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  1. Making Music that fits a Naki-Game

  2. Hello, I'm creating you know what Do you want to be part of it ? Let me know and we'll talk about our tastes and dreams. Maybe we can start something right away. K.
  3. Thank you both... I think I'll check the filters you mentioned Suze, thanks. So far the game works ok, the problem seems to be (at least more evident) with videos (like the Key-logo) and the main menu. Thanks again!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm a newbie (to visual novels). I've been playing Rewrite for quite a few days without problems on Windows 8.1 64-bit, 2 cores, 4GB RAM, AMD. I love its engine, everything went smooth on a AMD PC with an awful ATI card (onboard!). Then, yesterday I've decided to buy a nVidia 210 for that PC so it can run a lot of programs smoothly (with the latest drivers). Everything works great, but the fame-rate when playing Rewrite is awful.... it feels like 10 fps... worst than my previous on-board card. Any idea? Thanks!!
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