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  1. White Album 2, its fully translated, not romance-comedy but more like romance-drama.
  2. I’m gonna have to disagree with this one. If you want a mindblowing multi-dimensional complex multi-layered puzzle then make sure to read the "George Henry Shaft" translation of Cross Channel and then go read his 400 page manifesto on it. I promise you it’s a wilder rabbit hole that will make subahibi look like a puddle in comparison and I'm not just talking about in-game. I don’t cap
  3. Finished 月姫 -A piece of blue glass moon- Not a fan of the Nintendo Switch but after playing Pokemon Scarlet I figured it was a good time to finally pick this up. Never read the original but this one was pretty poggers. Nasu’s writing was compelling and immersive without the need for overly flowery prose or deep philosophical inquiry. There was never a dull moment and the screenplay of the game itself was very polished and beautiful as expected from an end of 2021 release. The backgrounds, sprites, and scene transitions are all woven so seamlessly that the visuals look as if they were taken from a movie. Most importantly I found myself being able to actually empathize with all of the main characters and exploring the world out of curiosity. It’s been a while since I had this much fun reading. Also the voiced version of 魔法使いの夜 comes out in less than 2 days. Hands up hands up. What a time to be alive
  4. Watched Pokemon (2019) episode 130 last week. Ep 131 comes out in 3 days hands up hands up Other than that the only anime of recent that I've been able to connect with on a deep level is Sonny Boy. It's super good, super fun, it's def not for everyone but give it a go its only 12 ep. And if you wanna talk about it msg me id be happy to. Sifted through some other stuff hyped up by the community but I guess after years and years and hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds...) of anime I just can't enjoy it the same anymore. Well, except for my religious weekly attendance of pokemon which even after 18 years I still remain passionate about every coming week
  5. Hello FuwaForums, I wonder how many of you out there have thought of reading visual novels as more than just a hobby. But at what point does something become more than just a hobby? When you pour all your time into it? When you learn a new language for it? When you're willing to sacrifice other responsibilities for it? When it changes your life? When you change your life for it? For me, it was all of the above. Maybe the chuuni got to me. Maybe all the protagonists out there running full speed ahead with reckless abandon for their respective goals, to achieve the dream at any cost no matter how many times it takes, even if you have to defy fate, even if you have to challenge god. Maybe it got to me. Cringe? Well… I like cringe. How far I’d be willing to go for the medium, what VNs mean to me, the experiences I’ve had. Can feelings this strong really be called “just a hobby” ?
  6. So I read White Album 2 (all of it). There were so many instances where the characters would just not say anything during a crucial moment and it was just so drawn out and frustrating and haruki manages to get on my nerves every time and the repeating problems were just so annoying and right when they get back together haruki manages to fuck it up again and it feels like everything is back to square one but its not just him the other characters are just as bad if not worse to the point I am actually in disbelief that this sequence of events is happening and it feels like the writer has a sadist fetish for torturing and playing with the readers emotions… And honestly I might have the same sickness because I loved every part of it. Is this called “drama”? I hate you but I love you it’s like high school all over again and whatever it is I want more of it. In particular I really “liked” the setsuna, kazusa, mari, koharu (ok literally everything but chiaki. chiaki just didnt hit as hard for me) routes. I guess the simplest way to put what I “enjoyed” about this vn was sharing in whatever “struggle” haruki went through and then after a long (painful) road my boy always pulls through in the best way possible in the end. Can’t remember who but on vndb someone said it’s like "chuuni but for emotions". Any language is fine please someone just save (end) me
  7. Yeah I read amantes amentes (all routes and side stories). Seems like I should read paradise lost then. Btw is there a "better" route order for paradise lost? I can't really find any good guides on the net. If it's like dies irae I wouldn't want to accidently stumble into a Rea type ending first. And it seems the kaziklu bey story is stand alone. Alright thanks everyone.
  8. I have not read paradise lost or interview with kaziklu bey. I've heard "Kajiri Kamui Kagura" is a sequel to dies irae? Can I just read that or should I read the other two first?
  9. Hi Hata. Perhaps to become a reading demon, you must sacrifice all else. Recite the chant: “For this one book, I will dedicate my everything!” And then forget about planet earth and just entrust yourself to the hands of the writer. Be warmed, you might end up missing a few meals…responsibilities…midterms… Omg yes i love umineko Hi meiri. Thank you for your words, I do feel a bit better already actually. See you around.
  10. Hiya everyone! My name is mokuroh. It is because mokuroh is my favorite pokemon and pokemon is my favorite anime. I am 21. I really love reading books. Though I’m not a good writer, possibly because I never write, possibly because I have nothing to say or no one to say it to? Maybe through this website I can improve that. When I get good momentum I forget I am even reading and it just becomes a complete experience. No pages, no words, just experience. When I come to, and see the words again, it feels like waking up. I can’t describe it well. Does this happen to anyone else? I’ve even had times where I was reading and felt tired so I closed my eyes and continued reading even then. During summer break of school I could really read for 16+ hrs a day for months. I’ve even skipped tests just to read. I think my defining strength is I try to see the good, and try to enjoy each book the most I can. I guess that would make me a terrible reviewer because I want to give everything a 10 but… I actually only discovered visual novels really recently. I wondered what it would be like to experience that activity called reading that I like so much in a different language so I started learning japanese this year as well. Right now I’m in the middle of “Vermilion Bind of Blood.” I don’t think I’ve ever read anything with vampires before so it has been really interesting and I look forward to finishing it. So far my favorite character is arya. Did anyone else read this? I wonder what are your thoughts on this book (without spoilers of course). Given the above information, needless to say I really never tried to interact with other people ever.. This is the first time I try to use a forum. I have mega extreme extra deluxe EX supreme golden evolution social anxiety but feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to talk to anyone about anything. Maybe we could be frien-... My last question for anyone who read this is: If you fall in love with someone who doesn’t exist, what are you supposed to do? (also if you are comfortable to share, who was this? A person from a vn?!)
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