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  1. Well, they probably thought releasing something that can bring them some money with low-budget, it's not a bad business plan to be honest. I doubt it will be anything grand.
  2. Then I guess even if the TL is a bit worse, I should wait for this, considering the amount of extra content.
  3. Well, in a way, that also helps me think over my mistakes (if there was) over my questions or opinions, so there's something to learn from that aswell.
  4. Not long ago, I told someone who recommended Rewrite to me that I'd rather also wait for that Rewrite+ project, because it simply seem like a remaster for me (I generally like remasters more, because usually enhance even the enjoyment for me). Because I wouldn't want to read something twice simply because of it being remastered, I decided on waiting, though he also told me the translation might not be the same quality. Seeing this, I'm still not sure what to read. Left really seems a bit more unique in a way that it doesn't use more general lines.
  5. I agree, many of my posts that I think were harsh, but still true instantly get downvoted instead of being discussed. There's also those that reply with one-sided hate comments that don't really try to stay neutral (by that, I mean that they use their personal feelings as to why something is not likeable about my statement, be constructive for fucks' sake and point out something else than your petty little feelings, I don't even use harsh words or vulgar language when making my statements). For sure whenever I say something, it immedietly gets downvoted or gets upvoted for being unique. You just can't win with people. Yet still, you can't say that Reddit is not better than Instagram and stuff.
  6. Hentai games

    Sadly, this feels more like going around the problem rather than solving it. Showing them non-eroges still won't fix the issue, because they will still be more shy with normal eroges without knowing what content they can offer despite them also having some erotic content aswell. Imagine that a masterpiece like Majikoi should not be shown, because it has some H-scenes for each heroines while the majority of it has almost zero focus on romance or any erotic content.
  7. Hentai games

    It's mainly an anime meme group on Reddit (mind you, there's many trash memes there, so I only search for the rare good ones), so I hoped there would be a bit more knowledge for people there. Guess I was not right.
  8. Hentai games

    Meh, to be honest, I was kinda just triggered when I made that post, because I saw 2-3 posts that day that mentioned eroges and was really annoyed when 70% of the comments mentioned hentai game instead. Usually I'm not that short-tempered.
  9. Hentai games

    Giving it more thought, western games actually don't have as much focus on the sex scenes as eroges do. Whatever, I got tired of this debate, let's call all 18+ visual novels just very long animated porn novels and be done with it.
  10. Hentai games

    So is then any western game that has sexual scenes aswell. All of them are porn games, the good gameplay is just extra.
  11. Hentai games

    Hard to see it as a subgenre, considering how different they really are. For example, even some of our western games have sexual scenes, can they be called porn games when their main theme doesn't rely on porn, but just merely serve as story- and/or character-related materials? Also, erotic games were in the west even before eroges became a popularity, why would there be any difficulty in calling them "ero games" for example in the west? It's not like the term "erotic" comes from Japan.
  12. Hentai games

    Anywhere else than a visual novel forum, whenever an eroge is brought up, people put the label "hentai game" on it. It's so goddamn annoying, it completely puts a bad spotlight on most of the great eroges. They call it that simply, because there are sex scenes, which is the dumbest shit I have ever seen. Are people seriously that unaware of the medium that they can't differentate them?
  13. Favorite (Non-anime) TV Shows?

    I myself don't really watch TV shows nowadays, but the ones that remain my favorites were Doctor House, Eureka, Stargate and How I met your mother. They were so damn entertaining and I also got attached to the characters. I'm kinda pessimist towards today's TV shows, though I haven't watched any and it's just mainly me thinking the good shows only stay in the past (even though Eureka started airing more around 2010, I think).
  14. I think I remember that in the anime, her eyes switched at that scene. While the anime is a horrible mess and I also hate the eye change to signify which Michiru is in control (it takes away the subtleness and immedietly gives you the feeling something is not right, not to mention it doesn't make sense), it could still indicate it happened in the VN aswell.
  15. About Asako in Grisaia no Kajitsu

    I can confidently say that Asako makes zero appearence or even voicing. Maybe on Makina's route when they're in the house and look at the picture and Asako maybe can be seen a bit (can't really remember it well), but aside from that, I have zero memory of her in any route or bad endings.