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  1. This is a Chaos;Child-esque animation to "Delusion of Zero" - a short story to Chaos;Head written by SciADV scenario writer Hayashi Naotaka. Recounting the memories of 'Shogun', it serves as prequel to the events of Chaos;Head and sheds some more light on his intentions as well as his past in general: I plan on adapting the story in three parts, with part one and two (Black Sky and Blue Sky) being an introduction as well as the main part (Shogun's POV) respectively. The "introduction" is a slightly altered and truncated remake of the AA ending (Noah's "Blue Sky" ending), leading up to the point where Delusion of Zero starts off. The altered script is supposed to serve as more suitable exposition, as Delusion of Zero could be seen as sort of midquel. The first two parts I'll upload today, the remaining third part focusing on Rimi's epilogue I'll upload as soon as I find the time to finish it. ---------------- Previously there has been an in-game rendering done by a group around spiderfreak1011. If you liked my version, please consider to check out their one as well:
  2. The original Visual Novel already hinted about Mio's time in America, however it never properly explained what happened to her back then. This was supposed to be taken care of by a manga called "Children's Collapse" as well as an audio drama called "FAR TOO LATE - Slumbering Fools". Over the course of the last six months I animated the majority of the audio drama the entirety of the audio drama (except for a few Slice of Life scenes) in a Visual Novel esque manner. It's been quite a wild ride for me - and I probably put in way more effort than it was worth - but in the end I came up with a self-contained animation, which covers all relevant scenes and will give you a good impression of the story - in a not-only-acoustic way. I know everyone judges animations differently, some might prefer if only the "bare bones" were animated, while others are quite happy about more extensive animation, experimenting with new ways to surpass the one used in the original VN. No matter who you are - I hope that I managed to convey the story in an at least somewhat faithful way, and that I found a consistent style for everything from episode two onwards (as the pilot-episode is animated in a different manner from the rest of the drama, partially due to a lack of routine on my behalf, but also due to the lack of character sprites). Chaos;Child is one of the rare "darker" and more "serious" VN's, and was overall received very well. Even for me it turned pretty much into one of my favourite stories, despite the fact I don't normally read Visual Novels. I always had the impression that VN's are the perfect way to consume a story, and that's also why I think it's so sad 90% of the market share of localized and non-localized titles likewise consist of Slice of Life content mainly directed at a rather young teen-audience. Chaos;Child's SOL scenes aren't a lot better on that regard, but as those aren't what drives the plot it's fine and can be ignored most of the time. While reading I really had the urge to contribute something in some kind of way, to recreate the unique way the VN was able to establish its atmosphere. While it took me a lot of time to come up with a script to render the text and to put the actual animation together in Kdenlive, it was definitely worth it. Sure, the animation itself still has a few glitches which bug me until today. But it comes fairly close to the original VN's animation regarding the character sprites and textbox. So at least personally I feel satisfied with the result. Today I finished animating the last part, mostly focusing on Shinjo and Takuru, but also on Mio and a perhaps hinted (?) change in her attitude towards Gigalomaniacs. This one pretty much turned out to be what I wanted it to become, and was quite refreshing to watch after the last part about Momose and Shinjo was more or less done in a rush... I'll pass the "final judgement" on to you though "Final" (Part 4): The entire playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy_Bwyf7LCb5c73MCP0JRgVd2uovEYRoN No matter if you like or dislike it, I'm always happy about any comments ('_v')
  3. I don't want to make a new thread yet, so I'll post it in here. By now I'm pretty much done with the fourth and final part of Fools, and at least personally quite satisfied with how it turned out. That's why I'll post the credits as quick preview here on fuwa, the entire episode will follow soon™. (this video was actually intended as quality test, as I had one case where YouTube significantly increased video compression even hours after the initial upload... This video shouldn't be affected by any such issues though, as I used a different encoding.)
  4. Alright, found the channel and also the video link, but unfortunately he indeed deleted the demo: https://www.youtube.com/user/YokiFox2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7Ndtw4kbog Welp. Guess his animation sadly isn't a thing any longer...
  5. Huh... I didn't even know the Seven Wonders one was animated. It's a very basic animation, sure, but hey! It's cool that it exists. About the "Prologue to the day of the beginning": Sorry, that one apparently isn't even animated. It was the last CD Senri (the *actual* Senri) translated, but noone animated it so far. Rigs, who is part of the Committee of Zero, only animated the rightsider-dram, which I was actually referring to. I mixed up the names... Unfortunately I don't know of any other animations or translations besides the ones mentioned in the sheet. There's a guy on the Steins;Gate Discord called "Croowe" (or bad_spot on reddit) who intended to animate "The narrow path of the beaten track", and uploaded a demo video somewhere on YouTube where he presented a few minutes of his animation. It was fairly close to the actual VN as well, also using the original game assets such as the textbox and the nameplates, and in fact that video was what really spurred me to create a similar animation for Fools. I didn't want my animation to be below his quality standards, and in the end it turned out to be what you've probably already seen. No, I really don't want to brag about "how great my animation is". My point is just that I would really like to show you Croowe's demo video, because (in case he didn't already drop his animation) his attempt might be fairly similar in quality to mine. Unfortunately I'm unable to still find it anywhere on YouTube, neither do I still find his channel (I'm not sure about how exactly it was called). Perhaps he already deleted the demo, even though I really don't hope so because it looked quite promising. If I'm gonna stumble across it sometime in the future I'll link to it in this thread though.
  6. You probably wanted to know how many *parts* were released, because the entirety of Fools is contained on just one disc. As for the parts: The Fools-CD consists of five tracks, even though those are virtually six because the last track was split into two parts. I'm only intending to animate the first few minutes of the 5th track and will close up the series afterwards. The remaining dialogue of track 5 and the entirety of track 2 is just SOL, serving as some kind of intro and outro. Not only would that very quickly spoken discussion between all club members be a lot of work/result in a lot of character sprites to animate, it's also not relevant for the main plotline in any way. If you still want to read those parts up you can do so by following the links below. "Onee-chan" translated all of those, I'm just the one animating You'll also find the other audio dramas there, partially transcribed, translated and also animated (by different persons in a different quality though. I think the Committee of Zero animated "Prologue to the day of the beginning" as well). Just check the first table "Start here" for them. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12M9VzbTDRwTUFCSp-F47bEg01KmoOMuK2LdisNXVBlI/htmlview#gid=364082912 Edit: I guess I was wrong. The last SOL scene *might* even be relevant for the plot. To show that Mio changed her inner attitude...
  7. @mods: I wasn't sure where to post this, so feel free to move the post to where it belongs to if you consider it placed wrongly here. The original Visual Novel already hinted about Mio's time in America, however it never properly explained what happened to her back then. This was supposed to be taken care of by a manga called "Children's Collapse" as well as an audio drama called "FAR TOO LATE - Slumbering Fools". Overthe course of the last six months I animated the majority of the audio drama (it's an hour in length so please bear with me) in a Visual-Novel-esque manner, so as to give you a way to read the transcript along with the voice-over. If you're interested, then you'll find the playlist to the entire animation below. Keep in mind the first part can't really use a lot of sprites, as the featured characters simply don't have any. This changes from the second part onwards though
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