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  1. The Vita game is great but you'll be missing some story from the first game.
  2. I think we all should relax and enjoy some nice Jelly Donuts.
  3. Let me put it this way. Talk of VN lolis, basic normal pictures are fine. However, someone posted "Dinner Time" and then pictures of lolis in compromising positions. This is not O.K. I don't know if it ever was, but definitely not anymore.
  4. I basically play the game as: Do damage Heal with Compa (The only white mage) Do more damage Even on normal mode it's not hard.
  5. Like I'll ever get strongest weapons. I agree that with story mode, I don't think it really matters. P.S. I used Compa until I got everyone else I wanted and still switch her in some times.
  6. Better than Cyr and I, who basically do "I hated this, you'll probably love it." The fact that she said I wouldn't like it is already a good warning.
  7. Either that (so some people can't handle them) or they'll have you fighting actual demons like real SMT games. Still doesn't answer why Norn is so early.
  8. Here's the final scores everyone: Congratulations to both Satsuki and Cyr for tying for first place! And thanks to everyone else for participating as well.
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