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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    There was a big Babymetal hype in the hipster music community when their second album came out, with it reaching No. 15 in the UK charts and even the serious magazines like Der Spiegel writing reviews.
  2. What are you playing?

    So far I haven't read from anyone on this forum that they didn't like 428. I'd definitely recommend it.
  3. Compass of Dei Gratia announced by Lemnisca

    Abhorrent might be a bit of an overstatement I mean, there is stuff like Schwarzesmarken where I had to read the synopsis to figure out what the title was even supposed to mean although it's apparently in my native language. To add something to the original topic, the premise sounds like one of those "entrapped group of people" stories with supernatural overtones that have the potential to be anything from outright amazing to total trainwrecks.
  4. Compass of Dei Gratia announced by Lemnisca

    The common use of "Dei Gratia" is as an ablative case, meaning "by God's grace" and was added to the royal title of kings to specify that they weren't subject to earthly jurisdiction. The nominative is identical to the ablative case so technically you could translate the phrase the way you did. Then again, in Latin in this sentence you would use the genitive case so it would turn into "Dei Gratiae". This is probably just me being too much of a Latin nerd, but the ones choosing the title for the OP seemed to be aware of the problem as well, as they translated the title as "Dei Gratia in the 5th Day". That doesn't make much more sense than the title I'm complaining about, but at least it avoids the problem of having to connect the "Compass" with "Dei Gratia" in a way that makes grammatic sense.
  5. Compass of Dei Gratia announced by Lemnisca

    Ok, then I take that part back. The Japanese title is equally bad. Still, the "of Dei Gratia" part mixes English and Latin grammar in a really weird way.
  6. Compass of Dei Gratia announced by Lemnisca

    This is one of the rare cases where altering the title for the English release to accomodate a term from a foreign language actually made everything worse, at least unless Dei Gratia is the name of an ingame proper noun.
  7. Best (free) mysteries?

    You can't force anyone to like anything (and I don't think "you just don't get it" is the most helpful line of attack), so let's just agree that there are people who love Umineko and people who are wrong
  8. Best (free) mysteries?

    *Nuke* As for mystery VNs, I'd recommend: Zero Escape trilogy, no real detective. Danganronpa trilogy, protagonists act as detectives. 428 Shibuya Scramble. Lucid9, a free EVN. Root Double, protagonists act as detectives. Chaos;Child, protagonist acts as detective. Unlike Umineko, C;C actually is pretty terrible. It's never boring though.
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    80s Japanese music is even more amazing than I expected before looking it up
  10. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Or else you can always search rateyourmusic.com (basically vndb for music) by making custom charts. Here is one I made listing the best rated (non classical, non soundtrack) 80s albums by artists from Japan. Elvis Costello seems to be living in Japan right now, so his albums are in there as well, but there are still more than enough interesting artists. Right now I'm listening to this, which sounds like Scary Monsters David Bowie made an album together with Kraftwerk while on a very bad trip:
  11. Fuwanovel Confessions

    There is this genre called City Pop that was popular in the late 70s and 80s that might fit your description.
  12. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    I guess I just dropped Purrfect Date after 59 minutes according to Steam. I had the hopes that, with some witty writing and good sense of humour, it could be some nice mindless fun, but it just seems kind of dull.
  13. The VN does a lot more worldbuilding, especially when it comes to the "science" and otaku culture. The anime cuts out a big chunk of Faris' and Ruka's respective arcs but has the better soundtrack imo (adding character themes and having higher production value). The VN is the more complete experience (and I'd definitely recommend reading it at some point) but not so much that I'd say you're missing out big time if you've only watched the anime.
  14. I know that everything you do is political. I'm just saying that most people here disagree with you about how far reaching the political dimension of using this forum for their enjoyment is, even the ones who agree with you when it comes to the dangers of certain content created or promoted by other users.
  15. I think people have just grown tired of toxic political discussions and want to avoid them at least in the areas they engage in in their free time. Discussions about lolis and violence porn are one of the largest minefields in that regard as everyone has strong opinions on these topics while very are few are even able to properly distinguish between pedophilia and child abuse (hint: the vast majority of child abusers aren't actual pedophiles and it's mostly about power and not physical attraction, which is why I think Plk_Lesiak's point about the context and portrayal of the porn being the bigger issue than the ages of the ones depicted is pretty important).