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  1. So here's my policy when it comes to new companies; first impressions are everything.
  2. VN's with doctor themes? Or yanderes...

    This is likely not what you are looking for but the main character (male) is an illegal doctor and one of the characters does dress up in a nurse outfit to assist him. This is also however not very realistic and is much more steampunk fantasy: Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People-
  3. What are you playing?

    I just began Sorcery Jokers...with my vn/game completion status these days I'll be lucky to actually complete it.
  4. I'll wait until I see an actual released game or two (and the quality of the release) before I go ahead and suggest other titles for them to pick up. In the mean time seeing what they decide to pick up without a survey is far more interesting to me until the previous mentioned point in time. I am hopeful for the release of sakurax2 and newton's apple to actually be really good but I am also skeptical at this time.
  5. What are you playing?

    I started Eiyuu Senki a while ago but got distracted by Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and haven't managed to get back to it or any other vn due to poor time management.
  6. You have to remember that the kickstarter for hoshimemo also managed to achieve getting a translation for the the fan disk as well (eventually) so the kickstarter wasn't redundant from that aspect.
  7. VNConf 2018

    Hmm interesting I might check out a few of them when it goes up for free...
  8. Out of curiosity what did you think of the demo if you've gotten around to reading it.
  9. Pulltop/Moenovel deserves to fail if they don't listen to the people who actually care about their games. The visual novel market is saturated with both quality and crap everywhere and now people are cautious about picking a product up and no longer are limited in what is available to them. I like pulltop games but I won't support a censored or poorly translated release. We have plenty of options to choose instead of them. Hope the sales of this game make them realize that.
  10. Dies Irae 18+ Patch?

    Oh then I just installed it wrong lol...also as an anti pirate measure that is still stupid as hell.
  11. Surprisingly no, the post was actually partially written (and saved below) and rather than deleting it I just kept it along with the tweet. Shame about the quality I didn't even notice it had a demo.
  12. Denpasoft's double release

    Unfortunately the backers of the game really got screwed in this regard as we don't even get anything close to that. Instead we get a patch to get rid of the other version that can only be played on steam and in japanese locale. They may have tried but when the mangagamer version is announced immediately after with none of the issues of the steam release...what the hell Light?
  13. Dies Irae 18+ Patch?

    The patch for this game has finally released and is a pain to install by requiring the game to be played in Japanese Locale. To top this all off Mangagamer is currently offering the game for 33.00 for both games in one (DX version or something...think it's simply both games in one and you can pick which game but who knows). Why they couldn't do that for the backers version is beyond me. Quite disappointed in the way this has all worked out. Backers are supposed to more often than not receive the better deal but it seems anyone who has waited is definitely getting the best digital deal out of anyone. NSFW Link: Dies Irae Mangagamer
  14. Was going through the steam upcoming games and happened to stumble across this Tayutama 2 (It seems Hikari Field is going to be working with Abyss Translations to translate the Lump of Sugar game into english.) Before people begin asking according to the official twitter HIKARI FIELD‏ @hikari_field Nov 28 Is there going to be a 18+ patch of Tayutama2 -you’re the only one- ? The answer is YES!pic.twitter.com/hEDlShScSp This said still hesitant on the quality and it is listed on steam for a December 2017 release...so I guess people will find out the quality sooner than later.
  15. Don't support Nutaku constant failure to disclose censorship even after saying they would just goes to prove that they are a bad vn company. Hell I'd put them next to moenovel in terms of quality even. That is not a good thing. Admittedly I'm not the type who would purchase this game to begin with but point still stands poor translations and censored content (without disclosure) is an issue.