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  1. Happy Birthday to Me

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Is this link still working for you guys?
  3. Any info on Angel Beats! 2nd beat?

    I think they are focusing now on Summer Pockets. Maybe after that, we will get 2nd beat.
  4. VN of the Month February 1997

    I've just found your blog yesterday, and I really love it! Keep up the good work! It's interesting to read about these retro VNs.
  5. What are you playing?

    Throw all expectations you have out the window, and you won't be so easily disappointed. When you first started it was exciting because you had no expectations and it was all new. (Taking a break helps too. ) Oh, and try to not score VNs. Scoring each of my VNs has made me almost always consciously aware of the good and bad points of a VN as I'm reading it, which means I can't just take it as I see it. Rather, I'm basically analyzing it as I'm reading it, which for me really can ruin the experience.
  6. What are you playing?

    I've just finished reading the Forest. It was fun to read, but I can't say I fully understand the story though
  7. I think it looks interesting. Btw you can watch the trial on youtube if you are interested: (The guy who reads it has a very nice voice too.)
  8. April Fools' Day eroge compilation

    Akatsuki Works - Hello Lady movie
  9. Hataraku Otaku no Ren'ai Jijou

    I just don't understand why they had to change the art style. I feel like this new character design fits better to a moe charage.
  10. VN voicing

    If it's a japanese vn, then look for 音声を停止 or 音声の再生中に次の文章に進んでも再生を続ける or something like that in the options.
  11. VN with 18+ scenes

    I've always thought that otakus just simply prefer younger girls to shave their private areas, because milf characters usually have pubic hairs in VNs while school girls rarely do. (And if they do it's usually an option in the settings)
  12. Lass is filing for bankruptcy

    I'm not the best when is comes to reading kanji, but I'm pretty sure that these are all different companies. The title is company trust information or something like that. The one we need to look at is ラズエル(Lassuel) aka Lass. (https://vndb.org/p357) 1(業種) is type of industry which is ガームソフト開発(game development) 2 is location - somewhere in Tokyo I guess 3 is capital stock - 3.000.000 yen 4 is representative(?) - I can't read that^^ 5 is dept - 168,000,000 yen 6 is I think reason/cause - and if I'm not mistaken, that says they are filing for bankruptcy
  13. Psychological VNs similar to Evangelion

    Looks interesting! Thank you!
  14. Psychological VNs similar to Evangelion

    Thank you! I've already read Euphoria and seen Madoca, but I will check out the others you mentioned. Thanks! I/O looks interesting. Btw, is Higurashi worth reading after I watched the anime?