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  1. We also plan to write guides and video tutorials after we have finished with the localizations, and hopefully we might have enough support for a at least small community, as well as writing plugins to expand the engine. I see. Too bad its not free, or else I would have taken a look at it myself. But very interesting. Unfortunately I don't speak Japanese, otherwise I would have established contact and have an 100% English supported KrKrZ ready. Also I wouldn't have created a recruitment post But I can try someday. Cool! Too bad those are probably out of stock or so
  2. I had already attempted that in the case of TJS2, not only machine translations are often inaccurate, it is frowned upon and sort of inconvenient. The problem with Ren'py is that, it is slow and takes unnecessarily more memory than KrKrZ. But I would say that it has become popular in the west as a free VN framework is because this was the only free option out there, and you had a project manager and an readymade GUI and code where you can start immediately. KrKrZ does not have that, but that is what me (and hopefully, my team) will try to fix. We will create a Template project with a G
  3. I wish I could suggest it, but there are a couple of issues with this. One is that, obviously, its incomplete and the translator has disappeared. Secondly, and most important of all, is that there are two more components of kirikiri (TJS2, KAG3) that has not been touched in the translation.
  4. Hello everyone! How are you all doing today? This is a recruitment post for a project that is unlike anything you've seen before. You've read it right, this is documentation translation, not a fan translation of a visual novel (though it kind of is if you're a "fan" of a game engine). My skills: I'm a fluent English speaker, and have a fairly good understanding of Programming and it's concepts. Now I have been reading Japanese visual novels (all localized by NekoNyan) for almost two years now (with some interruptions in between), and I have seen that their VN engines a
  5. Hello all, I hope you all are doing alright. As by the title of this post, I am translating all three (KAG3, TJS2, and Kirikiri) sets documentation from Japanese to English. I personally prefer krkr (kirikiri) over Ren'py for a multitude of reasons; however, this post isn't about discussing that. Currently the method of translating I use is essentially utilizing Google Translate, DeepL, and even an AI (proud to say that I figured how to do so myself :D), and choosing the translation I feel to be more "natural", and as a last resort, ask someone else for the translation.
  6. Not much, at the moment, but planning to make some with additional gameplay elements, because those are more interesting!
  7. Hello everyone, new member here! I am a (learning) game developer, and want to create things people can enjoy. Thanks for reading!
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