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  1. Wonderful news, people! The Remission of Sins has just been released on Steam! Enjoy this Japanese horror visual novel for 10% off! And make sure to play it in the language you like more!
  2. Features -> 4th point That's a list of idioms. And they're not available because you can't download the game, can you? Anyway, what I'm trying to say is very simple: you'll be able to play the game in different idioms. What's so hard to understand? As for the translator, they hired someone with experience translating Japanese games to English. This is not his first rodeo. But yeah, you won't be able to judge until you play it.
  3. The idioms will be available when the game is available. Right now, it's under review. Two weeks until it's approved and it can be released. Perhaps you're talking about localization? And on the store page, you can perfectly see the supported languages on the right.
  4. Working with Japanese devs can be... Painful. And multiple Idioms means that you'll be able to play in, well, multiple idioms, the ones listed above.
  5. As the post says, the game will be available in English, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Polish. All of the idioms have been translated by human translators. I've translated the game to Spanish, for instance. So don't worry, your chicken broth won't be spoiled.
  6. Overview YOUTUBE TRAILER The Remission of Sins is a fully-voiced, multi-ending short horror visual novel. Depending on the player’s choice, it branches to 12 different endings. Features Remission’s mysterious story consists of around 7k words (about an hour of gameplay) with multiple endings. This game includes 8 character sprites along with 11 images of landscapes and tools. The soundtrack is composed of a stunning theme song but it also counts with extensive voice acting in Japanese. The game supports English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, and Polish. Screenshots Available on Steam
  7. Don't worry! It's summertime, am I right? Anyway, if you think it's okay to post such sexually explicit stuff here, I'll go ahead and post it. But I'll start with something softcore just in case This is something I wrote some time ago, so the style's a tiny bit different from what it's now. Humiliation sex scene: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HYYeUrM_i4ZL6yPwQd1sONGVbtVUb8bL/view?usp=sharing Gay sex scene: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1asM8GhKlBRFnxOzJMwBU8EBAupsTl4g7/view?usp=sharing I hope you like them!
  8. Hi! First of all, thank you for showing interest. It means a lot to me and my team Yes, there'll be Linux version for Renpy, but since the team is still rather small, we're focusing on Windows and Mac. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  9. KICKSTARTER LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thehiddenlevels/cosplay-convention-crisis-0 From the links below you can download a demo and a patch for demo (18+ only!) for it: STEAM / itch.io / Mirror / Mirror (mac) | 18+: Patch / Mirror (win) | Patch / Mirror (mac) Cosplay Convention Crisis is a Visual Novel that puts you in the shoes of Jacob Kirby: middling athlete, student, and casual nerd. Guide Kirby over a handful of days across the paths of three strange and powerful women. Think the convention scene is easy? Try to survive magical girls, aliens, robots, femme fatales armed with eldritch artifacts, and convention cafeterias. You might be proven wrong! Manage your schedule, collect trivia, and try not to die as circumstances spin wildly out of control. Attend panels, acquire merchandise, trade barbs with super-fans, ponder the meaning of life, watch the latest super hit’s trailer, and attempt to romance strange and powerful girls. Assemble a quirky ensemble costume for a contest and try to get back home! CCC: It's a great time in the making! Genre: Sci-Fi, Parody, Comedy, Romance Sim. Platforms: PC and Consoles. (Xbox One & Series X, PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch). Language: English & Русский. Launch Price: $19.99 Release date: around September 7, 2021 About 100,000 words of text. 4 or more endings. 3 beautiful girls. More than 5 backgrounds and 20 CG are in the demo and more are planned! MAIN MENU THEME: https://soundcloud.com/user-763184136/cosplay-convention-crisis-main-menu KICKSTARTER LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thehiddenlevels/cosplay-convention-crisis-0
  10. Thank you very much for your comment! (and sorry for my extremely slow reply T_T ) I didn't notice that in my scenes the main character is always seduced or lured into sex. I've read the rest of my scenes and it's like that in most of them! I wasn't aware of it :0 I guess that it's easier for me to write erotic scenes like that. It's hard to explain, but I feel that it's more natural like that. I have a few ones in which the action is driven by the main character, but those have some kinky content and I'm unsure if I can post them here. I'll definitely work on this in the future. There's always room for improvement, right? Anyway, once more, thank you very much for your comment! It means a lot to me \_^▽^_/
  11. Hi guys! I'm Kyoki Chiho, an erotic VN writer that has some NSFW scenes to share! In order to improve my writing style, I've been practicing quite a lot lately, and since it'd be a waste to let all these scenes go unnoticed, I've decided to post them here! I posted them on Twitter too (hence the names). Anyway, have fun! Blindfold sex scene: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WZRpPkEvDw11DrYfsc2XVa0GSJok3KPm/view?usp=sharing Public sex scene: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LvKpqIRex2-hEkchC83HOfoXqPAZTyJK/view?usp=sharing Yuri sex scene with reverse pet play: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nJLir0y5c6PuswTRBXBHMkxBYIPEE5zT/view?usp=sharing Tentacle sex scene: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ejG2bUIG8Wt3DZyuhtwrtUSajBWRSDt-/view?usp=sharing Oh, by the way... If you want a customized erotic scene, feel free to contact me, either here or on Twitter!
  12. Nijowari: Where Angels Fall takes places in a not-so-distant dystopian future where the demise of a major international power has made the world tumble, ultimately forcing it to evolve or die. Experience this broken world through the eyes of William and Adeia, survivor and victim of what is now an unforgiving reality. Will they be able to cast some light to the darkness that surrounds them? Overview Nijowari: Where Angels Fall revolves around an enticing yet dangerous world presented by two different protagonists, each one with its quirks and complex personality. William Steele "I was just an ordinary kid when my world blew up." William Steele, a young man with a calling and our first main character, discovers that his region is home and that is worth protecting. Bent on helping his community, he ends up becoming a "fixer", a counselor, sometimes friend, always driven to help people who deserve it. Adeia Berith "It's not time to overthink... It's time to enjoy!" Adeia Berith, our second main character, is a coy, fearful, and innocent newcomer to Nijowari, a strange city with a peculiar society. Trusting the world she's about to enter is as gentle as her, she's forced to find her way, ultimately discovering a dark reality nobody knew existed. Along the way, both William and Adeia meet a cast of supporting characters that change their fates, for the better and the worse. Features A thriving story around 110k+ words long (from 12 to 16 hours of gameplay) 3 different points of view 1920x1080 high quality graphics 22 unique CGs (some of them animated) with 670+ variations 90+ photo-realistic backgrounds with multiple variations 16 fully colored characters Visual effects such as rain A wide variety of sound effects totaling more than 150 sounds 75+ original music tracks Image gallery, music room, and replay scene functionality Fully customizable gameplay Achievements, Easter eggs, and more! Available on Steam Itch GameJolt You must be 18 years or older to use this software in any way, shape, or form.
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