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  1. Wow, thanks so much for all the effort, guys ! <3 Looking forward to what you guys are planning to do on the future ( i'll gadly support ANYTHING ), cheers !
  2. Thanks for the advices !! I'm almost done with my grammar studies ( Tae Kim is really the best option imo ). May i ask what is " rtk 1 " ?
  3. Looks like a simple post asking for efficiency on studies become a war of "cultural" divergences. Remember guys, it doesn't matter how much you guys ( or even some japanese ) dislikes the writing system. Japan have a complete different culture and as long as THEY'RE happy with this it's not of our concern to suggest they to change anything.
  4. Wow, thanks for the advices ! I will keep reading Tae Kim Grammar Guide and once i finish i prob going to JLPT ( Or trying my best on some untranslated VNs ). Anyway, do you have some examples of easier VNs to start off ? That looks really usefull ! Thanks <3
  5. Been studying japanese on my own ( started 1 week ago ) i already learned all the Kana but im dont know exactly what to do next. I'm reading the Tae Kim Grammar Guide right now, doing pretty good... But i was wondering if i should first go through the vocabulary, ( JLPT things ) even Tae Kim having all the words used displayed in the guide, or if i should just finish my grammar studies and then go to JLPT. What do you guys think i should do ? Would gadly accept some advices on what to do during my studies.
  6. Totally agree with you. Best of luck with your project, friend !
  7. Welp, it seems that you learned what evolution means. For better or for worse, further improvements in technology ( by all means ) will pretty much overcome all kind of works ( automatizing them or just making easier so less people will be required ). Anyway, after reading all that, it's quite reasonable believing that new kind of systems will let producers to work faster in various diferent ways.
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