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    Dergonu reacted to Darklord Rooke in Out for Jury Duty   
    Can't you pretend to be incredibly prejudiced to get out of jury-duty?
    I've always questioned the validity of a system where the fate of the defendant lies with 12 people who really don't want to be there xD
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    Dergonu reacted to Clephas in Ryakudatsusha no Inen   
    It gets a bit more extreme in general toward the end.  One of those 'the happy moments enhance the evil' setups...
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    Dergonu reacted to Jade in ChuSinGura Chapter 1 impressions   
    Don't worry, Chapter 2&3 will be just as great i assure you
    Also romance is pretty awesome in this VN and IMO definitely not being pushed to side despite all the drama that's going on.
    One last thing, you ain't see nothing of Suguha yet Derg if you only finish playing chapter one  
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    Dergonu got a reaction from littleshogun in Letter from Nippon Review   
    Just a quick note about the retranslation on Tsui Yuri. It's not quite from scratch, as I am working off my old TLed lines, and it's only one script, not the whole game. It's basiaclly like they said in the VNTS post, it doubles as a TLC pass really. It's mostly reformating my old TL style, while I also tweak some lines that had some small details left out/ inconsistencies etc.
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    Dergonu reacted to Chronopolis in Dear Translation Requesters   
    One saving grace, I think, is that your TL will last forever.
    The person who comes along 5 years later could still potentially appreciate your work the same as someone who read your patch the day it came out. Also, 95%+(?) of the people who read the game won't ever comment. You're gotta remember those people as well, amidst the tomfoolery.
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    Dergonu reacted to Nosebleed in Dear Translation Requesters   
    Thank you for exemplifying the exact reason people give up on translations. I'm glad such healthy mentality as "don't bitch about work, just work or get out" is so prevalent. 
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    Dergonu reacted to Nosebleed in Dear Translation Requesters   
    Maybe because he wants to share more games with the world,despite it mostly being a thankless job. People can rant about stuff and still be involved in said stuff. I absolutely hate this aspect of translation as well but i still want to to be a translator. 
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    Dergonu reacted to ChaosRaven in Dear Translation Requesters   
    I wish the community would be a bit more tolerant about translation quality of fan translations, or at least offer criticism in a more constructive manner instead of just bashing it. While I never worked on a fan translation, I worked with a few team members on a mod for a computer game for years. So I do know what it's like to work on a huge project in your spare time. And there are times when just hate it and want to pack it all in. And when you then just get some bashing comments instead of encouragement, you really want to scream out...
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    Dergonu reacted to Clephas in Dear Translation Requesters   
    Speaking from the heart, I agree with most of what Aizen-sama said.  I also approve of his use of my quote up there. 
    Now, to be clear here... it hurts horribly the first time someone criticizes your translation.  I experienced this repeatedly as a fansubber for anime and it only gets worse for VN fantranslators because it is text and not audio.  Do you know the reason so many translators experience 'burn-out'?  It's a combination of the sheer amount of work they put into what was, to them, a labor of love, only to have some smartmouth jackass publicly insult them for typos, nitpick about word choices, and generally make an ass of themselves...  As he quoted me saying above, when you put that much time into something, only to have someone snipe at you over the details, it slowly corrodes your motivation, leaving you apathetic toward translation in general.  Moreover, when you are a translator looking for just a few words of encouragement and you get some ****head wailing about how the translation is behind schedule, it pretty much shatters you. 
    Human beings aren't designed to work without some sort of compensation, whether it is a full belly, cash, emotional satisfaction, or social encouragement.  With something as time-consuming as VN translation, the pathetically small amounts of money offered by those who want to 'pay' a translator and the emotional satisfaction from a job well done just aren't enough to motivate one to finish one of these projects.  If you worked the same amount of hours some people put into fantls in a retail job in the US, you would actually make more money than you could from a 'professional' translation job in many cases.
    So... for those who think translation is 'easy' or 'pays well', get a clue.  Even I never seriously thought companies would willingly pay what that kind of work deserves when I was a newbie, and that was over a decade in the past.
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    Dergonu got a reaction from Aizen-Sama in Dear Translation Requesters   
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    Dergonu reacted to Chronopolis in Kimi e Okuru, sora no hana   
    Really nice review. Glad you enjoyed the VN lots.
    I tried the VN but got turned off in the prologue by Cabbit's charage style character speech patterns, but I might give it a run someday. Sometimes it's easier to stay reading when you have a reference for what to appreciate.
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    Dergonu got a reaction from Aleister in Kimi e Okuru, sora no hana   
    Yeah, I loved that part of the game. Took me by surprise.
    This was my first Cabbit VN, so I really didn't know what to expect.
    I did buy Midori no Umi a while back. I should get around to reading that.
    She is pretty great, yeah
    (But An is the best girl )
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    Dergonu reacted to Clephas in Kimi e Okuru, sora no hana   
    I vaguely remember this game and being impressed with yandere-ness... Cabbit loves its yandere characters almost as much as Candy Soft, lol.
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    Dergonu got a reaction from Flutterz in Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #1   
    This is a good way to put some of the stuff you read down on paper, to keep it more vivid in your mind. Best of luck with the rest of the VN Flutterz!  
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    Dergonu got a reaction from Deep Blue in Gin'iro Haruka general thoughts.   
    Ahh, the art... so shiny... me want...  
    My backlog is telling me to stop, but I can't. Have to add this  
    (That length though... RIP.) 
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    Dergonu reacted to Infernoplex in Day of Anger Review   
    That Shi ni Iku Kimi you mentioned though ... Guro ... I had a mini-heart attack by seeing some of the more explicit CGs in it xD ... Good luck to the translator XD And thank you for this week's review
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    Dergonu got a reaction from john 'mr. customer' smith in I don't care about writing   
    Ahh this is so true, well said. I don't really have much to add to be honest - I just agree.  
    (Damnit, you made me tear up with the picture of Yumemi holding the light bulb + the song.  ) 
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    Dergonu reacted to starlessn1ght in I don't care about writing   
    Dude, I will say I disagree with you, but Im very very glad to find someone like you. In my opinion, all elements of a work of fiction must be treated equally. Writing can be just as powerful as art or cause the same amount of damage, if bad, imo. I also watched that video but what opened my mind about the subject was this post. Before reading that, I also thought that story and characters> everything else. But then, I started searching and studying more and I finally realize art, soundtrack, animation, voice acting, etc. can all bring emotions and be intelectually stimulating just like story and characters.
    It makes me sick seeing people saying stuff like: "I dont care about art" because that is not an opinion, that is a lie. People 'think' they dont care about art because they never studied how it is used and thus do not realize its impact. Those people tend to think good art is just being pretty and therefore it is easier to make than a good story. Now even if I disagree that writing is inferior to art or soundtrack, it makes me really glad to see people like you, at least to balance the amount of overrate writing gets from the community.
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    Dergonu reacted to Valmore in THIS LAMP SUCKS   
    Going by his previous answer...
    ... there is no answer, as it appears Fiddle will need special training for this task.
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    Dergonu reacted to Aizen-Sama in Tsui Yuri translation project - 50% translated!   
    As you said in the post, releasing a partial patch for such a short game would be truly pointless, so good decision.
    I can drfinitely sense your determination in the post, keep it up, you are doing a titanic effort.
    Hope you don't have many problems with those H scenes.
    Good luck and have a nice day!
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    Dergonu reacted to Arcadeotic in Tsui Yuri translation project - 50% translated!   
    Congratulations on reaching the halfway-mark
    Don't worry about those H-scenes; it gets better as time goes on and you do more
    Good luck
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    Dergonu got a reaction from granit in Lamunation   
    Was already looking forward to this one, then I saw this:
    Let's go!
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    Dergonu reacted to ittaku in How Adorable Heroines are now just Generic   
    I married one so there's only 3 left. Where they may be, I don't know...
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    Dergonu reacted to Hanako in Truth About Nurses   
    For me the 2nd spoiler is empty... does this mean 3D nurse wear nothing?  
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    Dergonu reacted to Deep Blue in Killing the ellipsis (“...”) in VN translations   
    I'm just going to say one thing: long live the dots! xD

    btw the Japanese language is really smart, you don't have to type the 3 dots separately (which takes a lot of time and it's really bothersome ), it comes in a bundle of 3 "…" , it saves time and you asure yourself of putting the right amount of dots every single time, now if you want 2 or some of its multiples then you can't use them 

    EDIT:I was wrong, they do have it  ‥
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