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  1. Thanks for dropping by! And I'm also glad to be able to share it with y'all!!!
  2. This is quite an old visual novel. It has a SRPG reboot called Codename: Bakery Girl. This, Girl of the Bakehouse is the original short visual novel. I recommend it to those who like military, tragedy and romance genre. Honestly, I think it is pretty good for a short visual novel. So, hope you pick it up in your free time! Link to VNDB:https://vndb.org/v33383 Link to original game (already patched with translation. make sure to change to Chinese locale before playing or you'll get error): https://mega.nz/file/VAszmYCQ#o-A_fQawooYU1ANrunLJflvVjol0KxBi14kP4_98Cqs Link to yo
  3. Go play the demo here now: https://Waifu Trash Family ITCHO website Game Title: Girls' Frontline - Tomorrow, With You Synopsis: It's 207X and WW3 never happened. Your name is Shiki Kan, a young high school boy who's been recruited to join an academy made for all the androids that were no longer needed for the war. There's one thing though... it's an all-girls school.. and they're pretty cute... Story Concept: In contrast to the original mobile game's dark and serious nature, this visual novel aims to provide a light-hearted story with a few serious undertones. Girls
  4. Ah. Don't worry. I think I'm being pretty ambiguous. Because the points that I mentioned are obvious from general plot/synopsis; Dakengard 3, Drakengard 1 & 2, Nier:Gestalt and Nier Automata respectively. They still need to indulge in the actual game to get a taste of the meat of the story after all.
  5. Aren't Tone Work's vns charage? Because if its moege, Nekopara comes to mind... Putting that aside, I think some of Konno Asta's works might interest you?
  6. In my opinion, Nier's charm lies in its lore. Imagine, everything begins from a single flower. Then, there is the rise of an occult, encroachment of danger to modern mankind and then androids. It's mind-blowing.
  7. If I have the storage, I would just download several vns at once. So that once I finished one vn, I don't have to wait to download the other one.
  8. This are just my personal opinion that should be treated as a grain of salt rather than taken as it is. 1. It is evidence that moege is actually quite popular, despite how a part of the vn community thinks that it is just a lump of diabetes. (I mean look at Nekopara) 2. Because moege has simple story. Meaning, it is easier to translate. Hence, for translators who are still lacking in translating experience and would like to get that experience, moege is a very tempting choice, rather they can't go wrong with it. (I mean you can't expect a rookie translator to translate something like D
  9. Duelist x Engage (Was my first JVN that I 100%ed, so I have some kind of attachment to it. It actually has really good heroine routes, except for two of the heroines who I think are just joke route. Unfortunately, maybe because the common route is rather cliche or lacking, it is not that popular. So I want to show other people that this JVN is actually good, except for the two heroines. The author is Konno Asta who also wrote If My Heart Had Wings. So in a way, I would like more of his work to be known)
  10. Recoyale is our team(Waifu Trash Family) music composer. Hope everyone enjoy his work! On additional note, our visual novel(Girl's Frontline - Tomorrow, With You), already has it's first demo! Please look forward to the second demo too!
  11. Hello, I am Fuez. I help to spread the love for this game. This fan-made visual novel is based on the Girls' Frontline mobile game's universe and characters. Originally, this game was made as meme for the Girl's Frontline's community contest. The team somehow took a 180 turn from creating what was supposed to be a meme, to creating a proper visual novel out of passion. And this game is designed for all-ages. Be advised that this visual novel is not made for commercial purposes. Still, we are planning to open up donations. The team is recruiting writer, editor, art helper, lead artist/sp
  12. Anyone can recommend me sites that offer digital downloads for Visual Novel original soundtracks? I'm not interested in CD so CDJapan and other similar ones are definitely out of my list. I knew sites like Mora and Recochoku. But I'm from outside Japan, so I can't purchase their products. Greatly appreciate anybody's help.
  13. Hello everyone, I'm somewhat troubled with my current situation in learning japanese so I would love to hear your advice(s). You see, I've been studying Japanese for at least 4 years by now. First of all, I read through Tae Kim's grammar textbook at least ONCE. BUT I'm not 100% proficient with the grammar yet. Then, I have completed BOTH human japanese and human japanese intermediate at least ONCE. After that, I have only been playing VN with the help of machine translator as part of practical. But have not continued to properly study japanese with textbook, etc. until now. And currently
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