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Day of Anger Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (08/27/2016)

Sorry for very late review here, and my reason here that I also had some real life issue like admin Tay here. Anyway for the title, since Dies Irae mean 'Day of Wrath' and for now that we just got unclear confirmation, so I decided to use lesser form for wrath here (Anger) as the title. About the announcement, well if Dies Irae will be translated and released, this is definitely big news here but for now we still lack of info here (If Dies Irae got released, I'll using 'Day of Wrath' as VNTS Review title here). For now I would said let's just wait and see here, although since Decay said about the confirmation about being translated, might as well check the confirmation later (I admit that I'd still not see the confirmation yet). Oh, and about censoring H for Steam release, no problem for me if they bring Updated Expansion here.

For this week, nothing special here although Sekai still give their usual update. As usual here Mangagamer will give the update between 2 weeks each ie biweekly so we must wait for next week to see their update. Speaking about Mangagamer here, this week they released 2 more of their nukige (Orc Castle and Detective Masochist). Didn't know much about Orc Castle here, but I think we'll had M detective here if we looking from the title. For my opinion about nukige release here, if those 2 releases will help Mangagamer sales to announce and license more good VN like back in Otakon, why not? Feel free to disagree though.

Sekai once again give their usual update with one more update here. For usual one Chrono Clock was 31.44% translated, Maitetsu was 24.71% translated, Tenshin Rahman was finally past 40% translating progress (40.69%) and Hoshimemo was 29% retranslated here. Not much comment for usual update here, but for Hoshimemo I think it was quite redundant here because while I see some people had the problem with quality of the current translation, majority people out there didn't had too much problem with it (Including me to be honest). Although I said it was redundant here, I would still like to said good luck here to Akerou for retranslating Hoshimemo.

This week there's also not much progress for fan translation itself, although of course usual progress was always welcome here (Bishoujo Mangekyou was at 48% edited and 36% QC-ing; and for Majokoi we had 36.2% translated, 20.9% edited, and 11.7% TLC here). Speaking about progress, this time Tsui Yuri give unusual progress here, which was at 33% retranslated right now (Guess I'll see what it means next week). Speaking about the leader of Tsui Yuri translation project (Dergonu), this time he started some guro VN with name Shi ni Iku Kimi, Yakata ni Mebuko Zuou. My taste aside here (Not my taste once again), good luck with the project and as for the progress we had 1 of 69 scripts translated here. This week we also had the progress from Nocturnal Illusion Renewal namely the editing by Ryechu was started. Oh, for this week we also had another project established to translating Loverable, which from first look it was some kind of moege. Good luck to the team here. And for last progress, might as well write it again that for Clover Days we had twins route at halfway (50%) translated.

Actually this week we had release for fan translation segment, too bad it's not the one that I should looking forward. If some of you wonder there, the release was Mahoyo translation patch up to chapter 6. About Mahoyo, while I knew that there was some praise about it, it was still incomplete even if it's fully translated (12 or 13 chapters, and it'll probably take very long time to be completed) because Nasu was planning for more 2 of the sequels here, and looking from of how Fate franchise gathering the money so much for Nasu and Type Moon, safe to said that it'll take long time because obviously Type Moon will pay more attention to Fate franchise here.

For Hanasaki, I'd already said about this but once again looks like the Saga Planet VN will be cursed just like August and Yuzusoft in the past (The project never completed). As for Decay comment about Hanasaki, it'll be quite interesting for sure if it's come true but then again if for example I was JAST CEO, I also could said that Shadow of Pygmalion (Licensed by Mangagamer) was my personal favorite VN here. What I want to imply here that if Baba said that Hatsuyuki Sakura was his favorite VN here didn't mean that his company translated Saga Planet VN here. Well, let's just see if VisualArts will localized Saga Planet VN by themselves or keep it 'cursed' later.

I think that's all for my VNTS Review right now, and sorry for being very late here. See you next week.


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@Dark_blade64 If you ask me that, then I would say yes. Or rather it was some kind of shoujo-ai chuunige VN because there was no sex scene there (Usually yuri tag in VNDB was used to describe sexual activity). Well, to each of their own here if we talk about taste. Hope my answer here help.

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Yeah it truly does, thanks for the help. Well practically speaking yes everyone with their own tastes. (Just want to mention I'm not criticizing the story or anything, it just happens I dislike same gender romance, that's all. :lol:)

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