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  1. proooobably gonna check Kikan Bakumatsu then. Thanks Clephas~
  2. To be honest, I really can't stand the boatload of history stuff in this story. So most of the time I just skip it But for me, the one thing I REALLY have an issue with is the Protagonist. Though maybe that's because a heavy bias on my part and I compare him too much with Suguha while Ken is only a regular human (bar the power) that didn't know the future. Hijikata 2 Ending Spoiler I do have to say though, after all the stuff that's going on in the VN, The Hijikata Ending 2 is realllly satisfying And Spoiler again for Hiji Ending 2
  3. Christmas 2017 when tho
  4. Oh god new event is team effort Everyone will know how bad am i at this game
  5. And she appear again, and again, and again and again Go away and give Birb instead
  6. i watch my rank go from 8000 ish to 20000 3 hours before the SM end
  7. I hate MMR Thanks for giving me -1k even though i frickin fc the song
  8. 400 Loveca 4 same SSR, 4 UR with 2 of em being the same one This is more than fine
  9. Currently on somewhere without good connection but hopefully i can T3 it then. Also, i'm not wrong to see that Eclipsed get new UR everytime i open the game then
  10. Hanayo Token event, probably won't bother to T2 then
  11. Don't worry, i actually need to suffer through 4 R ticket scouting before getting this one
  12. For SM, i probably wouldn't give a damn if it not Kotori or something Also, random not best girl luck train continue
  13. Nozomi powah! Also holy hell Eclipsed that row of UR. And now that i think about it, that jokes of me getting an UR smile team first than a new SR/UR Kotori might come true after all
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