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  1. You know when your description on fuwanovel under your name is 'conman' it makes me wonder... In all seriousness good luck with the translation and thanks for the effort put in so far!
  2. Ever 17 is the game that got me into visual novels. I happened to find it in a used bookstore of all places.
  3. Mangagamer seems to have used ACEN primarily for their nukige as they announced Funbag Fantasy Sideboob Stories and Marina's Cuckolding Report. (neither link is sfw) Bit disappointing but then they usually save the good stuff for AX and Otakon anyway.
  4. The Summer months are now here and the theme for June/July will be Summer. The poll will be open through the evening of May 28th 2017 (MST), at which time the selection for June will be declared and we'll all start reading. As usual, please only vote if you intend to read along with the club. Now without further delay here are your nominees! Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort Air Everlasting Summer Chrono Clock Ever 17
  5. Sekai Project just announced the Hoshizora no Memoria kickstarter with the potential for the fan disc as an add-on. Which means you'll have to pay extra for it even if you back the main game. I honestly don't really support kickstarters anymore but the good news is that the game is also coming to denpasoft so I'll just wait for that. Denpasoft‏ @Denpasoft_pr 2h2 hours ago There will be a full uncensored version on Denpasoft with the H scenes included! Re;Lord is also getting a sekai Project steam version
  6. I will likely not make it to the end of this by the time the next vn voting begins...whatever I'll be reading this and the next one at the same time. Summer is almost upon us and I have some vacation time.
  7. I'm waiting for PE: WH to release so I can buy both games bundled together. I wouldn't be surprised if they have it ready for Otakon or even Anime Expo...it's one of their popular series so they might want to try and capitalize on that at the conventions where people pay for physical goods. It does depend on whether beta testing goes well but we'll likely see it in a few months.
  8. Damn it. I'll have to wait and see then.
  9. The thing to take away from this is that this was ACEN's announcements. There are two more big conventions that Denpasoft/Sekai Project usually go to. I imagine that we will likely see more reveals/releases/announcements at Otakon and Expo. I've also got confirmation from Denpasoft that Chrono Clock will be receiving an uncensor patch for the game which will be free to anyone who already owns the 18+ version. So that's good for those who have bought the game...no having to pay extra unless you have the non-18+ version. No idea on release for it but probably soon considering it would be smarter to get it out sooner than later what with the game just releasing within the last few months
  10. Currently on a second route for Hatsukoi 1/1. I was planning on going to Chrono Clock next but with the news of it getting uncensored I might just wait til that is available before I start it.
  11. Denpasoft finally got their own panel at a convention. ACEN Announcements ChronoClock will be coming out completely uncensored! The update will have all of the original CGs without mosaics! (no idea on how this will be distributed nor whether they will charge extra for it) G-Senjou no Maou: 18+ Unrated/Uncut Edition. (The previously Steam only title is getting a proper release finally...here's hoping the game is not cropped like the Steam version though). Eternal Hour: Currently in kickstarter seems to be a western vn but with 18+ content and time manipulation of some sort. Re;Lord: Strip Battle SLG with comedy and a light/under 10 hour or so linear story...has sequels/spin-offs and from the company Escude Wagamama High Spec 18+ confirmed to be coming to denpasoft soon
  12. Cool looks like I can finally buy G-Senjou no Maou if the game ends up not being horribly cropped. Honestly I'm quite glad they finally gave denpasoft a panel...about damn time.
  13. I will likely be picking this up. Even if it's mediocre at least it's something and I'm still a fan of JAST because of it's golden days and really pushing the visual novel medium outside of Japan originally in the first place. Eiyuu senki doesn't look too bad and at least it's a full game.
  14. One is official for PC and the other is a ps3 fan port. Basically if we want more games like 18+ eiyuu senki we have to show them with our support/money. The translation could also be different from the ps3 version which was done by a different company. It will be hard to pinpoint exactly how different it is until the game releases...that shouldn't matter though if you liked the game buy it and show support for more games like it.
  15. JAST just announced that Eiyuu Senki 18+ will be released this summer and pre-orders are now available. This is a gameplay visual novel and while you can currently buy it on ps3 for 39.99 the PC version is going to be 40 as well. Apparently though it's coming with multiple box editions. About Eiyu*Senki is a massive game of world conquest and cute “moe” girls from history, featuring art by Oyari Ashito, Eiyu*Senki is a sophisticated adult strategy game with fabulous gameplay, story, characters and art. Featuring genderbent cute girl versions of such historical figures , you get to interact with dozens of cute girls as you conquer the world, creating your own personal harem along the way. Set in a world run by powerful nations; heroes battle one another for control. Releasing for the first time outside of Japan uncut and uncensored! Coming Summer 2017. --AVAILABLE IN THREE EDITIONS-- REGULAR EDITION = $40.00 (honestly the best deal unless you really want the overpriced soundtrack/art book). - Game on DVD - Manual - Download Card LIMITED EDITION = $65.00 - Everything in the Regular Edition + - Original Soundtrack CDs (2 Disc) - 6"x9" Character Art Cards COLLECTOR’S EDITION = $90.00 - Everything in the Limited Edition + - 60 Page Artbook --REQUIREMENTS-- OS: Windows 7/8/10 CPU: 1.6GHz or better RAM: 1GB HDD: 3GB Video: 1280x720 Graphics: DirectX9.0c