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Found 7 results

  1. So if anyone out there is as much of a Pokemon fanatic as I am, I thought it would be a good idea to have a central thread to discuss things. News on the up-coming games, competitive strategies, team building, nuzlockes, etc. Also if people want to share 3DS friend codes for battles and trading it could be done here (PM me if you want mine). Starting off with today's CoroCore release, looks like we have 3 new mega evolutions: Mega Loppuny, Mega Salamence and Mega Altaria who will be a Fairy/Dragon dual type. I for one welcome our new Fairy/Dragon overlords to the metagame.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L1vmRjnags http://www.siliconera.com/2015/02/04/twitchdatespokemon-is-a-visual-novel-parody-of-twitchplayspokemon/
  3. Tay

    Pokemon X/Y

    It's releasing here in a few hours (and I've got my #9-in-line reserved spot ticket). Anybody else planning on getting it? Decided on a starter yet?
  4. I have Nintendo Gamecube and Both Of pokemon game to Nintendo Gamecube and I'm confused about Pokémon Colosseum and Pokemon XD gale Of darkness, The I'm confused about are at The exit smilar village in Pokemon XD Gale Of darkness as in Pokémon Colosseum and we can meet same people as in Pokémon Colosseum, And my question are Pokemon XD Gale Of Darkness seguel or preseguel Of Pokémon Colosseum? I hope somebody can answer my question
  5. A lot of people seem to be excited about the release of Pokemon X and Y, so I figure we should do something to celebrate (even if I don't own a 3DS >.>). I present to you the Nuzlocke Challege (official site here: http://www.nuzlocke.com/challenge.php). How do you take part? 1. Pick any Pokemon game you like and start playing it (don't own one? Emulate!) 2. You may only capture the first Pokemon you find in each area. If you beat it, too bad. 3. If a Pokemon faints you must release it. (prying items from their cold, dead corpses is okay though) 4. You are not allowed to train any of your Pokemon above the highest level of the next gym leader's Pokemon. 5. You cannot trade Pokemon with anyone not taking part in the Nuzlocke Challenge. 6. Post your adventures here! You can straight-up tell us what happened or craft a story to share, or even an in-character diary, perhaps. I'll keep everyone's journal in spoiler tags on this page. I'm not sure how many people will end up doing this, but I figured it might be fun =) *Edit*: Optional Rules: 1. Name your Pokemon after forum members. 2. Only use normal Pokeballs. 3. You may only attempt to capture a Pokemon 3 times. If you fail, you must beat it or run away. Silvachief's Journey Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  6. Snowtsuku


    Well, let's talk anything about pokemons like what version did you play first, favorite starters, favorite types, favorite versions, if any, pokemon games you are playing or your pokemon team, whatever. I started playing pokemon red, which Charmander as my starter. Shit was hard, having rock and water as the first two gym leaders and that time charmander cannot learn metal claw -.-. The next version I played was gold with totodile as my starter. It's easier since having an ice punch kills chikorita like np and is also good against dragons. I am playing pokemon fire red today though
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