGs and BGs, as we inadvertently drew inspiration from another visual novel. Despite two months spent in complete redraws, this situation proved challenging. Nevertheless, it imparted valuable lessons about the significance of originality. Over the past two months, we've been meticulous in our approach to references, prioritizing absolute originality and creativity. Our team is committed to the continuous development and refinement of the game, emphasizing quality over quantity. While these are our ambitious plans, we acknowledge that they may evolve as we navigate the realities of the development process. Our envisioned goals include: Including up to 25 main characters in the game Creating up to 50 supporting characters Preparing over 50 distinct locations to explore Expanding the main storyline with new elements and possibilities Introducing new variations of character skins The evolution of Echoes of Home is intricately woven with the fabric of community support. As we navigate the exciting journey of development, we recognize that we cannot do it alone. Your regular support not only fuels the creative engine but also becomes the catalyst for introducing fresh ideas and content. Embarking on such an ambitious work necessitates more than individual efforts.. it requires a collaborative effort that draws inspiration from the diverse minds within our community. We welcome and value the input of our community, embracing the openness to new ideas that can elevate the gaming experience. Realistically speaking, financing an entire game independently is a challenging feat. To bring Echoes of Home to life, we need financial resources to collaborate with talented artists and programmers, ensuring the game reaches its full potential. In light of this, we've established support milestones that reflect our commitment to transparency and appreciation for your support: 250 Patreons: Regular monthly updates will become a staple, supplemented by occasional major updates every three months. Your consistent support paves the way for the continuous refinement and expansion of the game. 500 Patreons: Experience the visual feast with new illustrations (CGs) seamlessly integrated into the game every month. Your contribution allows us to enhance the visual narrative and bring the characters to life in vibrant detail. 750 Patreons: Unlock the potential for creating additional content, delivered to you every month. Your support enables us to explore new storylines, characters, and features, keeping the game dynamic and ever-evolving. 1000 Patreons: Reach the pinnacle of monthly content with the introduction of at least new animations/cgs every month. Your backing propels us into the realm of animated storytelling, adding an extra layer of immersion to the Echoes of Home experience. 1500+ Patreons: We can work on it full time We genuinely appreciate each and every form of support, and as a token of our gratitude, we commit to providing monthly updates exclusively on Patreon. These updates will offer a behind-the-scenes look at our progress, insights into the development process, and a sneak peek at what's on the horizon. DEMO AND SUPPORT PAGE HERE Thank you for being an integral part of the Echoes of Home community. Together, we're not just crafting a game; we're creating an immersive and captivating experience that resonates with each of you. Thank you for your time! Yumeiro Studio
  5. No logo to start the thread with, because I'm not 100% sure about the title just yet. Spacebase of Love will be an alien/monster girl visual novel with some very simple dating sim elements (choose who to spend time with to narrow down the story to one specific main heroine or sleep around with several minor heroines). Plot The basic concept is that you are a fanfic writer kidnapped by aliens and taken to their base, which turns out to be a rich alien's writing resort of sorts. If you decide to stay you will be the only human on a huge space station filled with different aliens. Of course, many of these aliens happen to be sexy women. Artwork I'm working with an artist for the sprites and CG and another one for the backgrounds. Most sprites and CG will be animated. Characters The plan is to include 12 heroines in total, 4 of them major heroines with their own story/route/endings and 8 minor heroines you can have quick sexual encounters with. Currently the sprites for 3 of the minor heroines are finished. Ai/Os The base's AI as a hologram you can get information or help from. The computer in your dorm has its own separate OS version of her. Opia An alien woman that closely resembles a human woman aside from her grayish skin tone and one -or maybe two- other thing(s)... Maaku A dominant demon-like seductress who gets nourishment from your semen. Development progress The writing for the opening act is mostly done, but because all main heroines, most minor heroines, and most locations get introduced in the prologue it will take some time for the artists to finish all necessary artwork needed for the initial demo. My current intended release window for the first version is Q2 2024. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. If you want to follow progress you can do so on X at: https://twitter.com/Kaijoseisoft
  6. Hoping to save your childhood friend from a lifetime transformed into a woman, you have agreed to four dates with the witch who punished him for trying to rape her. She seems honest and open, but you sense something sinister about her.. -It´s an Interactive Visual Novel that offers a large number of decisions that will allow you to reach satisfactory endings unless you have chosen wrongly.- CHARACTERS: You. (Choose your name.) Neus (The Cutie Witch) Dídac (Sporty Roomate) Dídac (more femenine...) Mysterious Butsy Blonde Woman Click Here to see Next Changelogs, Next Updates and Walkthrought. WARNINGS: - ADULT CONTENT. - WORK IN PROGRESS: 70% FINISHED(mostly in sketches, 3 first days (of 5) in color). GENRE: - Date-Sim - Interactive Visual Novel TAGS: - Gender-Bender - Male protagonist - Small tits - Big tits - Sex - Blowjob - Romance - Mystery - Hardcore PLOT: Your roommate and best friend tries to rape Neus, the most introverted of the whole design school, who bites him just after you save her. You discover that bite was not only for self-defense, it also contains a bewitching that turns your roomate step by step into a girl. Who everyday that pases, she seem forgeting more his past and becoming more attracted to you. To save your friend, you make a pact wit Neus to have 4 dates, and the last night she promises to return his original male form to your buddy. Although it seems that she keeps her word, there are sinister things she had not told you yet. GAME FEATURES: -Playtime: +3 hours aprox (Depending on your choices) -15 endings for now. -"Namable protagonist". -A lot of CGs with expressions and opend/closed mouths. -Resolution: 800x600 - Sounds and Music MUSIC in the game by: - Alcaknight - Kevin Macleod QUESTIONS (I would appreciate if you could answer them after playing the game): - What do you think about the Main Menu Presentation animation? - Did you have more than one different ending re-playing it? - Wich is the most boring part of the game in your opinion? - Wich is the most interesting part of the game in your opinion? - Is there any song annoying for the game situation? - Is there any sound you feel it´s wrong or bad recorded? - What do you think about the english translation? - Even if the main scenes didn´t started yet... Is there an interest for ending the story? - Do you have any other kind of opinion about the game?
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/2097960/ Main Premise Welcome to a brand new adventure. Our main hero, Seo, finds himself in a whole new world. Luckily for him, he landed just in the perfect spot to start his new adventure. Seo wakes up in the lap of our main heroine, Kawai. Seo has an immediate problem, though. He can't remember anything other than his name. How did Seo get into this world? Why did he lose his memories? Kawai's Route Seo finds himself in a very remote corner of the world, with just one house surrounded by a large forest for miles on end. Of course, there's a beautiful girl here too... But, why is she here exactly? Stay with Kawai and discover her secret. Nagamatsu's Route We come across Nagamatsu while walking through the forest. Nagamatsu is here hunting a large monster. She doesn't really care about you or your problems. It's better to stay out of her business. The Final Verdict This game is a visual novel. It has beautifully drawn artwork. It takes place in a world filled with magic and mystery. It has an intriguing story with both major and minor choices. It has a gallery where you can view all the backgrounds, CGS, and music tracks.
  8. The Succubus Throne is up for the taking!? The underworld's power balance has been disturbed and the Succubus Queen dethroned. A certain red-haired succubus' actions have spurred the start of the next Succubus Throne tournament, where a new queen will be crowned! Take the role of a Succubus Handler and train them for the challenges ahead. Will you be a merciful mentor and spoil your succubus or do you prefer discipline? Train them in various mini-games ranging from bondage sessions to filthy hand-holding. In this interactive VN, you will be accompanying your succubus throughout this story of ascension. The player will be revealing secrets, meeting unique characters and participating in events while trying to promote the rightful heir. Rosaria: The former Succubus Queen from the Domain of Conjuration, Rosaria recently lost her throne due to some complex negotiations with rival underworld domains. Will this kind-yet-competitive lady restore her position? Mana: Also known as the Lady of Vices, Mana can be cold and ruthless at times. Not much is known about her ulterior motives, but she is known to have many enemies. Will you lead her to victory despite the potential threats? Yani: A powerful beast from the Domain of Power, this brute succubus has one shot of leaving her life sentence from the notorious prison known as the Burning Pit. Will she take the throne, or will she be isolated for life? Charlotte: Hailing from the Domain of Life and Death, Charlotte wishes to take the throne in order to step out from within her parents’ shadows. Can you help her fulfill this wish? Just be warned that she has an unstable personality… But what about the original cast?! Adjacent to the goings-on of the Underworld, you can also check in with the human girls at the Resting Bean Cafe from the first game! The cafe saga will show players what’s been going on in the human world and provide a slice-of-life gameplay experience as opposed to the chaos of the underworld. Sophie, Colette, Cerise and Mira fans rejoice! There are 8 unique paths planned for Project Cappuccino 2. Each succubus and human will have their own story route to experience. Underworld routes will have your chosen character vying for the Succubus Throne, while the human routes will dive into the day-to-day lives of the Project Cappuccino 1 girls. Our main story takes place in the underworld city of Volga, a sprawling realm divided into four separate domains. Each domain is home to a unique variety of demons, with succubi being the most common in the Domain of Conjuration to the South. From flashy nightclubs to the dark and unsettling dungeons that run beneath the city, the story routes will have you exploring every nook and cranny as you seek entry into the tournament. We’ve also gone above and beyond and are featuring fully animated dialogue portraits with all manner of expressions! The majority of our scenes involving characters are designed to be interactive for the player. Pick up some toys and get to work! Your training methods will increase your succubus’ stats and in turn, give them advantages such as higher stamina or the option to charm characters during dialogue. STAT SYSTEM: The succubi in Project Cappuccino 2 have 4 stats that will alter your gameplay experience. Charm: Influences dialogue decisions and will allow players to talk their way through some situations. While each of the stats have the possibility of adding dialogue branch options, charm is the most direct. Endurance: Affects your succubus’ stamina cap for training. More stamina means longer training sessions, and longer training sessions mean more gains from said training. Lust: Your succubus’ lust stat will affect how fast they can achieve climax during some training sessions, thus reducing the time it takes to gain the benefits of training. Higher lust will also lead to them enjoying more niche fetishes that they may not originally be into. Discipline: This fluctuating stat will vary depending on how hard you push your succubus, and can be increased or decreased by giving them unique items. Discipline will provide a multiplier to some training results, the higher it is, the more you stand to benefit from a training session. There are plenty of ways to train and you’re sure to find what works best for you! There are around 40 toys planned for Project Cappuccino 2, with a good chunk of them available in the demo. Toys and new training scenes can be purchased from our resident Minotaur, Labrys, whose sprawling dungeon is doubling as a shop during the infamous Succubus Throne Tournament. Don’t like what the characters are wearing? Change it! The outfit system will allow players to unlock different looks for the characters and apply them to their dialogue portrait. These looks range anywhere from cute, to edgy, and even completely nude! As the Succubus Handler, you’ll be getting to know your partner more and more as time progresses, and the sparks of romance just might ignite! How well do you pay attention to how they think and feel? Just remember that the succubi will want to know more about you, too! Our robust gallery will feature somewhere around 60-100 art pieces upon completion. A good chunk of the artwork comes from community poll art and in-game story scenes and you're sure to find something up your alley. It even has a fetish filtering tag and can display animated cutscenes from the game. We’re really pulling out all the stops. All of the great music is done by Michi! More information on them down below! You can access the Jukebox from the gallery as well. GAME FEATURES Note that this list includes things that haven’t been implemented yet and we are aiming to include in the finished version. Features that haven’t been fully implemented or may be missing in the latest public build are denoted with a “*” 8 Unique Story routes, 4 for the underworld succubi and 4 for the human characters.* Player Customization. Some parts of the player can be customized such as skin tone, genitals and breasts. You can even pick between a human styled tongue and a forked demon tongue! These changes will reflect in scenes where you are visible. Approximately 4-8 hours of game play depending on how often the player stops to jerk.* Toy based NSFW scenes where you can directly interact with characters to raise their stats. Huge variety of mini games to train your succubus, ranging from dating to a stripping rhythm game. Gallery with 60-100 art pieces upon completion, including variants and a music jukebox.* Animated Dialogue Portraits. Free Play Mode - Pick a character, pick a scene and dive right into the sexy parts. Outfit System* GENRE Our game falls into multiple genres, some of which are: Visual Novel Simulation Rhythm Point and Click KINKS We’re aiming to have a little something for everyone in this game, but our players are really into bondage. Here are a few that you can expect. Please note that this list is not fully complete and we’re likely to add more as development continues. BDSM Public Use Monster Fucking Handholding (Disgusting) Slime Lactation Boob Jobs Anal Body Writing Vanis - Vanis does all of the coding and confusing stuff! Doku - Doku does *all* of the drawing! Michi - Michi is the music master! Ivelog - Ivelog is the intern with initiative! Cat - Cat’s the meowster of marketing! Kickstarter! Discord! Patreon! Twitter! I’d like to use this forum to try and get some feedback! Which of these four fine ladies would you like to see take the throne? What do you think about the mini-games and features? Kinks! We have a plethora of them to appeal to different tastes, have any that aren’t listed? Tell me what you think in the comments, I’ll be checking back often! I'll be sure to also keep this updated with the latest news and demo builds. Thanks, Vanis
  9. hi folks, i'm in an early stage of development, i'm working on a dating sim game with some details of life simulation and humorous adventure ... the simple plot is of a teenager in the last year of high school who moves to a small town and live adventures there, work, fall in love, moments +18 haha, among other things ... I would like to know your opinions about what things you like about these games, ideas, recommendations, etc ... I await your answers ...
  10. Dat Boi Translations presents Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete FLIGHT DIARY Decensor patch ------------------------------------- This is a decensor patch for the fandisc of Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete. Currently the patch only covers the routes for Hotaru and Ahegao After. There is some work done for some of the other routes but this patch doesn't include them yet as they are still a work in progress. Further updates and decensors do not have a set release date. ---------- Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=12gHA9UCGaJ1e-5BjRHd_pf6byXWQDvmr Install by dropping CHIP8 into the main game directory. ------------- Q&A Q: Your decensors suck A: Fuck you --------------- PREVIEW PICS ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
  11. Greetings. My name is Tulio Ramírez, and I am founder of Maleiwa Games, a dev team from Latinamerica to create visual novels. I am the script writter and producer of our current project: The Sassy Detective, based on a novel in spanish named "La Detective Impertinente", published on Wattpad. It´s the story of Amanda Manrique, a peculiar, spicy and mischievous detective and her assistant, Fernando Salgado. They were hired by a japanese diplomat to solve a mysterious robbery in Japan. With the help of a priestess, Nishi Segawa, they start with the investigation, but anything could happen including spicy encounters with the girls of the story. They also are accompanied by Melanie, an idol pop with a bit of story with Fernando in the past, which strong feelings for him, in preparation for a concert in Japan. Originally developed by Norami Games, a latinamerican brand for visual novels and light novels, but due to their closure, I acquired the rights of the game. Now is fully done and about to be launched on December 20th, 2022, in itch.io. The game is written in spanish and english, improving the original art style of the Norami version, fixing bugs, and adding new features, like a censorship mode for streamings, a gallery for the special images and profiles for the characters. We hope you can support us by buying our visual novel, comment and share, to reach to more people, and with luck, Maleiwa Games can grow to develop more visual novels and other type of games. Enjoy the launch trailer and follow Maleiwa Games on Youtube to get more news about this and more games in the future. Also on twitter at @maleiwagames.
  12. BUNNY BOND is an upcoming 18+ chat simulation otome game! In BUNNY BOND, you’ve been selected to participate in a study regarding human connection through online interaction. You'll get paid for it too! All you have to do is hole up in a fancy apartment for 10 days and talk with other participants through a chat system. And just by happenstance, you’re the only girl in the group, and all of the other participants just so happen to be, like, really hot. It seems you've hit the jackpot in more ways than one! Enjoy fun daily interactions with the group, send DMs to whoever catches your eye, and collect all of the pictures they send to you! You can expect some steamy talk and revealing images from the boy you decide to get serious with. I've been writing for the game since the beginning of the year, and I'm scheduled to finish the writing in February! The GUI is currently in the works, and the programmer is implementing some fun mechanics to make the play experience a memorable one. My artists are focusing on Hugo's CGs this month (he's the little pink firecracker pictured above)! If you’d like to learn more about this project and maybe support it’s creation, you can check out our Kickstarter here! You can follow updates on the project on here, Tumblr, and Twitter If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know!
  13. What is Seiyuu Danshi? Seiyuu Danshi is a Japanese-style Visual Novel / Dating sim (whichever you prefer) with voice acting as its main theme. In this game, you’ll play as a newbie voice actor who strives for the Seiyuu Award. On his way to reach his goal, though, he will still live his daily life and YOU get to make the choices on how he should spend the days. Do you want him to take on extra lessons in order to reach the goal faster? Or, would you like to go on a romantic date with the guy you accidentally met at shopping mall? It’s ALL your choice. The game is highly interactive and there’s no usual restriction in plot that you get in ordinary VNs. If you don’t feel like working, feel free to slack. If you feel like being single for the rest of your life, yes it can be done (why would you do it in a DATING sim, though?). Just keep in mind that ALL your actions matter and will decide how the game ends! You’ll play as a newbie voice actor, who’s also a runaway, who’s on the verge of being kicked out from his agency. Going back home is not an option, thus begin his journey to become a good-enough-voice-actor-to-not-get-kicked-out-of-the-agency! Join his journey and woo some guys on the way! REVERSIBLE ROLES In Seiyuu Danshi, you are able to choose whether you want to TOP or BOTTOM. Even better, you are NOT restricted to one role in a relationship and can freely choose your preferred role in EACH intercourse! FOREPLAY MODE Are you tired of those intercourses without preparation? In Seiyuu Danshi, you have to go on “FOREPLAY MODE” and prepare your partner before the actual intercourse! Each character has different preferences in what parts they want to stimulate! Don’t forget to keep your role preferences in mind when stimulating your partner! DRESS-UP SCENE Before going on a date, you can choose which clothes you want to wear. Each of the guys like different types of clothing, so keep that in mind! Psst, you may get additional affection bonus when you “accidentally” wear the same clothes as your partner! There’ll be 500+ kinds of clothes consists of casual, preppy, funky, elegance and sporty. LOVERS LIFE Unlike other dating sims, in which the game ends after the main character gets a lover, in this game you can still play even after you get a lover! Not only experiencing the intimate moments, you also get to argue and fight like actual couple! JOB SYSTEM In this game, there is a unique range of voice acting jobs, starting from anime gigs to BL game works, whether to accept them or not is your choice! Keep in mind, though, that you have to go on an audition first before you get the job! ROAM THE TOWN Our game features the clickable town map that you can travel through. Spend time with your love or spend your own sweet time in the nearby cafe… it’s your choice! WALLPAPER SYSTEM Your phone has a wallpaper that will change depending on your level of relationship with someone! When you have a crush on someone, your wallpaper will be that of your crush and when you get a boyfriend, your wallpaper picture will be that of your boyfriend and you! DATE SYSTEM On weekends, you can take on the guys on a date on various date locations. Spend your time and energy carefully so that you can increase the most affection! CG GALLERY & SCENE REPLAY SYSTEM Every dating sim will not be complete without these two features. This game will have a CG gallery where you can view CGs that you have obtained and replay the scenes! The game is still in development, so feedback, critiques, and comments are highly appreciated!
  14. Story Toshio Nagao is an average, 26 year-old man—but he's stuck in a rut. Working as a part-time convenience store clerk is easy and provides good money, but the routines are becoming predictable. The days are getting longer, and nothing ever seems to change. The fact that Tokyo always seems to be moving only highlights that, making it worse… One night, on a whim, Toshio goes drinking with a friend. When he returns home, a girl in a high school uniform is lingering in the street—so he offers her a place to stay and passes out. The next morning, the girl introduces herself as Miyoko. She explains that she traveled from Okinawa to Tokyo, hoping to escape an abusive family situation. Ultimately, Toshio decides to let her stay, despite the potential ramifications for both of them, in exchange for housekeeping. They might just be exactly what the other needs to make changes in their lives—but only time, their interactions with others, and your choices will tell if those changes are positive… Ultimately, the game will focus on more than just these two! Tokyo is a big place, with a diverse array of people in unique (sometimes positive, sometimes negative) situations! Our goals: more then 100 erotics scenes and 20 interactive sexual scene more then 20 side characters, plus individual stories for each (incl. erotic scenes and different endings). Extension of interactions with Miyoko more then 60 locations RPG system - apartment customization, needs system, shops, quests and more... Mini-games Main quest multiple paths Animated NSFW scenes If you like our idea, please support us! We currently have two working prototypes and we are currently developing a third -> the last one, then we start working on production version => every month new character, quests, nsfw scenes If you like our idea / our vision, please support us on our Patreon. Purchasing a tier ($5,$10,$15,$25) will help us with development. As a reward you will get the latest prototype B (includes e.g. blowjob scene, 2 jobs system, shopping, cooking etc..) If you are interested in our project and want to support us (also read post about our vision / what are we doing) here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/development-5-73609747 Thanks!!! Shifi
  15. Love Cypher vndb | Official Website | Kickstarter | Itch.io Demo "We do not 'come into' this world; rather, we come out of it, like leaves on a tree." In the 2040s, advancements in artificial intelligence have blurred the boundaries between man and machine. Algorithms, computers, and software have all been optimized to the point of understanding individuals more than they do themselves. This technology re-sculpts one's identity, while keeping the individual unaware of their transformation. As a new student at the prestigious Wattasu University, you and your classmates wrestle with this notion, and seek to discover and define their authentic selves - outside of the pervasive influence of technology. Will you rediscover your humanity and find love along the way? Brief Plot Synopsis: You play as Satoru Aimoto - a new student a a prestigious tech University sometime in the near future (2040s). Technology, Machine Learning, and AI have exploded in application and capability in the past few decades - so much so that it's become pervasive and inextricably interwoven in day-to-day life. Love Cypher tells the story of how it can be difficult to come to terms with what it means to live an authentic life - outside of the (oftentimes manipulative) effects of technology. Satoru will attend Wattasu Academy in search of answers to what he ultimately would like out of life in a setting like that. Love Cypher is about understanding, finding, and defining friendship, individuality, love, family, and an authentic self. 4 Routes, each following the story of a different heroine, with multiple endings Partial Voice-Acting Adult (18+) content and artwork. 120k-word Story full of unexpected twists 20+ CGs of memorable story moments Genre: BxG Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Ecchi Rating: 18+ Unlock more content by supporting the project on Kickstarter! This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Every appearing character is over 18 years old. Even if you can't pledge to the campaign, you can still contribute by helping spread the word! The more people know about the game, the more likely it is we will reach the funding and stretch goals! You can submit fan-art to Reddit, Discord friends, do let's plays of the demo, or tell your favorite Youtuber/Twitch Streamer/Press/Media about it! Download Demo here: https://star-lake-studios.itch.io/love-cypher Community Questions after playing the demo: 1. Who was your favorite character? 2. What could possibly be going on with the realistic portraits of the characters? 3. As a bonus route, would you like for me to add Sensei or Kazuki? :X Again, please consider taking a look at the Kickstarter if you have a chance, it's kinda flat-lined: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/davidloebman/love-cypher-visual-novel Love Cypher is a standalone R-18 Visual Novel written, coded, and illustrated by me, David L, and features sci-fi ideas and themes I have found philosophically compelling. Sources of inspiration include Alan Watts, Buddhism, Hinduism, theories of the mind and self, and the works of Isaac Asimov. Growing up, I was drawn to art, comics, anime, and telling stories. From DM-ing D&D campaigns to creating my own tarot card deck. I've always loved creating worlds in miniature. As such, making my own game and creating a Visual Novel has turned out to be an ideal fit. Thank you for joining me on this adventure! Staff: Writing, Coding, Art, QA: Just me! DLDigital Music: Licensed Audio Packs from across the interwebs VA talent: Licensed Audio Packs from across the interwebs Progress: The 30-minute playable demo is available at Itch.io! I currently am running an active Kickstarter to support this as a full-time project, but pledge support has altogether stagnated. Please consider backing today! <333
  16. I recently started working on a VN. It's meant to be a sexual comedy in a futuristic fantasy setting. You are a young man from a village who just moved to the big city and is disturbed by their lifestyle. The city is a believable future of cities in our world. Some kind of utopia/dystopia (depending on your own beliefs). There are no moral standards and no need to work. I would like to show both, positive and negative aspects. It will start as more of a slice-of-life/hentai game, but is meant to become more serious later. I don't have a concrete plan yet. I have a lot of ideas, but I want the story and character development to feel natural and not force them into a story. So if you have ideas, that might fit in, I'm happy to discuss them and add them. I'm using a custom engine written in Rust, and does not require and will never allow real programming. Currently we're a team of two people, I do the writing and sketches, my partner is doing the character drawings and improves the text. But more people would be helpful: - background artists - music, sound effects - maybe more character artists - maybe writers/editors - maybe developers - maybe animators - whatever you think, you could contribute The project is developed/stored at GitLab, it's not open source (yet?), but as a contributor you will get access to it. It will probably be published for free. I won't pay. But if you let me know your Monero address, some Monero might appear in your wallet If you want to join the project, contact me: - on this forum - on Tox: 5133684E4D441B2EFF7E78D9075DFA61D9F4088B28314AE6C9D1EFD8BD794113C660DFB36594 - on Discord (currently inactive) I'll gladly answer your questions.
  17. The game is a parody spin-off of the original game taking place in 2284 in Nevada and California in a parallel universe. Here violence is forbidden, but booze, smoking and sex are normal things to do and to speak of and humanity tends to preserve itself from extinction! So, the whole thing reminds of the ‘normal’ world of 1980s and the main plot is about love and freedom. itch.io | discord | patreon Download WHAT’S THE GAME ABOUT? You will take the fate of a virgin 18-year-old son of the Elder of the Bruhood’o’Spill into your own hands after he escapes from his native bunker at his 18th birthday to face the challenges of the harsh world of the sex apocalypse. You will travel along with him through the dangerous Grossland, visit the glamorous neon city of Nu Vagis, fight New California Empire and the Flock of Tiberius for freedom and of course meet a bunch of cool girls and help them overcome the difficulties of living in a new world. For this you’ll have to upgrade all of your character’s six S.E.X.U.A.L. skills and gain all the perks and achievements completing numerous quests and mini-games, learning to listen to the girls, understanding their needs and acting accordingly. All of these things are truly essential for the young adventurer. But you’ll surely want to check it for yourself. WHAT’S UNDER THE HOOD? We plan an unimaginable amount of various stuff. The main features of B.O.N.V. are: Easily recognizable, good old world of Fallout post apocalypse, yet repacked and totally reshaped with fun and love to the new world of Balls Out sex apocalypse Zany and funny but at times truly dramatic storylines Branching dialogues & uneasy choices Beautiful, 100% hand-crafted art Lots of juicy animated & controlled stuff Awesome soundtrack, specially crafted for the game Highly interactable environment Multilayered maps for exploring local areas and the world both on foot and by car Hundreds of locations to visit and hundreds of persons to meet RPG elements like leveling up, upgrading skills and gaining perks Inventory and monetary systems Lots of mini-games As for now, not all of the listed features are in the game. But we know how to make this stuff and we’ll introduce it in the nearest future. WHO’S CREATING B.O.N.V.? Currently the game is in development by us – Peepboy Co – a team of professional writers, designers, film and music makers. Here we are: Peepboy – a person of many skills and experience. Team lead. Plans everything, designs the game, programs, writes all in-game texts, translates and creates sound landscapes and SFX. Kai Evlian – brilliant artist and professional film maker. Art director. Creates beautiful backgrounds and astonishing movies, animates stuff and makes everything look like a single whole. Oh, and tests like God. XXXD – a cool artist regardless of the task. Character & stuff artist, animation artist who creates all these cute face expressions, costumes, poses of the characters and the juiciest stuff as well. Willow Johnson – our Mysterious Stranger, who “appears occasionally in hostile random encounters to help us”. Makes truly random stuff like drawing maps, designing UI, researching & marketing, web-designing, testing and so on. Swiss army man in his best embodiment. RetroID – a well-known sound producer under the new alias. Makes awesome music for you like the title track or the one for the map. Antonious Dong – a great cinematic composer. It is Dong’s music that you can hear in the intro and many other scenes. Also, we are being helped by a professional web designer and tester, but as for now, this person prefers to keep a low profile. WHY BOTHER BECOMING A PATRON? Peepboy believes in B.O.N.V. so much that it has already become his full-time job with the perspective to go on for many years and to expand the company in order to develop and enhance this game and create more cool games. Other members of Peepboy Co also plan to make their creation processes their full-time jobs. And this is where you come into it. As I said, B.O.N.V. is in development, which has just started. Right now, we are making an update including several new scenes, characters and 20+ minutes of new gaming experience for you. And the game will surely be developed further as long as all of us continue giving our love to it. By us I mean you, our beloved patrons, and the BONV team. You can share your love by selecting one of the tiers above, joining our Discord server, reading patron posts, taking part in our surveys and polls, giving us your precious feedback, and of course playing the game. We, on the other side, are going to transform your love into the cutest storylines, beautiful art, lively animation, stunning mini-games and an unforgettable overall adult gaming experience.
  18. Hi! I wanted to share Dear Monster with you It’s an animated bara/yaoi BL game with art by the awesome Jouvru. Please play the demo and tell me what you think! And if you like it, please consider supporting the Kickstarter campaign. Thank you so much! Kickstarter campaign link (with demo download) Jouvru’s Twitter Some in-game pictures:
  19. Hello, I joined this forum a few years back and have sense started my own Visual Novel Project out of a story I have written with some friends over the years. We all created a Production Company out of this and are now nearing a point with our first project where I want to start throwing it out into the Visual Novel community more. We already have a very early build up on Steam, Itch.io, Discord and the Google Play Store. My team and I have built this entire project with the idea of taking community feedback and trying to add things in through what the community gives us. Anyway now that explaining what exactly is happening is out of the way I want to post our game's description and some of our art here to get feedback and possibly interest from the community. A fully complete demo build of our first Chapter is nearing completion and will be the point where we move the initial development out of Alpha. We hope to have a web based version of the VN, support Windows, Android and Linux in the future which with the engine we are using shouldn't be that hard to do. Anyway... on with it... In the distant future where Humanity has expanded far beyond Earth into a war-torn, conflict filled galaxy a young woman struggles through her life and adventures gaining friends, learning about herself and working to save her galaxy. The New Universes Project's Eine Neue Reise Beginnt First Chapter follows Sumire Rembrant an estranged princess whom moves to an academy in space in an effort to help her sister and learn more about herself. As she moves through her adventures Sumire encounters her past, finds love and builds a new future for herself. This story is the adaptation of the first set of The New Universes Project Eine Neue Reise Beginnt stories. Now for some links: This is a thread on our community forum that showcases art from the VN and from other parts of our story: Click Here This is a link to our information page on our website: Click Here. We are always looking for additional people to join our community, support our concept or just lurk. We have a Discord community as well.
  20. I would love to know what you think about a question I have I am working on a project that mixes funny things, humor, high school, many crazy and funny people and stories with black humor like south park... I would like to know what kind of dating level would you like to have? something light with simple references or something more explicit? I wait your opinions
  21. Hey everyone! Episode 3 for Promises by Tiimx Studios is now available for free for everyone! Summary: Promises is a story-rich AVN series which revolves around the MC in the present and, as the seasons progress, a series of background characters from the past which have big influences on the present life for the MC. You play as the main story MC (Default name: Tim McSorley) A college sophomore who recently moved to the crime driven South Lexton City. Despite being an undercover agent for a secret heist organization you want nothing more then to just relax in your warm comfy bed. With a distant past you can't seem to remember much about, you make your best efforts to live a normal life in the present. But a new arise of choices and situations aren't really making that goal easy. How you choose to balance your current life is all up to the current choices you make in the present. Changing choices and promises you made in the past however aren't possible... or are they? Genre: Changelog: The studio aims to combine a great adult themed AVN with a lot of story-rich content and characters with deep backstories and true emotions. We're hard at work in producing episode 4 and can't wait to hear your feedback! Join the studio's discord server and considering supporting us if you enjoy our work! The studio's discord is a great place to give feedback, bug reports, chat, and get involved in giveaway! We hope you enjoy our work and welcome you to the studio! Game Page: Promises S1 EP3 by Tiimx (itch.io) Episode 3 Changelog: Promises S1 Ep3 v0.13b Public Release Dev Log - Promises S1 EP3 by Tiimx (itch.io) Studio's discord server: https://discord.gg/uCMFw5Gvtw
  22. Innocent Witches Languages: English, Russian Engine: Renpy Platforms: Windows, Android, MAC OS No Mosiac (Uncensored) Overview: This is a Harry Potter parody VN that has many old school point and click elements that a reminiscent of Monkey Island and the likes. You play as the protagonist Marcus Redblack, who is now in Azkaban for his crimes while at Hogwarts. Just what has he done and why is he there? That's what you will find out, as you dive back into the pensieve with him, to be guided by Sonya through your memories. You will meet with four lovely girls, each representing the houses at Hogwarts, where your goal should be to solve the mystery of what has happened and corrupt these girls while in the process. Download: https://my.teamsadcrab.com/0-6-5f/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Sad_Crab/ Wiki: https://innocent-witches.fandom.com/wiki/Home VNDB: https://vndb.org/v20556
  23. About Kisekimura Kisekimura is a turn based RPG that features adult content and collaborations with NSFW content creators. Accompany diverse characters along their journeys in a vast fantasy world full of dangers, magic and interesting choices! Kisekimura features a rich turn-based combat system that's combined with an idle gameplay that lets you farm in the background. We strive to make a game that features diverse content as development continues. You have the option to disable specific content within the game, which will be swapped with an equivalent SFW scene. Game features Meet Rahasya and Rinka in the base game, befriend them and unlock NSFW scenes. Turn based combat with recruitable companions Upgrade & Crafting System Unlockable NSFW content when completing missions Befriend multiple characters when partnering on their adventures All NSFW content can be swapped with SFW content according to your preferences This game is for you if you like: JRPG Visual Novels Clicker/Idle Games LINKS Download Kickstarter Discord Screenshots Current Status We are currently developing the base game that includes two episodes with two different characters and making the Kickstarter campaing a reality! Thank you for all your support and see you in Kisekimura! <3
  24. Team Beyond has started developing its Fading Sky pilot project! Fading Sky is a visual novel storytelling game. This is a tragic and sad story set in a fantasy world after a global magical catastrophe. We were inspired by a series of games like Fate (Fate/stay night, Fate/Zero), Science Adventure (Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head), and of course Utawarerumono. GAMEPLAY The main features of the Fading Sky gameplay: - narration in the style of a visual novel with full voice acting (in English and Russian). - two main characters, the player's choice. - non-linear story with a choice. - the ability to influence the fate of two worlds at once. - Thoughtful and detailed dark fantasy setting. - study of the history of the world and characters. - torn pages of the book "The myths of Arret" describing the history of the world of Arret, which can be found in the most unexpected places in the game world. - more than 10 story endings. - eroge-element for PC versions of the game as a separate patch. GRAPHIC ARTS Fading Sky is a 2.5D RPG with fully animated scenes and characters. FullHD native resolution (1920 x 1080). A team of talented artists is working on this. PLOT AND CHARACTERS Fading Sky will tell you a tragic tale of the last moments of Arret's world. A story about those who will witness this, together with whom you will learn the history of the rise and fall of this once beautiful world. The tension of our story will strike from the very beginning of the narrative and will increase as the reason for which three of our contemporaries ended up in this dying world is clarified. In an attempt to understand what is happening, they will somehow close the last chapter of this mysterious story. LORE Inspired by various fantasy stories and a little bit of Celtic mythology, we created our own universe, which we called Fading Dimension or simply FD. This is elaborate lore, at many the era before the events of this game. We hope that Fading Sky will become just a small island in the Sea of Void of our history and a starting point for the implementation of all our ideas. We are also working on a card game in the FD universe rewound several eras before the start of the disaster. TECHNICAL PART The game is being developed on the studio's own engine FadingEngine, which is built on C++, OpenGL, and FMOD technologies, which allows the project to be ported to almost any of the well-known gaming platforms, from Windows/Linux to iOS/Android and even PS/XBOX. AS AN INTRODUCTION TO STORY History turns into legends, legends into myths, myths into fairy tales that are quickly forgotten. Perhaps once the world was different, lived according to different laws and unspoken rules, carried other creatures and other plants on its body. Served as a book for thousands of forgotten but massive stories. One of these stories has not yet received a full ending. Although its beginning has long been forgotten, the trace still stretches from the depths of eras and grows with a heavy echo with each shift of hands of the world clock. The beginning of the story has long been forgotten... but its end is near, and it will touch the three inhabitants of the city of Bristol, which is located somewhere in the British Isles. 2026, May 13th. From the very morning, it was raining, and the sky did not clear up that day again... NEAREST PLANS Soon, we plan to release a demo version of the game (Fading Sky: One dream before), which will become the zero chapter of the whole story, i.e. it will be a separate short backstory a few hours before the main plot of Fading Sky. We are also planning to release a trailer, where we are ready to show both an animated introduction to the game and some of the gameplay itself (where we will try to do without story spoilers). After that, we hope to launch the company on Kickstarter or Pathreon (we haven't decided exactly yet, but we already have interesting material rewards for our future bakers). We are glad that we have begun work on this project and sincerely hope that you will like it. Subscribe to us on social networks: www.facebook.com/groups/fadingskygame www.vk.com/fading_sky_game Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/tea_beyond Leave your feedback - we welcome any opinion from our future audience, especially if it helps us expand our universe and, as a result, will interest you! See you soon in the spaces of FD! With you was a game designer and programmer, composer and screenwriter, and a little more the head and producer of the Fading Sky project German Espoir.
  25. Facebook Twitter YOUTUBE DISCORD KICKSTARTER LINK Bent on not leaving his childhood love behind, Nobu embarks on a crazy journey that will force him to sneak into an all-girls summer camp to reveal his feelings to her. Will he succeed? Or will the girls find out that there's more attached to him than he's letting on? ITCH.IO DEMO LINK: https://gogen-soft.itch.io/oh-mai-tiara Determined to not spend a single day away from his love, Nobu infiltrates an all-girls summer school to be with Tiara. To do this, he does something unthinkable: becoming a girl. While blending in, he meets Izumi, Tiara's older sister, who keeps an eye on her at all times. If that wasn't enough, Nobu notices how Tiara befriends Emi, a reserved dark-haired girl who's attracted to Tiara and her flirtatious personality. Nobu must juggle his secret life of pretending to be a girl with his real identity in a desperate attempt to make Tiara fall in love with him. Follow Nobu and his misadventures to conquer the girl of his dreams! Who said that love was easy? Features A humorous story around 40k+ words long (from 5 to 6 hours of gameplay) 3 fully colored characters in an appealing retro anime style. The old school is back! 10 CGs that take the gameplay to a whole new level of detail Original soundtrack hand-picked for each scene Image gallery, music room, and replay scene functionality Fully customizable gameplay Achievements, Easter eggs, and more! https://discord.gg/jbsFu5u4SX KICKSTARTER LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1406521641/oh-mai-tiara-the-road-for-love
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