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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks a lot for the list of recommendation
  2. I'm planning to play this game but I need to start from episodes 1 first which I already play back then. Is there any new stuff from episodes 1-4 in 9 nine Shinshou? Can I just skip it until last episodes?
  3. Thanks a lot for the recommendation will try it.
  4. Ah okay. Thanks for the recommendation
  5. Hi guys, Could you recommend me good Harem or Yandere VN Untranslated ver also okay.
  6. Thanks a lot really appreciate it. Ah yeah its correct this one is second question. four of them really thank you very much I appreciate it.
  7. Hello guys. Could you help me find this VN. I found it at twitter back then and tried search with google image but can't find VN title at all. Also there's VN I believe split become 4 parts? I only remember 4 weather seasons name for each part Haru,Natsu,Aki & Fuyu (only remember title like this "Haru __________ or _______ Haru" I might wrong) Anyone if you found it could you let me know. I appreciate for the help and thanks in advance.
  8. After you inside the game with VNR already hooked with VN. Start the game and stop when first text box appear (not VNR textbox) 1. If VNR translation box still haven't appear yet then hover you pointer to VNR box usually at left side go to "Menu - text settings - text encoding change it into UTF-16 - make sure you save" then you click in-game next dialog and see if anything appear in text threads (at text settings) 2. In case 1 options failed you might need H-code. hope this help. Just to make sure could you tell me your VN title that you want to play maybe I have it.
  9. Hi guys, I just start playing Tayutama 2 and wondering what does Leaf(just re-upload it) do? does it affect route? or something else? Same picture but different link in case leaf from imgur not working again.
  10. oh I see.. Thanks for the information
  11. Imaginary eroge? is the VN title? is just me or I can't find it in vndb.org
  12. I don't know if this VN/book/append data? So I guess I start new topic from this section (sorry if I'm wrong) Just wondering if this VN or not? (cause I can't find this in vndb.org)
  13. Confeession: Yesterday October-09-2019 I have presentation for my college last test. I made a lot mistake during Q&A part where I should defend(keep up) what I did. But somehow maybe because I'm nervous or I don't know what I am thinking anymore I didn't did what should I do which there's few question specific 2 question I give up(this part where is important where I should never give up even tho I don't know the answer but I still give up in the end without giving a try to do it). even one of the lecturer said to me it'll lower my score later. So after presentation and Q&A done I
  14. Oh okay thanks for the information
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