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  1. I bought the download edition of Fortune Arterial from DMM, but I can't get it to run. I double-click the executable, and it shows up in the taskbar for a split second before vanishing like the wind. Could this have something to do with the fact that the game doesn't explicitly support Windows 10? And yes, I do have the DRM stuff installed. EDIT: Never mind, I found the solution. Future-dwellers, if you're having the same problem, check your game folder for a 1KB file called FortuneArterial, no extension. If it's there, deleting it should solve the problem.
  2. I've seen that thread, and considering that the project hasn't had any updates in a year and a half, I'm not holding my breath. Besides, translating is what I do for fun. Even if Sand's project was alive and kicking (and who knows, maybe it really is), I'd still want to do this anyway.
  3. Hi, friends. I'm looking to translate Senmomo, but unfortunately, my skill set consists only of turning Japanese into English. I've managed to find and extract the files with GARBro, but the files that contain the game's script do not look like they're in a workable state. The first several hundred lines of each are gibberish that looks like some kind of encoding problem, and the rest of the file consists of the Japanese script - without line breaks. Yeah, each segment of dialogue/narration is just pasted right after the last, and only after several hundred characters does the line end and mov
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