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  1. I've been scrounging on the Internet researching on ways for how to increase more diversity in stories and characters in entertainment media which uses the Japan-originated ”Anime-style" art, and comments by some Japanese people spurred me into wanting to plan for a more pro-active action to increase that diversity ourselves. Some Japanese said, "If you want games with Black Protagonists, why not make it yourselves ? It's faster that way, right ?" To that, I agree completely since I too can't wait anymore. I'm not Black but I want more stories with Black protagonists and diversity of char
  2. Do you think anyone from USA or Europe would make a Visual Novel with a Black Protagonist ? We really need a VN like that fast and pronto. Because so far, there has been almost zero depictions of Black Male MCs being in a romantic relationship with any anime-style girl except for Bob Makihara in a very old anime ( Tenjou Tenge ), so I would very much like to play at least ONE VN with an MC like that. I may not be African IRL, but just a dark-skinned Asian from SEA, but I can relate and self-insert as any character that is either brown or darker(like Black people) because whenever I
  3. There are lots of benefits if there are more visual novels and even games in general if there'd be an increase in Black character representation, especially in Protagonist roles. Such characters in fiction would serve as good and positive "role models" for real-life Black gamers playing them, and when they see such heroic and relatable figures that look like them, they'd increase their self-esteem in real life even more to the point they would be motivated and perform even better in their dayjobs and daily tasks, thus helping directly and indirectly in improving and uplifiting the economies of
  4. Since I don't have much ideas on how dialogue and interesting conversation scenes should be done, I can't be able to make a VN like this all on my own by myself. I really wanted to read and play a VN like this so much it's driving me crazy. Please..... can anyone help make it with me ? There are more experienced and skilled writers in this world compared to me.... If only such people could write a Black MC VN like this.....I won't feel this bored and empty at not being able to purchase and play the product that meets my one most important requirement : A VN that features a Black Male MC
  5. Currently, I feel very interested to play a VN with a specific African-American Protagonist ( not just an MC that looks like a Black person from a fictional race in a fantasy world but one which is stated to be precisely such an MC from the USA ), regardless of whether he'd feature in an Isekai story or a common love story with multiple heroines set in the real present world in America. However, such a VN has not been made yet, so that has forced me with no other option but to try making it myself for my own entertainment. Because, recently nothing can entertain me in the world of videoga
  6. Why not add more diversity in Protagonist types to ensure storytelling gets refreshing and innovative ? Black protagonists, Extraterrestrial protagonists, good Orc protagonists, etc. You name it. I for one would love so much to read an Isekai VN with a Black Protagonist.
  7. Hello guys, it's me, from the Black Protagonist VN thread, Nenor. Now if you already know from my threads, I have been longing so much to play a VN featuring both a Black Male Protagonist and diverse heroines of all kinds for a long time, and this has caused me deep depression at not being able to find the suitable product in the market that I can purchase or play for my own entertainment and fun. The pain of not being able to experience something despite how much you long or desire for it is causing me tremendous psychological distress, as it feels like me wanting something so much
  8. I am currently thinking on what kind of story, plot and settings would be the best to support all sorts of story possibilities along the Action, Drama and Adventure genres. I am thinking that a VN made with this kind of setting below might seem to do job well, but what do you guys think ? ( Since I have no experience writing Low-Fantasy settings but only High-Fantasy settings via some fanfics and web novels ) : SCENARIO A : The year is 2057 AD. Advances in nanotechnology and advanced powered suit construction allowed for the birth of new infantry soldiers that packs multipl
  9. Starting from July or August onwards, I will start posting a lot of my own original character designs' concept art here in order to realize my dreams and wishes of seeing a VN with a Black Male Protagonist being made. Please look forward to it.
  10. Again, I'd like to reiterate how I really really wanted so very much to play a straightforward vanilla VN but with adventure, fantasy or Isekai elements featuring a Black Male Protagonist, that I'm now suffering from deep depression due to this issue. Of course, I'm also attempting to make it myself, but I would really love and appreciate it if knowing that some other people other than me is also making a VN with a similar setting for the protagonist, so that I could feel that I'm not alone in wanting to do this thus making me feel less isolated with no one else that shares my feeli
  11. Anyway, I sincerely, passionately and eagerly hope that some American Otakus from many different backgrounds ( White, Black and Asian,etc) band together and emulate the Chinese company Mihoyo in establishing a videogame company that specializes in Eroge or Visual Novels and Otaku-aimed anime games. That way, that company can make VNs with all 3 Black, White, and Asian MCs ( with the first project being African-American MC due to Whites already having so much representation especially if you include games like Resident Evil with Chris Redfield as well as the MC from Death Stranding ) accom
  12. Also, I really think that more Americans should try making VNs with Black Protagonists. After all, if Japan, a country that has not more than 1 percent of their population can make even a few VNs or Eroge with Black characters in them(even though they're mostly used for NTR roles), there should be no excuses why American creators to not try making it, since they actually have African-Americans there comprising 13 percent of the population that can be a valuable consumer target market for such VNs. Heck, why not try making an Isekai VN with an African-American MC instead who gets teleported to
  13. I have been wondering about this issue for a long time. As the number of Black otaku continues to rise every year, there are bound to be an increasing number of Black nerds that want the same ability as their Japanese and White counterparts in being able to consume media featuring main characters that look like them, in terms of skin color, hair or implied ethnicity. Since Japanese people too are very open and unapologetic in wanting to enjoy mediums with relatable self-insert protagonists that share their ethnicity and skin color as evidenced by the sheer number of blank-state or bland J
  14. This is another illustration of my OC, Mary Garson in a scene I want to write in my VN where she fights against the Protagonist in a duel. I have yet to give my Protagonist a name, character design or background yet as I'll save that for later as it's harder for me to draw male characters at my current skill. I intend for this scene to take place around the time the Protag attends the Landhurt Royal Magic Academy during the first day. He was rushing to the school as he got up late, and when he was running through what at first seemed a deserted path leading to th
  15. Thank you very much for your recommendations! I'll check them out!
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