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    In the heart of my Beloved, Nei Yuuki
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    Reading just about anything, S&D in BDSM, and writing
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  1. After listening to P3P drama CD i now really want to replay it. Also, having Persona 4 or 5 with Female Protagonist would be funnnn. Though i guess the selection is kinda limited in 5 Because wth would date Ryuuji
  2. She may be not the UR i want She may be not the UR i need .... actually, why are you even here ?
  3. The day my streak will finally ends
  4. Everybody be pulling their Favorite girl and i'm sitting here with SR Nozomi from blue tickets scout
  5. BB is Cute, BB! Welfare is BB!
  6. Recently blows my loveca stash trying to get the UR Kotori and id don't see the need for SSR seal either since i already have 3 of those lol
  7. Not doing the scouting cause i literally don't care about Maki Gotta save those loveca for Kotori
  8. They are still trapped in Mementos man.
  9. What, you care about what the public think ? If you believe it to be the GOTY then isn't it enough?
  10. You probably can. And beside, you can just use your ENG account a save hoarder and only level up 3*
  11. >Not playing on 2 account Flutz u pleb
  12. Oh god they actually make FGO America server The absolute madman
  13. Go there in person and demand the goods
  14. Yeah sometime i forgot that they are still a bunch of teenagers Re playing it with that point in mind, i can sometime tolerance their view though not all of em