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  1. How to port a PSP game to android?

    Yeah but I want to port the whole game into a playable apk file with better resulotion and an easy gameplay. Using an emulator is fun too but making a standalone application is what I'm trying to achieve here. There is this modder I follow quite a while and they port pc games (visual novels) to android. Maybe I should ask them instead but they look really busy. Anyways I'll search more I guess.
  2. Hello everyone, yesterday I saw Idea Factory released a new game for android, it was ported from the original game. Newly ported game : 薄桜鬼 真改 In the past they also ported a couple of games like this; 夏空のモノローグ 猛獣使いと王子様 ~Flower & Snow~ these are ported from their original platform (PSP). Now, the thing I'm asking for is how do you port a PSP game to an APK file? If anyone can help me out I'd be very grateful! Also the game I want to port is this : Kaminaru Kimi to / 神なる君と
  3. Helloooo

    Hey, welcome! I'm pretty new here too but there is a lot to learn and discover so I'm sure you'll have fun.
  4. I like your enthusiasm but, don't just practice it alone. Make sure to use the kanji's etc. in your daily life. I talk with my japanese friends to practice it with both texting and voice chatting and it's very helpful/useful than just reading stuff alone. Also my advice is don't try memorizing everything because it's impossible and you'll forget it, so focus on the meanings and visualize them on your mind. For example make up a story inside your head with the kanji's meanings and shapes. Lastly never skip anything, like the onyomi and kunyomi readings. 何よりいい考えです、僕も応援してます!
  5. Creating Good Yuri Visual Novels

    Research. Those characters are your own OC's right? You should know them better than anyone, I mean you're the dev/script writer lead. When you're stuck with something don't skip to a new thing, test some stuff and try to write down everything as much as possible in your mind to see from a different aspect/view of the situation. To be honest, school/zombie/ghosts whatever the theme is...the most important thing is leaving an impression on the player. Something that they will feel a little similiarity along with curiosity. Writing block is no fun indeed, but to fix that you need to obviously try new stuff and fill your mind with new inspirations/ideas. Me myself I draw, write and make music on my own and that shit is not easy when you're in a state of mind feeling "anxious/worried" of what to do next. Just chill and have fun, put your emotions...make the lines feel alive and not just plain lines. Connect with your characters and put yourself into their shoes, try to see from their point of view and don't slow down your inspiration but be steady. Hope that helps. ps. girls are more emotional/sensitive by their motherly nature, so, to fit in the girl image try thinking like a girl. what makes a girl , 'a girl'? not the gender, but the way how a woman thinks is very different than a man. think out of the box and good luck!
  6. Your Tips to Finishing VN's

    I'd be lying both to myself and to you guys if I told you "do this do that" because I can never do things exactly like that. but, I can share my thoughts. vn's are like books so, reading 5books at the same time of course would be impossible to finish. unless you're someone who can focus on something for a long time...which I'm not, like LemiusK said; I get bored easily and need new entertaintment because my brain is curious and doesn't like rushing or being just too slow on things. and since i'm a multitasker I can't bring myself to do only one thing cause it just feels plain boring&tiring mentally. Anyway, I dont' mean to talk about myself here but give the message. which is doing things that is compatible with your personality and brain can be a good idea. Like, I have tons of games to finish but although I ramble how I can't finish them all... to be honest, I just don't wanna lol. my pace is slow, so going with your pace and having fun is great.
  7. I have the same problem, can't extract my .dat files since the website isn't loading. And I actually wrote my problem in the data extraction thread but haven't received any response yet. I hope there is someone who can help!
  8. Whats the appeal of ntr?

    NTR (all) was the most strange genre I ever heard at first, but after getting into it or trying it at least...I enjoyed it more than I thought. Now, the sexual aspects aside I enjoy it because of the psychology of it and I like the twisted & messed up side of things. Also I don't really see from my point of view while playing as protoganist, well yeah that's me playing but not me either. So I see myself as 3rd party just watching what's going on, like a movie.I don't feel any connection So, it's all a simple mystery for me. Though other's might be different I'm not sure, but I like seeing a character helpless main or side. Fun~
  9. thank you thank you! looks like cute people are everywhere here. (笑) ah. all time favs are Cartagra and Kara no Shoujo. Usually titles by Innocent Grey makes me emotional more than usual...their yuri series Flowers as well. if they make a vn with yuri&murder mystery one day...I can't even imagine the hype.
  10. What other languages do you like

    Other than my first language, and english which they taught us in school & japanese I learnt over the years thanks to weeb god's. I enjoy learning korean, russian, french and latin (old) ,though probably after I move to Sweden I'll have to learn swedish too.
  11. How do you study?

    Always at a library, it's quiet, has quick source both as real books or digital and the other stuff you can do like web research. Then there is the focused mood coming from everyone, when you see other people study and read something it makes you feel to do the same or at least pushes you to do the same. By human nature we copy others to adapt so, in my case I'm the most sleepy person ever that's why staying awake is pretty diffucult especially when I need to study, but places that gives me encouragement makes it a lot easier.
  12. Books!

    Re-reading Demian by Hermann Hesse. a choice I will never regret.
  13. What song do you currently play on repeat?

    Charlie Puth's songs are so catchy, his new album is very fun and nice to listen to. ---
  14. Just like how most people likes to update their profile with their status, a simple status box could be pretty cool for users to show more about theirselves besides of their social media links and other blog posts which are just long articles. And same example like this, a video player connected to youtube could be a fun feature as well, maybe it plays automatically when you visit someone elses page. But that might be more complex than a simple box since there will be encrypted codes but the idea is simple as it is. By the way I'm not sure if any of this two or a similiar type of request got suggested before so if it did and got denied then you can ignore it, it takes a lot time to build or add a simple feature so I can understand the circumstances for the admin's reasons. Also thank you for asking about our opinions and trying to make it more user friendly here, it's a great activity between staff and members.
  15. oh yeah, it makes sense. a lot. totally did not do that *hah-hah* really? well I thought it's the perfect character to use as an avi for this type of forum -)b and, thank you. this place is pretty awesome so I do hope to be active. especially after stalking your blog posts. looking forward for more