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  1. Why is you picture of Mr. hat from konosara.? I think that's the name

    1. luciodragao


      Back when i first joined fuwa this was the picture i used, today people still call me duck, thought i'd go back to the roots


    2. Firemonk
  2. My favourite duck.

    1. luciodragao


      My favourite master.

    2. URV


      Also my favourite duck.

    3. luciodragao
  3. what could possible be best than hanging naked around the house? hanging around naked with other people Nothing
  4. i have no idea what this is about since it's still airing and i dislike watching something that isn't finished yet but it seems pretty good, boku dake ga inai machi, check it out
  5. oh i just remembered one, psycho pass, never watched the second season, but the first one is really good in my opinion
  6. despite this not being what im playing, need for speed most wanted is free on origin to download, just saying
  7. hmmm idk if this thread is just for vn's or for games too but either way, need for speed most wanted 2012 is free on origin, if you download you keep it, just download it
  8. honestly i didnt think maou was that good, im not going to spoil but it wasn't up to my expectations
  9. you think that's bad? mine instead of pronouncing "chocolate" pronounced it as "choco-lei-te"
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