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  1. Gracias por su opiniĆ³n..... answering your questions= 1-the game would be based more on improving physically and characteristics, to have better results in the matches... in addition to interacting with characters and your fans 2-I would not be a medieval character in the future... if not that the medieval fantasy world evolved so much that now it uses cyberpunk style technology.. imagine the lord of the rings, but hundreds of years later in the future
  2. Hi guys i'm new to the forum and visual novels in general.. I've really played very few I am an illustrator, writer and programmer, I am working on a graphic adventure style video game, being the first commercial game for me... and i'm finishing it.... if you wanna check it = https://esterasbros.itch.io/leeward-episode-1 But that is not important I want to do a second project experimenting with visual novels, and I decided to register in these types of forums to be able to get feedback and be able to do something better, and obviously meet people who are interested in my project and
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