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  1. that may be true, but the approach is different, since he is not in school, and the women that he meets are from the world of wrestling, in addition to the fact that the protagonist must train to become a wrestler star, and he also has to deal with family problems beyond his control
  2. hello people again... I have again a problem with the focus of my future game I've spent a few days developing ideas and drawings of the new game, about a boy in high school who wants to flirt with girls, but I feel that this idea is very generic and already saturated I thought of some alternative ideas, but I would like to know what you think or what other thematic approach you would make to make the game unique and not similar to other games. I think high school games are overused. My ideas: 1-A young boy pursues his dream of becoming professional wrestler, fighting in the indies until he reaches his goal, while on the way he flirt with girls and has some plots 2-A young boy, enters the university to enter the college football team, to get his dream of reaching the big leagues, on the way he flirts with girls and has stories to solve I would like to hear your ideas too, about the game you would like to play and it doesn't exist yet
  3. Hi people, I wanted to share the game that I have finished after many months of work It's paid, and it is not a visual novel, but you have to start with something I hope you like it, or that you share it. Cheers LEEWARD EPISODE 1 A little girl named Wendy Fisher, from a fishers family, will be involved in an adventure in the four seas looking for her missing father, that's sound generic... but so it will be... she will bump with quirky and colorful characters with various personalities and lives, who try to help her or not in her adventure. Help Wendy in her crossing solving puzzles, dilemmas, problems, making friends or enemies and much more. or that's what we have to say to make it sound interesting. An adventure full of black and absurd humor, strange places, like its inhabitants A game that is inspired by those graphic adventures of yesteryear and the popular culture Buy the game https://esterasbros.itch.io/leeward-episode-1 Episode 1 has an approximate duration of between 3 to 4 hours All content copyright to Lautaro J. Esteras 2022 ©
  4. hi folks, i'm in an early stage of development, i'm working on a dating sim game with some details of life simulation and humorous adventure ... the simple plot is of a teenager in the last year of high school who moves to a small town and live adventures there, work, fall in love, moments +18 haha, among other things ... I would like to know your opinions about what things you like about these games, ideas, recommendations, etc ... I await your answers ...
  5. I would love to know what you think about a question I have I am working on a project that mixes funny things, humor, high school, many crazy and funny people and stories with black humor like south park... I would like to know what kind of dating level would you like to have? something light with simple references or something more explicit? I wait your opinions
  6. Gracias por su opinión..... answering your questions= 1-the game would be based more on improving physically and characteristics, to have better results in the matches... in addition to interacting with characters and your fans 2-I would not be a medieval character in the future... if not that the medieval fantasy world evolved so much that now it uses cyberpunk style technology.. imagine the lord of the rings, but hundreds of years later in the future
  7. Hi guys i'm new to the forum and visual novels in general.. I've really played very few I am an illustrator, writer and programmer, I am working on a graphic adventure style video game, being the first commercial game for me... and i'm finishing it.... if you wanna check it = https://esterasbros.itch.io/leeward-episode-1 But that is not important I want to do a second project experimenting with visual novels, and I decided to register in these types of forums to be able to get feedback and be able to do something better, and obviously meet people who are interested in my project and want to contribute things like a community of fans I'd like to ask you a simple question to get started= I have several ideas to make several visual novels, but I want to start with two that I have... Which of these two ideas is more cool to you? 1- You are a young wrestler that is making your way in the world of the indies while improving your character and meeting people, relationships, etc., until you reach the maximum wrestling company and you are a few years in it (more content could be added with updates) 2- You are a medieval fantasy character in a cyberpunk style dystopian future, where you improve your character, characteristics, etc., you meet people, and you fight in dungeons, secondary stories etc. I would like to know your opinion, so... I'll begin to create the bases of this new project with your opinions more late i'll determine deeper elements of the story, gameplay, monetization, or will it be a free game based on patreon support, idk I await your opinions!!!
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