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  1. Well, for now this project is stalled. Originally this was only going to last as long as the translator needed to finish his thesis (until december-first week of january), but lately we have not received any mail from him so we need to consider to take another workway.
  2. What the hell is right! What the hell was I thinking!?
  3. Well, certenly... why not? *Take the wallet and check the money*
  4. Thanks for your feedback, and don't worry we do not want to make an unnecessary drama too, so we will recheck /redone the script from scratch along with the other translators.
  5. Hey there guys! Here we show another weekly update: So, first, by christmas holiday Albert is out for a while, and def is busy with finals, so from here the progress will be a bit slow for some days. Anyway, here's the current progress. Common Route is 44% translated now! Progress: 5780/14,891 (38%) > 6587/14,891 (44.23%) So, here you go. Sorry for the small update and merry christmas! here my present for you (Wait, but this was for valentine day... well, don't matter)
  6. As Decay already said, Majikoi is full of comedy romantic, if you're looking for games with full romance you should read some pure love stories, not very short or as very long, for example.... I'm reading Koisiru Kimochi no Kasanekata, so that game have comedy but a lot of romance too. Now, if you just look for translated games.... maybe Clover Day's, I think there's a partial patch, and the translation is very close to the end so the full patch is very close too (sorry I don't read too much translated games)
  7. You need a customed tool, maybe I can help you, send me a PM
  8. Very luck with your project! I'm currently reading the game so I can say it really deserves to be translated (And yes, this Ren is the waifa)
  9. I don't like too much Claire but... ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)


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