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  1. Oi. It's been like...almost two years since I was active here. Wowie. Anyway, I am broke af so I'll draw your waifu for some dough. I accept Paypal only. Examples below. Comment, DM, or Email for more info.
  2. Don't worry. Bayonetta will be better. I guarantee it.
  3. You'll be the first tomorrow because I skipped you accidentally. Sorry.
  4. Shake this kuma pls https://vndb.org/c5143 If possible Christmas themed. I am willing to use it as my avatar. Here you are. Not avatar worthy though. I hope my skills improve enough for that.
  5. What is the name of this man and it shall be done.
  6. Anyone want a shit drawing of any character you want? I need some practice with drawings. So, anyone want one for free? I'll do it. :/ Feel like being nice. It's the season if giving yada, yada, yada. Here's some of my work...so you know my shitty style... XD
  7. Confession: I have loads of homework to do that I put off over Thanksgiving break. (Don't think I'll even start until tonight)
  8. Are you reading a manga? The fight for that basement is currently happening. And i doubt we will see it in second anime season, becase too much stuff happened. I've never been a big manga reader.
  9. Confession: I forgot it was my sister's birthday yesterday.
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