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  1. I mean, I can usually understand and read the situation based on sentence length, expressions and tone, but in a visual novel, it's alot harder especially when you don't have the exact place and situation shown to you (unless you get a CG scene). And anyway, how am I supposed to laugh or feel sad when I'm still scratching my head over what was funny or sad for the characters? I just can't understand the point of this exercise. It would be more understandable for someone with atleast basic japanese knowledge to have this exercise since they can get the situation more right by being able to read a part of the sentence and then interpret how the sentence continues (this technique was a big help for me when I was learning English too).
  2. I have been thinking about giving it a shot, since there is currently a VN which has a fandisc that will most likely not get an official translation and I don't know japanese (yet maybe). Yet I still want to read it, because it adds some interesting routes that were not in the main game.
  3. Stories that surpass the original premise

    Well, that certainly raised my interest. I typically love genderswap stuff if done right, they're just too rare though.
  4. VNs with heroines who drink alcohol too

    Well, damn, that's a nice list you got there. Some VNs also seem very interesting to be honest (though, most of them seem to have no english patch sadly or are just not listed there). Thanks alot for your research.
  5. For sure, I have yet to see a heroine who actually consumes alcohol, let alone talk about it at all. Saw mangas and animes show alcohol, but I haven't seen it in VN (aside from Grisaia, but they were adults and not really heroines either). For sure my list is not really big, but that's why I'm interested ahead if there are VNs with this.
  6. Shame in liking H scenes/18+ Content in Visual Novels

    I have a bit of a complex feeling about them. In reality, it sometimes raises my interest score in a VN sometimes (of course, that's just a bit of a lust going on, I'm fine with VNs with no H-scenes), though I literally never jacked off to them (or to anything), because I would feel ashamed for a life and also because I differentate reality and fiction. For me, H-scenes can be enjoyable as erotic eye candy and because it's a next step in romance that animes, mangas, etc. just skip through when they should not. It's mostly the satisfication that I want from them, to see the one the MC goes out with actually together and not just watch the awkwardness as they're trying to get together. Hentai doesn't sit well with me, since the story is mediocre in every one of them, even in those that are said to be better and you barely get to know the characters, in VNs, it's like watching a very long interactive anime with hentai scenes here and there, but not as a focus, it just feels like the perfect combination.
  7. I remember hearing Michiru's VA from the Grisaia series in a normal anime and I barely believed it. It surely is funny to listen to them talking while knowing how they moan too.
  8. Thanks, added them to my excluded tags on VNDB and I will try to remember this.
  9. I see, even though I don't support the idea itself (though I can understand looking at it like profit), it's good that there's an actual explanation.
  10. Well, you could say that being proactive also means having a personality already, though that also filter out protagonists with more laid back personalities. But yeah, thanks for the recommendation, I may look for something with these filters when I want to read something.
  11. I see, so it's basically the general idea I had. It really makes it hard to choose a VN, the only tag that helps at VNDB is "Protagonist with a face", but even that doesn't tell me whether the protag has a self-insert personality or not. While I don't like feeling like the protagonist, I do want to feel like I'm merely just an observer and influencer through his eyes.
  12. I'm kinda new to VNs (read about 6-7 only yet) and the only thing I don't really understand is why most male protagonists are without voice actors? I mean, what's the real reason behind this decision in most of the VNs?
  13. I'm a newer VN reader, but I'm very picky in what to read next usually. I'm a bit anxious about slice of life romance VNs, because I usually hear that many have protagonists with self-insert-like personality (which is like the character basically does what behavior the readers expect from him or basically most choices he gets are up to us). I liked Yuuji from the Grisaia series for example, because his character never felt bland or hollow and most of the choices were his decision. The protagonist doesn't even have to be anything really unique, just feel like he's an actual character and not the writer's/reader's self-inserting. Does anyone know some recommendations?