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  1. Not at all. I prefer different art styles. I just like a realistic characters, which anime is normally pretty close to. So any mix of anime and realism is probably fine for me.
  2. I recently started working on a VN. It's meant to be a sexual comedy in a futuristic fantasy setting. You are a young man from a village who just moved to the big city and is disturbed by their lifestyle. The city is a believable future of cities in our world. Some kind of utopia/dystopia (depending on your own beliefs). There are no moral standards and no need to work. I would like to show both, positive and negative aspects. It will start as more of a slice-of-life/hentai game, but is meant to become more serious later. I don't have a concrete plan yet. I have a lot of id
  3. (pretty long and maybe random, sub headers are less important) I'm thinking a lot of a setting for my fantasy world. I already had some fantasy world in mind for some years, and I tried to integrate every idea I had into it. It was some kind of futuristic fantasy world. So it has much stuff in it, many races, many genres, many different ages and cultures, a big city, some villages, many small tribes, both magic and technology, also genetics, and even space. I don't really see a reason in such a huge fantasy world anymore. I'm more interested in some kind of opposite. I understa
  4. I might be interested. Are you still looking for a partner? Do you already have specific project plans?
  5. I thought a lot about that. I don't like the programming solutions, so I programmed some general purpose stuff to allow better flow charts. The most advanced program I created is this: https://gitlab.com/porky11/pn-editor It's much better than typical flow charts, I guess, but still not perfect.
  6. Hello. I'm from Germany, in my mid 20s, and a programmer, who works on games for a living. I'm not that interested in playing VNs. I only finished two, and I really liked them. I tried a few, but didn't really like them. After playing the first one, I had the idea of creating a visual novel myself. I wanted it to have many meaningful decisions and characters, not just a main story, which splits into five routes after the intro. Decisions from the beginning should affect stuff later. People should remember specific decisions and ask you about them when you don't expect it any
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