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    Not from the land of Varela
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    As far as Visual Novels are concerned, these are my current preferences:
    Romance - Comedy - Psychological Thriller - Mystery - Chickens

    Action, and Fantasy don't affect my enjoyment much.

    I despise Horror, Drama, and Sports, however.
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    Proofreader: One Thousand Lies; Noble☆Works; Dracu-Riot!;
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About Me


I bid you welcome to my profile page.


For starters, the image I've spoilered below should give you a basic summary of my personality. If you still want to know more, continue reading.





My name is Poltroon, Mr. Poltroon. It always has been. Don't you dare ask.

I'm your friendly neighborhood Portuguese English gentleman. If you disagree with any of the adjectives I've used to describe myself just PM me and we'll have a nice and calm discussion about it.



I think you've probably seen me around the forums somewhere. If you haven't, I dare say you're a lucky chap.

Anyhow, if you have seen me, you might have noticed I may, sometimes, inadvertently insult someone. If you haven't noticed it, don't worry, some people are born that way, lacking any sense of perception.

I obviously strive to be as gentlemanly as possible, and that means I clearly didn't mean to offend anyone and I apologize if I did. "Keep calm and read my signature", as I usually say.


If for some strange reason I'm not offending someone, then I'm probably being overly blunt. But that's not something I should apologize for, is it? Cold, hard honesty is a virtue, I've been told.


Seriously though, having to listen to people telling me to watch my manners is so boring, so don't. Not only are you wasting your time, you're, more importantly, wasting mine.


And remember: Just because I add "seriously though" to a sentence it doesn't mean I am, in fact, being serious.


Now that you've gotten a grasp of my personality, here's an info dump:

I'm Portuguese, 32 years old, I have 2 sisters and 2 parents (surprisingly).

I have played many visual novels, but only translated ones. I have no plans to learn moonspeak anytime soon.

I have watched some anime, but not as much as some addicts, because I evidently ain't one.


TL;DR I type way too much, you probably won't ever find me being serious, and how dare you skip ahead to the TL;DR


My very own dream lass, created using a Sprite Maker.