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  1. Probably because she's married to a US-American who also produced a couple of her albums. It might also be the reason her English lyrics are less cringeworthy than those of most of her peers from the time period. Anyways, her album Communication is perfect 80s kitsch from start to finish.
  2. As far as I'm aware there is a limit for 5k characters at a time. If you want to translate a longer text you need to feed it to DeepL in portions. Which might have a negative effect on translation quality as the AI works better the more context it has to work with.
  3. Only going by lines of text, they are about the same. Little Busters contains a couple of minigames though that you can spend quite some time on (or skip if you don't like them).
  4. Would your experience with Clannad have been ruined had you known beforehand that I'd say that would have about the same impact on someone's enjoyment of that VN as knowing what you do would on Little Busters, maybe even less. LB is even more atmosphere and vibes than Clannad.
  5. Over the last couple of weeks I watched the anime adaptations of Key VNs I hadn't seen yet, namely Air, Little Busters and Rewrite. Air: This is the only one out of the three where I haven't read the VN so I can't really comment on how good of an adaption it is. What I can say is that I enjoyed it quite a lot despite the rushed pacing at times. I feel like three or four more episodes to properly establish the heroines and backstory could have worked wonders for its general quality because what is there in the anime is in no way weaker than Kanon imo except maybe for the one route b
  6. Great video! I've been looking for content creators (tbh not very thoroughly) in the VN-fandom who take a more analytical angle regarding themes and this kind of stuff, and I like Key, so this was right up my alley. Have you watched/read anything else by Key? If Kanon's core themes resonated with you, their other titles might as well. I'd suggest going chronologically though as each game somewhat builds on the ideas of the previous one, something I realised only very recently when I finally got around to watching the Air anime.
  7. I'd say the second part is worth reading on its own. It's a lot better than the first one and its main plot is pretty much self contained anyway. Most of the overarching plot and worldbuilding is kind of lame anyway, so I wouldn't mind it never being completed as long as AiD manages to put out at least one or two more episodes on the level of M2S:a (is that how you abbreviate the title?).
  8. And Silvz is dealing with people having different opinions by voicing an opinion, so what is your point?
  9. So does this imagined VN show any of the the war crimes and genocides or nah? I mean apparently everyone did them so it would be unrealistic not to include them. Or is it more about sexy waifus being kickass while wearing Wehrmacht uniforms?
  10. Is your second paragraph referring to G-Senjou no Maou again? If so, first you should probably hide it behind a spoiler tag. Second, I'm not saying it's a great twist, just that it makes at least some sense in the context of the narrative so the twist itself doesn't bother me as much. Also, is it even true there is no proper setup?
  11. I don't even think plot elements and twists being properly explained or foreshadowed is that important as long they are consistent with what a story attempts to communicate. In a conventional whodunnit a big part of the enjoyment comes from the idea that the audience is given enough clues to figure out the solution themselves, so asspull twists are a complete no go. Other types of stories have different aims though, so there doesn't have to be the same degree of consistency on a purely logical level but rather in terms of ideas/mood/themes and so on. The twist at the end of Planet of the Apes
  12. I know I already got a hat a few years back, but Rad Shiba reeeaaally wants a candy cane to chew on.
  13. A few days ago I finally finished Muramasa. My feelings towards it are complicated. It seems like Nitroplus applied their own law of balance where for each brilliant idea in the game they had to put in a bad one as well. To name one example, one of the core ideas Muramasa poses is how using violence / killing someone evil for the sake of good actually makes you evil as well, making the case that those one considers evil have different ideals for which they deem using violence justified, like you do for yours, putting you on the same level morally. While I personally don't agree with the conclu
  14. I was just able to access the site from Germany although there still seem to be technical difficulties, as each page takes very long to load and my old account on the site has seemingly disappeared. I was able to make a new one though and am currently downloading the game. I'd say I'm cautiously hyped for Muramasa. It's the 8th highest rated title on vndb, but then again Baldr Sky Dive 2 sits at 9, and I found that one pretty mediocre. Also from my few experiences with Nitroplus I got the impression that they have a tendency to put style and edginess over substance in their stories.
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