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  1. Data extraction thread

    Sorry I don't know what program to extract them. . .what engine was used in that vn?
  2. Data extraction thread

    It has nothing to do with language. . . Use other method of extracting that script. . .I encountered that also. . .Then I realized to change program for extracting the scenarios. . .
  3. Data extraction thread

    Change the unicode from ansi to any japanese lang like JIS. . .If does not work maybe the extraction failed
  4. P/A Potential Ability Port to Ren'py

    Sorry late update. . Here some screenshots:
  5. P/A Potential Ability Port to Ren'py

    I'll keep updating this thread. . . All the assets needed and the scripts are done. . . Translator is working now. . . This project will be unofficial localization of P/A. . . I'll post later some of the screenshot about its progress. . .
  6. P/A Potential Ability Port to Ren'py

    Yeah! I also look at that emulator but it is still buggy
  7. Hello guys newbie here

    Thanks, I will make sure of it! ^.^
  8. Hello guys newbie here

    thank u! ^.^
  9. P/A Potential Ability Port to Ren'py

    It's ok! I will still do it. . . I'm not familiar to Majiro engine but seeing thru research it is great but if I'm making it to that engine it will consume more time to learn it. . .But my priority is making this game portable, means can play it on android or PC.
  10. Hello guys newbie here

  11. Hi guys! newbie here. Please correct me if i did something wrong with this post. But I need help and guide. I want to port P/A Potential Ability to Ren'py so I can play it to Android and especially at the same time practicing Ren'py or Visual Novel in general. I extracted all data needed but my problem is I can't get the CG's because they are in .rct format while the sprites in .tga but a black silhouette. Also if someone can translate the scripts in the scenarios. It will be a great help and greatfully thanked the person. I'm learning Japanese but it is still poor it maybe can cause of an accurate translations. And also I'm planning to port most of Sei Shoujo games. PLEASE HELP ME! >.<
  12. Hello guys newbie here

    Hi guys! I want to say that I'm very glad i found this site. I'm starting a project, which is to port P/A Potential Ability by Empress/Sei Shoujo (for me this guy is the best illustrator for visuals) to Ren'py. I need some help from you guys for this project to happen! >.< I'm currently extracting all data needed.