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  1. Ah! I can't wait for the release next year! It's a pity I can't pre-order. I've been a fan of the danganronpa series for years now and I adore the whole vibes of this game. Just the artstyle is everything I love.
  2. Oh wow, I had no idea about Inahashi no Majo. The art looks so good and the trailer music is splendid !! I had actually forgotten about TGS entirely somehow lol
  3. Hii everyone, I was told it would be a good idea to share my commission card/website here^^ I'm gyme, nice to meet you. I have experience with digital art since 2017. I have made some commissions for vtuber related content as well as LIVE2D animated gif illustrations. I have also worked on Vtuber/anime character designs and I'm making a bunch of character sprites at the moment! The most important thing for me is to capture the client's ideas perfectly as I always provide as many revisions and corrections as needed. Also I thought I'd share a little sketch dump for starters^^ (some ro
  4. Thank you so much, this community has been very welcoming so far, thank u!
  5. hiii hello everyone, (I hope I'm doing this right lol, I'm not very used to writing in forums, sorry.) i'm gyme, nice to meet you. i enjoy vns a lot, more specifically otomes but I have read my fair share of all sorts of types of vns lol since i have irl friends who enjoy them as well english isn't my native language, spanish is, so please understand if I make any mistake^^ to say a bit about me, mainly im an artist and i've been developing my own visual novel for a while now. im really enjoying it and also makes me think about all the hard work that goes into making one. hopefu
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