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  1. Thank you very much for your recommendations! I'll check them out!
  2. Thank you very much for your recommendations! I'll check them out!
  3. Hi guys Currently I am wondering if there are any VNs made with the story set in a high-fantasy world with Magic Academy. Tsubaki Iro Koi-uta, and other similar titles set in futuristic settings don't count as they seem sci-fi or low fantasy setting to me. Even Sorceress Alive I don't consider it hi-fantasy due to certain spoilers. Is there any VN set in a magic academy of a hi-fantasy world ? To provide a frame of reference, what I'm looking for would be similar to the setting in Light Novels like Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu, Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha, Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai and Saikyo
  4. I have just finished the character design of one of the 3 "White" romanceable heroines in this VN project of mine that features a Black-looking Protagonist who is an individual from one of the fictional races in my VN's fantasy world, and this art was drawn using my own amateur art skills drawn with a mouse. Her name is Mary Garson which you can see below. The story is set in a Magic Academy and Mary's primary weapon is her small size staff here which she can use like a wand to cast magic.At close ranges, she can also fight hand-to-hand in unarmed martial arts and specializes in ki
  5. Thanks for your feedback everyone I am at heart, a very shy and introverted person, so for me to create a thread like this seeking assistance from people to work with me on creating this VN is testament to the fact of how I can't wait anymore to play a game like this. I think that Otaku of African descent would love to play a VN with a Male Protag that looks like them, sharing their skin tone or hairstyle, so I want to make this kind of game to offer them some form of powerful stress reliever especially for the shy types that can't get a girl in real life due to any reasons.
  6. Mashiro Iro Symphony because it didn't include stories for other heroines like Amagami.
  7. Foot fetish for sure. It is definitely something I'd like to incorporate into my own VN project, as one of the Romanceable Heroines in my game is supposed to be super-flirty and seductive with my VN's protagonist.
  8. (UPDATED ON APRIL 9TH 2020 INCLUDING MY OC DESIGNS FOR USE IN MY VISUAL NOVEL PROJECT ) Currently, I am longing so much to play a VN with a Black Male Protagonist, so since I can't wait any more longer for any companies from America or Japan to make it happen, I now want to take matters into my own hands and solve the lack of a commercial VN product with this setting by making it myself. The problem is, I currently now lack funds, resources, expertise, personnel and many other factors that would be necessary into turning it into at least a B or A-class ranked commercial VN product. It doe
  9. Hi, I'm Nenor, and I love VNs very much and hope for more innovation in this industry! I hope Americans and Europeans too would emulate Japan to make more VN-like games in the future so we can make stories tailor-made to fit our own interests and cultures! : )
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