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  1. Uh, no. They're only interested in TLing manga.
  2. I mean, we have some mangas in English. Also, she's Mitsukasa Ayase from Riddle Joker.
  3. Likewise 'Team Leader' but let's discuss this through pm... so we can set our conditions and yours xD
  4. we're always looking for a leader, so welcome to our group 'Team Leader', we'll appreciate your help. XD
  5. We already have both positions filled, but I think we still can recruit one editor or QC.
  6. Yes, but that one is for the Spanish section. And the one for the English section is under construction, so for the time being we're releasing our projects on mangadex, if you want to take a look.
  7. Hi there, we're currently recruiting japanese - english translator, if anyone is willing to help us, send us a message on our Discord. We're Einherjar Project, a newly formed group which has been working on some manga and we look forward to start our new VN section. Please bear with us. Discord tag: Arata12#0007 HiroYoshida#7306 If you have any suggestion, feel free to tell us, since we're looking for a new project. Feel free to remove it, if this is posted on the wrong section.
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