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  1. I'm currently playing Super Robot Wars 30. It's a tactical rpg series with everyone's favorite mecha anime shows crossing over in fun adventures based off the series in question. The game isn't actually all that difficult and only requires learning the mechanics to make it pretty easy even on the higher difficulties. Older entries in the series though were not as easy as the more recent games. A lot of people play these games for the fun character interactions of the cast of these games or the mecha from the shows. To give you an idea the latest entry had Victory Gundam, Majestic Prince, Gaogaigar Final, Magic Knight Rayearth, Code Geass (sequel movie), GunXSword, Char's Counter Attack, Mazinger Z: Infinity, Getter Robo Armageddon, Combattler V, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Heavy Metal L-Gaim, brave police j-decker, Knight's & Magic, SSSS Gridman, & Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative and a few other series like sakura wars available as dlc. This series is great for introducing people to new mecha shows in addition to being fun. If you like games like fire emblem but want more control on how you level and which characters you are able to use and less rng overall while also liking mecha anime this might be a game for you to check out.
  2. Anzu's route is the reason I believe da capo II is actually worth playing (think there were 3 routes total that I can say are above average (for Circus) or better).
  3. 4/7 routes through Shining Song Starnova...I hate idols but the vn is growing one me. Have currently read the Julie, Nemu Nemu, Natsuki, and Mika routes...Just started the Mariya route and then I have Aki and Sasami route left. I've been told that these last three are the best in the game with the Sasami route (only unlocked by reading through the other 6) is the best in the game. I'm in it for the long haul so we'll see if that actually is true. Just don't expect great art work if anyone reads it...the h-scenes in particular have been pretty bad. I am also still playing Evenicle and I'm still reading some Fureraba but I'll probably finish shining song starnova before I continue either of those.
  4. This has been a very enjoyable game and I'm glad it will be getting a sequel.
  5. With the Rance series now ended(?) I think it is quite likely that Evenicle will be getting the Rance treatment. In other words we can expect more and more sequels...
  6. Not really surprising considering most of the people that wanted the game actually backed it to begin with. To be completely fair since they didn't have to pay much to localize it (thanks to kickstarter) selling 2000 copies is actually quite good at what they were charging for it. You have to take in account there were about 1200 backers. Steam is not a good place really to sell really big visual novels like that because let's be honest most steam users just want to pay under 10 bucks for a quick read rather than read a multi-novel length visual novel priced at $30.00 +. Do take in account 2000 copies even if only half of them were at full price is still 30,000 in profit since localization was probably paid for. The issue is of course because of kickstarter they might have ended up paying more for extra merchandise and shipping and the like than they realized. Hard to say but doesn't seem too bad of a deal. The other big issue is that visual novels have a negative perception in the west and because of that there is far less marketing OR people actually talking about the titles. The fact of the matter is that many visual novel readers don't like to say they read visual novels in public and because of this good games very rarely get any type of acclaim. It probably does not help that visual novels that take place in schools are kind of off putting for a western audience and they look at the description and don't give it a chance because of that material. The advertising for visual novels is also extremely limited with only a few websites actually seeming to care even somewhat about visual novels. It doesn't help that twitch bans most visual novels which means there can't be streams of them or even let's plays uploaded for the most part because of both youtube and their outdated mindset towards sexuality and Japan who have a business mindset of a decade ago. You don't see any big name visual novel youtubers (outside of the rare few here and there) so visual novels just don't have the marketability...yet. Time will tell if they ever manage to. Whether the game sold poorly compared to Japan is probably obvious but you can't grow a market without taking continual risks. All it takes is for one game to be noticed by the right person. Steam was not the right market for the game and it probably would have sold better at an actual visual novel store. Admittedly the fact the game was censored means a good portion of people will refuse to purchase it regardless.
  7. I think part of it had to deal with the fact a recent update automatically unchecked the boxes. Unless what you are mentioning is a different bug?
  8. For anyone currently affected by Steam not showing you particular content it's because they automatically uncheck the box for that content. All you need to do is the following; Log into Steam. Look in the Upper Right Hand Corner Click the Arrow Next to your Name Scroll down to "Store Preferences" and Click Should see the following after a little scrolling; VIOLENT & SEXUAL CONTENT Include products in my store that contain the following types of content: Show products with frequent violence or gory content Applies to products frequently tagged as 'violent' or 'gore'. You may still see some of these products if they have not been labeled properly or if you specifically search for the title. Show products with frequent nudity or sexual content Applies to products frequently tagged as 'nudity' or 'sexual content'. You may still see some products with this content for the following reasons: (1) If the sexual content or nudity is only a small portion of the product, (2) if the products have not been labeled properly, or (3) if you specifically search for the title. Check the Box for both. No more problem. Might want to scroll through the entire list just to make sure nothing else is unchecked. Upon doing this save and then try searching you shouldn't have an issue now. You can also exclude up to 3 tags if you don't want to see a particular type of content. It isn't bad and it has been because of them working out the bugs for this that it has taken so long for VNs to get approved. Shouldn't take quite as long now in theory. If someone doesn't like seeing something in particular they now have the tools to block it so no reason for them to get upset. Steam should explain the system though to make things easier for people. I've been reminded this has been around for quite some time...the main difference is it actually works now. Steam forums are also talking about another update that might introduce further features or change it altogether. Guess time will tell...the best thing to do is simply not buy visual novels on steam but eh whatever...
  9. Got a solution. Going to make a main post. Essentially it's hidden until you enable otherwise.
  10. Wow I have to say I'm very disappointed in JAST. I have been supporting them since the early days and while I was disappointed in their release of Family Project and X-Change 3 (because they didn't tell us about the censorship before the release) I thought they were done with censoring games (or at least not telling us about it). I want to say I do not care about the content in question (or even the game as I haven't picked it up yet and won't now) but I do not accept censorship that they tried to hide. They try and say it was simple human error but that's very unlikely considering this is something they would have known about way in advance and had plenty of opportunity to let us know so I'm doubtful. To find out Trample has been censored is a big blow. What's that saying 3 Strikes and your out? JAST has struck out as far as I'm concerned. How disappointing.
  11. It seems as if the game is now available. It released July 15th 2018. It is now available for purchase at 31.95 digital or 34.95 physical. "In a war between superheroes and shadow creatures, Aisaku must awaken the hero within to protect the world. Courage! Conviction! Friendship! Love!" - description on JAST I really wish JAST would bother to actually send notifications for when games go golden master or release like other visual novel companies do. Anyone pick it up and can tell us if it is any good? This trailer sounds familiar but I'm not sure why...
  12. To be completely fair don't most long visual novels not have obvious story development until about 30 hours in?
  13. Attendee: "Any plans for future 18+ otome games?" Kouryuu: "Absolutely. The year isn't over. Wait and see what we've got in store."
  14. Arunaru tweeted the following - Sitting at the panel now. Rance IX is close to done with TL, no work is done on X, neither are coming before Sengoku/Quest and it's more a statement they'll happen eventually. Does not mean 01/03 won't happen. That's all for now
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