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    In the heart of my Beloved, Nei Yuuki
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    Reading just about anything, S&D in BDSM, and writing
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  1. Nozomi powah! Also holy hell Eclipsed that row of UR. And now that i think about it, that jokes of me getting an UR smile team first than a new SR/UR Kotori might come true after all
  2. You still have moar qp than me flutz
  3. Oh My God Kotori may be ignoring me but Nozomi sure do love me
  4. I get that bug a lot actually
  5. Soooo......the first song abruptly end in the middle and the rest of notes kinda just frozen there throughout the next 2 song Da hell Klab
  6. Nope, That's Meltlilith Suzuka is the 4* Saber JK
  7. Leveling BB is the easiest mission yet Though i still need to max level both Passion and Melt already
  8. With this, CCC Event...........DONE!
  9. >197 I can't even stand 70 turn
  10. Lol i guess that's true But yeah just kinda vexing seeing it, probably should just ignore MRM and do it like usual SM
  11. Yeah i read that. I know that it will eventually worked up but getting a Full Combo and get -700 or so point is kinda depressing
  12. Just when i thought the MRM or whatever the hell is called system can't get any worse this SM happen.
  13. I got a good roll I shouldn't complain, shouldn't complain, shouldn't complain
  14. At this Rate, i'll have FULL smile UR team before i got another Kotori SR/SSR/UR
  15. After listening to P3P drama CD i now really want to replay it. Also, having Persona 4 or 5 with Female Protagonist would be funnnn. Though i guess the selection is kinda limited in 5 Because wth would date Ryuuji