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  1. This is just fucking beautiful... I constantly keep digging up new Sinatra music and generally like it all, but this is just fucking stellar, and definitely goes in my top 5. Been playing it all day.
  2. Eww, what is that thing? Here, have something better:
  3. Well, I don't deny the beauty of his later music because he as an artist had multiple phases and he certainly improved his singing style later in life, and he certainly released some very intense emotional tracks as the years went by, however I personally tend to prefer his earlier works because to me they're a good balance of Sinatra's iconic phrasing, mixed with his early high vocal range which he unfortunately had already started to lose by the mid 50's, but if I had to pick a particular period of his later career in which I believe he was at his absolute best, it would definitely be in his
  4. Frank Sinatra has famously been called "The Voice" for as long as most of us can remember, but what most people probably don't know is that the Sinatra we've come to know from our parents is far from being the man at his best. This here is what I consider to be Sinatra at the peak of his singing ability, singing his signature song "Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day)" under the Columbia label in 1945.
  5. You're doing God's work Inferno! Good luck! \ / P.S. I'll ask around and see if I can find someone to help with the TLC.
  6. Well, Hello again! I just realized the last time I was here was when I said I'd be busy last year, well, I've actually been back for a few months now! In any case, I'll have a mini vacation till the 18th, so expect a significant boost to the Editing bar!
  7. Well, the team already knows but i thought I'd tell everyone here as well, atm i am busy with many things (Final exams, monograph, college admission stuff, etc.) so i haven't been able to work very much lately, so I've decided to take a break from editing to focus on that for now. @OutoftheBox is going to be taking care of my part for now, i should be back to working regularly by December (well, unless my family actually takes that holiday they mentioned, but that wouldn't stop me from working at least a bit).
  8. RIP

    1. zWZcEbNq
    2. RedK


      wtf u alive lmao

    3. zWZcEbNq


      Yeah, i just rarely go on fuwa anymore since i have little to do here, if anything... I just hang out in your and Alei's chats.

  9. Amigoooooooo! *Feel Like Kotarou*
  10. Oh, would you look at that, a group that doesn't sell out! Very nice guys!
  11. Well... Good luck, sorry about my behavior, now that I've properly thought about it, i realize i was kind of... a huge dick (In my defense, i have a lot of going on irl, so i was mostly doing and speaking a bunch of bulls**t without thinking it through).
  12. Gate IS pretty light hearted at many times, but it is still a serious story about dealing with a conflict with a civilization from another World, it touches in on politics, corruption and such, also, you should read the manga, they leave out a lot less stuff, and represent the coward personality of the mc better (The light novels make him look even worse), he is always a nice person, he always does (most) of the same things, but they emphasize more on his cowardice, such as, in the beginning of the show he killed an invading soldier, in the original he doesn't do that.
  13. Go with Majikoi! S, as much as switching between heavy and light may be a thing, i get it, i first played Majikoi, then Grisaia, then G-senjou no maou, then Dracu-Riot! and so on, but comyu tends to get... SUFFOCATING, at least for me, i've had it waiting to be continued for close to two years now (Last time i played was April 12th last year).
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