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  1. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    The routes diverge sooner and to a higher degree the further you get into the game, so there will be less overlap between them. You have to read most flashbacks again though with little additional content added once you finish the fourth route.
  2. The nature of an infodump

    Yeah, I think there are worse ways to do exposition than dumping it right at the start, and I know quite a few TV shows and movies that do this and are still quite good. It's just very hard to do in a way that keeps the reader invested enough that they remember the important information. As for the encyclopedia thing, I don't think reading an encyclopedia entry is worse than a wall-of-text dump or some character monologueing exposition, at least as long as it's not information that's new to the protagonist. Of course none of these options should be the primary way of expositioning, as imo a story should always try to tie every important piece of information to its characters' motivations or its themes or whatever makes sense through a scene where something actually happens imo, but if that's not possible or highly inconvenient, putting it outside the main text often is a better choice imo. Do you think this particular VN could have gotten a good prologue when the writers weren't able to write an encyclopedia that actually explains things?
  3. The nature of an infodump

    I think infodumps at the beginning are rarely employed because there is no in-story-conflict yet readers can connect it to. At least to me they feel more like homework than useful information most of the time and I tend to get bored before the actual story even begins. A way of infodumping that's rather unique to VNs that can be rather effective is adding opportunities for expositioning outside of the actual story. For example an encyclopedia can be a good way of explaining things characters in-universe wouldn't talk about normally without taking you out of the story for too long. 428 utilizes this feature brilliantly, adding funny side stories to its exposition and even secretly setting up plot devices. VA-11 also has an approach I really like where you read news stories and internet boards inbetween story-sections (although admittedly it's used more for world building than infodumping).
  4. Most disappointing VNs of 2019?

    Chaos;Child sits quite high on vndb and got quite a few glowing reviews, so I didn't really expect it to be an experience bordering on so-bad-it's good. It's incredibly entertaining, but at least in the second half for all the wrong reasons. Its setup was promising enough, but at some point the story just took the worst and most convoluted turn imaginable every time. It felt like the creators had five different clashing ideas about where they wanted to take the story and what themes they wanted to explore and just decided to do them all at the same time anyway. I finished the VN about 11 months ago and still catch myself thinking about how stupid it was, so at least I can't say it didn't leave an impression on me.
  5. I got promoted today. Ask me anything.

    Do you think there is a parallel dimension where cats became the world-dominating species and they made a movie called "Humans" in which they CGIed actors into naked and furless cat-ropomorphic abominations that sing and dance?
  6. What are you playing?

    I didn't hate ZTD as much as most Zero Escape fans seem to do but I admit it was a pretty weak way to end the trilogy. To address a few of your points:
  7. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    No, but you can change the difficulty in the settings. On very easy you can probably win every fight by just randomly mashing buttons.


  9. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    So I just finished Dive 1 and well, I can see how it got its 8.45 on vndb. The VN is incredibly well paced for the most part. The gameplay blends in seemlessly with the plot and is fun enough in itself. Still, for me personally there a couple of aspects that keep me from really loving it. My main gripe is that Baldr Sky doesn't really care about all the interesting ethical and philosophical questions its world poses. For example, the story takes place in society where part of the population has implanted bio-chips into their brains, basically connecting them to the internet 24/7, where intelligent AI controls everything, and these people make up one faction, while the other (apparently bigger) group of people look at AI very critically. At the same time the rich people (anti-AI people) built a seemingly impenetrable fortress while the outside suffers greatly from corruption and a refugee crisis, leading to many people throw themselves into virtual reality to flee from the actual one. There are so many possible angles the writers could have taken and so many moral gray areas worth exploring in this world, but they basically went with "one faction is right and the other one is wrong" and the setting is basically just a backdrop to spin an epic tale about people in mechs fighting. Very rarely does it happen that any faction's core values are actually challenged. When the motives of some of the "good guys" get questioned, it always has to do with them secretly schemeing something instead of their ideas possibly negatively impacting other peoples' lives. This also plays into my issues with the cast and how part one's heroines got developed. Each one of them had a background that would have allowed for interesting character arcs and instead they got pretty generic anime trope stories. Anyways, I still enjoyed the overall experience so far quite a bit, it's just a little frustrating for me that there are quite a few places where there's a lot of wasted potential imo.
  10. What are you playing?

    I think so as well. Extra's cliches and humour were terrible to a degree where the game bordered on being a parody of the rom-com genre. Unlimited is all about Takeru maturing out of that world so it makes sense that the humour would do the same. I'm not a fan of Unlimited either as it still employs some of the same storytelling tropes as Extra. Going this route still makes a lot of sense if you look at Takeru's character arc over the trilogy, so the creators probably knew very well what they were doing.
  11. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    The gameplay doesn't take that much time, about 5-15 minutes every two hours, including setting up your equipment.
  12. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    Yeah, the pacing is really slow and mainly focused on world-building and exposition. I'm at chapter 10 in my first playthrough and so far not a lot has changed. At least to me it feels like the first playthrough is trying to set everything up properly so things can hopefully speed up later, kind of how S;G did it, or MLA that took two prequels and like 15 hours of build-up to properly set up its story. I personally don't mind this approach and the switching between past and present and most scenes at least feel like they add something to the overarching narrative with little fluff. My two main complaints are that I don't like the cast that much so far and that the gameplay sections are too far apart for how short they are. Anyway, I feel like the whole experience could go into three different directions from where I'm at right now: It could turn into an amazing dark epic like MLA (with less trauma though I suppose), it could go the Root Double way of telling its whole story through neverending exposition, or completely fall apart into convoluted stupidity that mistakes edginess for being deep like Chaos;Child did. I'm a little afraid it might be the the third option as C;C also has a very high vndb-score despite being really bad.
  13. More Santa Hats for your Avatars

    Hat! Hat! Hat! (I don't care which one)
  14. VN with villain protagonist.

    And here I was thinking about starting a thread asking people if they think he's a bad guy after reading something arguing that it's all just a matter of perspective because one of the game's main themes is how perception shapes one's morals. But yeah, he does some things that put him in the irredeemably evil camp for me, so Saya no uta x3.