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... wow, it has been a while since I've come across a VN where I can't use meta terms to explain everything. 

If I had to put a genre type to this, it would be 'random/comedy/ecchi'.  There are a few really unique elements to this VN that I should probably explain before I go any further.  First, narration in this VN is almost nonexistent... roughly 98% of the game's text is dialogue, though the h-scenes are narrated.  Second, this VN makes no attempt whatsoever to be serious at any point.  I'm not kidding.  There are literally no serious points in this VN (I at first disliked it, then when a stuffed penguin appeared with the same brand of beer my father drinks in hand, I completely lost control and started rofling).

... which is its attraction.  This VN feels a lot like an eroge-version of an American cartoon of the same type as the Simpsons or Family Guy, right down to the movie references and low humor (repeated jokes, sex humor situational comedy, and jokes related to defecation and other weirdness).  There are also a huge number of old American movie references (mostly 1980's to the turn of the century) and a few references to TV shows that were old when I was born, such as the Lone Ranger.  To be honest, this VN is all over the place...

This VN is immensely fun if you are fine with the kind of insensitive, low humor that is common in the American cartoons I mentioned above, as well as Japanese humor.  However, if you don't like that kind of thing, this will probably be pure torture. 

PS: All the heroines are bisexual.


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PS: All the heroines are bisexual.

What, wow. How bold.

For me I just spaced out and enjoyed the rhythm of the voiced lines...but my head started to hurt anyways after an hour or so. It's like one of those novelty drinks that are kinda different and cool but disgusting when you consider what flavour's its made of. I kinda would like to see some other games explore more dialogue with a rhythm or feel to it, for dialogue-heavy games. A 雰囲気 game is kind of similiar in a way.

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Haha, I did like this one. All those reference was funny. I laugh a lot. Well, I'm a fan of south park... So all those dirty joke didn't bother me. This visual novel remind me a bit of Gintama sometime with the same humor. 

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Ugh. I might have read it if it ever got localized until you referenced that shit show Family Guy. If I had two wishes, I might use the second to get Seth MacFarlane keelhauled.

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