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  1. I don't really want to get too deep into discussing Grisaia as I don't want to derail the thread, but is it really the character routes that are the most contentious? I managed to really not like it in the common route, and some of the aspects you mentioned as objective positives played a big role in that. The comedic scenes all basically culminate in a "women are irrational, amirite" or "Yuuji is so badass" punchline and most of them are accompanied by the same music track so at some point every time it started playing I automatically zoned out, which imo isn't what proper sound direction should do. I strongly disagree about the character build-up as well. Other VNs don't need close to 50 hours to build up characters to make you care enough for them to feel sad for them when you learn they were once forced to cannibalise members of their softball team or whatever. As for the art, I agree it's competently done, but artwork especially something where time and general trends play a big role in how it is received. Most VN artwork from the 90s looks somewhat ugly by today's standards (except to fans of this particular style), and it's completely possible we are going to look at Grisaia in the same way in some 20-30 years. High/expensive production values are not the same as high quality. (Sorry, I couldn't contain myself). To add something more substantial, I completely get where you are coming from on this. I think the term you're looking for is "valid". You can point to a set of criteria a piece of media should adhere to in your opinion, explain where these criteria come from and why you accept them as an indicator for quality. You can say that the action scenes in the Transformers movies are bad because they are cut in a way that doesn't properly convey what is even going on instead of just cutting really fast between locations, and in your opinion an action scene should actually show the action. That is more valid than someone saying "skyscraper go boom", but it's not more objective. The reason I fight the term "objective" that much is probably because of these youtube channels that claim to do "objective criticism" when all they basically do is stop at every frame and scream "that's stupid", and by claiming to be objective they can pretend they are not just whining because they don't like a movie having a female/PoC protagonist who actually does stuff.
  2. As to your second point, I think quality being 100% reliant on context or whether something does its job are different categories. The former is more is more about the assessment of quality depending on which subset of the potential audience you ask while the latter is more about resonating with the intended target audience. To pick Grisaia as an example: Many in the VN fandom regard it as one of the must-reads, yet there is a subset of readers who hate it passionately (including me). I'd say that has to do with it committing to a certain set of VN tropes and turning them up to 11. For the people who love VNs because of these tropes this makes Grisaia on of the best things out there. For people like me who got into VNs for other reasons and are only bearing with some VNisms because other aspects make up for them, Grisaia can be unbearably bad. I can totally acknowledge that if a certain type of experience appeals to you, chances are you are going to love Grisaia. Stuff that might be considered an indicator of quality for Grisaia's target audience might be the opposite for others. So is Grisaia a masterpiece? No! It completely depends on who you ask. I don't even want to know what my mother or the average newspaper critic would think of it. Which is no different to something like Twilight. If you ask your 14 year old niece, it might be the greatest thing in the history of things. If you ask anyone else, not so much? So am I calling Grisaia the Twilight of the VN community? Yes. But my point is, you could basically do a similar mental exercise with any popular and/or highly regarded piece of media.
  3. According to this list Little Busters has about 5-10% more lines of text than Clannad. There's also a bunch of minigames you can choose to spend quite a lot of time on (you're free to skip most of them though iirc).
  4. Isn't the presentation closer to point and click games or rpgs with story elements rather than any written or live action media? You have a static background and every time you click, you get a new piece of information, often accompanied by a line read, reaction shot or sprite or whatever. The soundtrack keeps on playing continuously until you reach a cue where it's supposed to change, and if you reload a point in the middle of a scene, the music starts over from the beginning, and not from the point you left it at when you saved. Also, you can't just revisit scenes at will unless you want to go through the whole thing again or the VN's creator purposefully decides to give you that option.
  5. If you've come this far I'd recommend finishing it if only for the epilogue, which has one of the weirdest genre shifts 80% into a piece of fiction I've had the pleasure (?) to witness.
  6. More like Iwaihi-meh! (I'm sorry) Anyway, the VN sadly doesn't get any better the longer it goes.
  7. Err... That is certainly an interesting way to frame Chris' Nazi heritage, MajiKoi
  8. Greetings from me, the camelid man!
  9. Three Fourths Home isn't even on vndb, probably because it has constant (minimalistic) gameplay where you basically just push one button down the whole time.
  10. You mean 999 though? Its sequel Virtue's Last Reward is part of the bundle that is The Nonary Games. About the true ending:
  11. Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your time here! Also, a fan of The 25th Ward? Those are pretty rare. Have you played the original The Silver Case or Flower, Sun and Rain?
  12. And I always thought you automatically cede your right to judge other people for what they do with their free time and money the moment you become part of the VN community...
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