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  1. Whether you like to stream, translate, converse about VNs, Develop visual novel games, Etc I would like to follow y'all. So drop your username or a link to your twitter account.
  2. I can't find Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou on the DLSite. Can I get some help as to where I can buy it online (digitally)? https://vndb.org/v10680
  3. Hello, I'm just an artist and not very knowledgeable about business yet especially in Japan. Can anyone recommend some websites or organizations that would be interested?
  4. Hello, I am interested in managing/creating a fan translation group but I'm unsure where to start and what I should know. I'd appreciate some advice from fellow fuwanovel members! I'm not very fluent with my Japanese but I'd love to help in aspects such as illustration. I can make a mascot design for our group, Icons for the members, Logo, etc for the blog and social media. I'd like to make a group with a fun friendly atmosphere where we can build a bond with each other!
  5. Any recommendations for eroge with good storyline and loli route? like Maitetsu for example was very enjoyable.
  6. Looking for some friends to chat with on Fuwanovel or Discord! Check my past posts for Discord Username/Tag.
  7. @VirginSmasher I actually just started studying Japanese recently so i don't need such commentary. The reason i want it English translated is mainly because of one thing ➡ I don't understand all of the Japanese yet in Visual Novels. ⬅
  8. Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I really didn't mean any harm by my comment. I just started getting back into visual novels again and these thought comments (excluding rude ones) mean alot to me! I've been pretty busy with college & illustrating managing both pretty much takes up all my time during the day so i finally decided to take a break from illustrating which gives me more time to play visual novels i'm definitely excited about that. Anyways so my point was i'm a little behind so the recommendations are great keep them coming!
  9. I have no right to complain if i'm not doing the translation i simply wanted to state i see alot of newer visual novels getting translation that honestly don't even look they're worth reading. The storylines usually are so cliche and boring even the fantasy ones. Gothic Delusion, Yosuga na Haruka, Hoshizora no Memoria EH, Etc. These are just examples *Sigh* So many good visual novels that have either been dropped or are untranslated.
  10. I'm curious if anything has happen with this project? I don't really keep up with updates.
  11. @Ren'ai Arrow I play Japanese-only visual novels as well.
  12. Discord Username CarouselRose#5465 Looking for friends to chat with on discord about mainly anything that has to do visual novels/illustrating/eroge. Yaoi (Includes traps), Yuri, and Straight are all fine with me. I won't mention it or show you it if uncomfortable with any of these just do not display negative comments to me. Here is some basic info about me Name | Jordyn Naulty Birthday | 5/13 Gender | Female Sexuality | Straight Favorite Fashion | Sweet Lolita Interests | Illustrating & Eroge I'm fine with any fetish besides F
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