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  1. Tayutama 2 -you're the only one- Leaf

    Thanks. I already re-upload it again
  2. Hi guys, I just start playing Tayutama 2 and wondering what does Leaf(just re-upload it) do? does it affect route? or something else? Same picture but different link in case leaf from imgur not working again.
  3. Is this Visual novel?

    oh I see.. Thanks for the information
  4. Is this Visual novel?

    Imaginary eroge? is the VN title? is just me or I can't find it in vndb.org
  5. Is this Visual novel?

    I don't know if this VN/book/append data? So I guess I start new topic from this section (sorry if I'm wrong) Just wondering if this VN or not? (cause I can't find this in vndb.org)
  6. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confeession: Yesterday October-09-2019 I have presentation for my college last test. I made a lot mistake during Q&A part where I should defend(keep up) what I did. But somehow maybe because I'm nervous or I don't know what I am thinking anymore I didn't did what should I do which there's few question specific 2 question I give up(this part where is important where I should never give up even tho I don't know the answer but I still give up in the end without giving a try to do it). even one of the lecturer said to me it'll lower my score later. So after presentation and Q&A done I feel like I won't pass which I need to repeat it. But somehow in the end I pass... So my friend who close with lecturer have disccusion about meeting who shall pass or not (which only 6 peoples who participate including me) out of 6 peoples there's 3 actually didn't pass and need to repeat that also including me. But because out of pity they let us pass instead. But out of 3 peoples who didn't pass the lecturer said I'm the worse(I heard it not from lecturer itself but my friend) cause I give up instead give a try. Because of that somehow even I pass. I keep thinking about mistake I made like "I should give a try instead" "why I give up that time" and have lot of negative thinking and bad feeling everytime I remember it. I know its waste of time thinking about stuff happen but damn its just won't go away... I have been trying watch some NLP videos few hours ago at least for reducing or get rid the bad feeling or negative thinking about what I made sadly its not working maybe because I'm not focus or what. Worse part I need to fix mistake what I did wrong which I need to meet my mentor who help me do this last test and college teacher who did Q&A with me. I don't know how to face them later on especially my mentor who also join meeting.
  7. Kin'iro Loveriche Route

    Oh okay thanks for the information
  8. Hello guys I just want to ask question about Kin'iro Loveriche route There's 4 choices Just wondering is not Souma? but Akane instead? or maybe it depends on my first route I choose?
  9. Tbh I really want to use desktop PC but sadly every week I need to stay in 2 different places so If I use desktop PC kinda hassle to move it around. I might buy/make desktop PC in near future but not now I think. Thanks for the information about fluid bearing fans
  10. Yeah about changing part I leave it to professional fix the problem. Thanks a lot for your suggestion
  11. Hello guys, Recently I have problem with my laptop fan you can said it’s broken. So should I change my laptop fan to original fan or random fan(idk what kind of fan they’ll give me)
  12. Does anyone know if this sticker available in Line Store? or probably nope? They start using it from Floflo. if yeah could you send me link for that sticker
  13. Hi guys I have problem with Kin'iro Loveriche This normal translation which appear in one box but after reach certain text which like this appear VNR decide to split it become 3 different text box. It's kinda annoying everytime text like that appear I must scroll it or drag it down to see previous text box. Is there a way to fix this problem? This is my VNR text setting.
  14. i need help guys with VNR ~~

    I reommend install ATLAS too sometimes there's some phrase LEC can't translate. So you can compare it. Your welcome and enjoy it
  15. i need help guys with VNR ~~

    Well that's mean you don't have ATLAS or LEC install on your pc/laptop? Like this after you install it