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  1. from the error messages, it seems that tool isn't able to understand those opcodes in the script. 0x7A, 0x64 and the third one... usually means programmer hasn't come across those OP codes in the game engine yet, or you're working with a later version of the game engine
  2. i looked through the EXE, I've seen references to "krkr", some of the krkrextract programs might work.
  3. You're trying to open up the file in a word processer, it seems. But the data is still in the game's data format, meaning you can't simply open the file up in any word processor. You'd need to convert that data into something readable first.
  4. if its EROGOS, I can definitely help you out. from what I've seen they didnt change much of their data formats over the years. If you can get me their script.dat file, I can try to get you the dialogue.
  5. Hey there, Just wanted to pop in and let you know, I've been working on this game for a while now... I've reverse-engineered the game engine enough to read the script files and save them back, also made a text extractor, i've done some translating of the game. replace your script.dat file with this - (this is for vol1) My problem is I don't have enough time to spend on this, as my job has gotten me very busy, but if you're willing to translate the files I can get you all the in-game text.
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