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  1. Probably. I was hoping it was one of those games where you download it from a server. The only assets I found in the APK were stuff like the opening movie, some BGM, and sound effects sadly. But, atleast I'm making progress regarding the sprites and manually editing them from videos. I've already tried, which is why I posted here. Completely forgot about this post, so sorry for the late response.
  2. First off, sorry if I shouldn't post this here. I don't know where else to post it, as I do need help. Hi, I'm looking to remake My Sweet Roomies (alternate names in the title) for PC. Ambitous as hell because I don't know anything about programming. It shut down almost exactly 1 year ago, leaving lovers of the game unable to play. I am in the early stages of gathering the sprites, though it's just me and a few others screenshotting them from Youtube then upscaling and cleaning them. I'm wanting to remake it as either a standard visual novel (With choices and whatnot) or remake it ne
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