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  1. Anyone can recommend me sites that offer digital downloads for Visual Novel original soundtracks? I'm not interested in CD so CDJapan and other similar ones are definitely out of my list. I knew sites like Mora and Recochoku. But I'm from outside Japan, so I can't purchase their products. Greatly appreciate anybody's help.
  2. Guide to learning japanaese

    Hello everyone, I'm somewhat troubled with my current situation in learning japanese so I would love to hear your advice(s). You see, I've been studying Japanese for at least 4 years by now. First of all, I read through Tae Kim's grammar textbook at least ONCE. BUT I'm not 100% proficient with the grammar yet. Then, I have completed BOTH human japanese and human japanese intermediate at least ONCE. After that, I have only been playing VN with the help of machine translator as part of practical. But have not continued to properly study japanese with textbook, etc. until now. And currently I'm lacking lots of kanji/vocab, that is why I'm using the Obenkyo app as solution. However, I'm intending to take the JLPT N2/N1 this July, and if I fail, I'll take the November session. In regards to this, my time is quite limited so I'm afraid of studying it the wrong way, that would jeopardize my JLPT for this year. Therefore, I would like any of your advice some other methods that I should carry out while I'm studying the Obenkyo app (for kanji/vocab). For example, should I start doing some translation work, etc. Thank you so much for the attention!