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  1. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Currently I'm playing three games. The first of which is Tales of Berseria which I will fully admit I never got around to fully finishing and the game is better than I remember it. The second game I've started is the 2nd game in the Utawarerumono series (Mask of Deception) and I have to say I'm really enjoying this one as well. The third game I am playing is Divinity Original Sin II. This game is a huge improvement on its predecessor and that game wasn't bad itself. They really pulled out all the stops to make this game great and it shows. Love nearly the entire cast of companion characters...the story is heading in an interesting direction, the world has been really fleshed out and the combat is a blast for a tactical rpg. Divinity Original Sin II is honestly one of the best games I've played in 2017 and there's a few this year that have been excellent but it won't be for everyone.
  2. Added some titles but the stupid wheel didn't save properly. Here's an updated link. wheel
  3. Great news looking forward to release thanks for continuing to inform us on progress.
  4. Most enjoyable VN's read this year?

    If I remember I'll come back and answer this closer to the end of the year...I've started a ton of vns but I've only finished a few so far.
  5. Thankfully it seems they simply misspoke...so that's good. They are doing a patch for it but it's near last on their priority...they seem to definitely be emphasizing the vita though likely because it's going defunct real soon.
  6. So I think it may be time to express disapproval as if comments and sources (which I've checked) are to be believed it seems as if they do not plan to supply an 18+ patch for MUV-LUV Alternative. More pissed at the blatant lying about getting a patch than the lack of a patch to be honest. cabfe on July 31 Will there be a Director's Patch for MLA too? The Muv-Luv Team Creator on August 2 @Axeman - The android port is still in our to-do list, the developers may possibly work on it together w/the side stories. We'll keep you updated @Konadust - We're trying to finish MLA port as early as we could to deliver all goods this year, including the vita copies. @cabfe - The content is too minimal to have a patch, since gore/violent scenes will be left untouched. If the developers decided to make one, it still won't be top priority since we still have a lot of pending items to finish. @Mike - All apparels have been manufactured for quite some time already. @Chris - They look awesome! Thanks for sharing
  7. It seems like as otakon gets closer we're beginning to see more information about what to expect. Mangagamer will have 5 announcements (4 with current partners) and 1 with a new partner at the upcoming Otakon event. It seems extremely likely that these will be the last big announcements for the year unless Mangagamer announces they will also be going to AWA again. Considering many visual novel fans consider their otakon announcements in 2016 to be bigger than there AX announcements we can probably expect some quality announcements if nothing else. It is also extremely likely that their final secret project which is at 100% translation/editing will also be announced at this event along with probably another new yuri title.
  8. Fire Emblem Series Discussion

    Considering Intelligent Systems was planning to make Awakening the last Fire Emblem game originally I'm quite happy that they've managed to stick around and if the sacrifice necessary for it to give us more games is waifu emblem I am perfectly fine with that as long as they significantly improve the writing and the supports/characters/world building/villains. One of my my favorite pieces of actual plot relevant content wasn't actually in the any of the three fates versions but was actually made into DLC (as wrong as that itself is). I feel as if the writing for the two pieces of Hidden Truth DLC (and even the maps which while not hard were interesting mechanically) was quite different. If I didn't know better I'd say they were cut from the main game to be made dlc but considering they came a month after the game itself perhaps they realized the game had a major flaw and decided to write a reason for the villain and certain other characters being there...there's no way Nintendo would cut content to make it paid dlc. We have Awakening to thank for Nintendo's realization that they could make big bucks off of dlc...(seriously love the games hate the company).
  9. [Poll] Deciding between two visual novels.

    I voted for Little Busters but that was primarily to get the votes tied again...honestly with two things to pick from you might as well flip a coin. Although with Princess Evangile fandisc releasing at the end of this month there is some incentive to read PE first and it seems you did decide to try that one if previous comment is an indicator (unless you're like me and don't start reading til the end of the month due to distractions).
  10. Fire Emblem Series Discussion

    See personally I am of the opinion that they have introduced concepts and ideas that will greatly benefit the series once they can get characters and script to the point of being able to incorporate all of it well. Would really like to see the next Fire Emblem game have a main character (create-a-character or normal) start out living in the slums and be part (not the head or even really anyone important with most of your bonds forming from other soldiers, merchants, and townsfolk) of a resistance to take down the current ruler in the first half of the game and then realize in the second half that the former ruler was actually doing what he/she was doing in order to protect his/her people from someone or something far worse. Nothing really new but a very easy way to get in elements of all sorts. There could be a hideout where recruited characters hang out and where bonds of all sorts can form between characters (I actually like the fact conversations took place separate from the chapters themselves more often than not in the recent games and I have no problem with waifu-simulator if it's done right with unique conversations depending on characters and the like for each character, hell they could bring back second, third or even zero generations if they can do it in a way that actually makes fucking sense). What I initially liked about Fire Emblem Awakening is that although you had a create a character you were not the focal point of the story...at least for a good chunk of it. I want to see them take the best of the old and the best of the new and get competent/skillful writers to craft a memorable game. Fates major flaw was in its main character as they made him much too important to the main plot and didn't really flesh out any of the characters beyond the royals and even then they didn't do a great job at that either. I also would like it if the bloody games could stop showing future events in the bloody beginning of the game. Give us time to grow attached to characters first. I can understand newer fans not caring for Shadows remake and I can understand older fans also not caring for Shadows remake. I actually found the characters in Shadows quite interesting and loved elements of the game but hated some other aspects of it. The gaiden remake was a slow burn overall and even then it isn't the best game but I still enjoyed it.
  11. Fire Emblem Series Discussion

    I knew I was forgetting something in my own list Yggdra Union, Riviera: The Promised Land, Knights in the Nightmare, Gungnir, nearly all the games from Dept Heaven would fit in this category...hell I own these games I should have remembered them. I mentioned the Growlanser series above because characters can permadie in that series and there are dating sim elements... Hell I could probably add Radiant Historia to the list as well.
  12. Fire Emblem Series Discussion

    Do remember that Shadows of Valentia was a remake of Gaiden and primarily kept things the same just having them look better. Honestly I thought the opening/prologue of Valentia was really well done. The english voice acting surprisingly enough I thought gave the characters actual personalities and I enjoyed the game for what it was. It definitely faltered in a few places but overall I enjoyed it. Now I will have to see how they do with Fire Emblem Switch hopefully it will be a completely new story and hopefully it won't be as poorly written. Admittedly I'm not sure it will convince me to pick up a Switch but who knows in a year from now...
  13. Fire Emblem Series Discussion

    How many Fire Emblem games have I played? 6 (Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem Shadows of Valentia, Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, Fire Emblem Fates (all 3 routes), and Fire Emblem New Mysteries of the Emblem (currently playing). Favorite Characters: Tom (honestly hard to pick) Favorite Music: Don't Speak Her Name (Awakening) Favorite Map: Conquest Map 10, Awakening Map 10 (for the atmosphere...the map itself is rather lame) and probably Apotheosis, Least Favorite Maps: Mr. Fuga's Wild Ride (not difficult just annoying) and Snow Shoveling (both from Fates (conquest for the first and chapter 10 revelation for snow) Favorite Class/Skill/Item: Myrmidon...not just a simple sword wielder...also Witch is surprisingly a lot of fun to play (and break the game with). Favorite Game in the Series: Awakening probably wins out slightly if for no other reason than how it managed to bring the series back from the brink. What was your first Fire Emblem game? The Sacred Stones Best Waifus/Husbandos/Bros/BFF/etc: Don't really have one but I married Tharja in my first Awakening playthrough and Scarlet in my first Birthright playthrough, I went Anna for Revelation, and I went 'Odin' for Conquest. Out of all of those I probably liked Scarlet the best but wouldn't really call any of them waifu/husbando/etc... How do I play the games: It really depends for the older games I generally played on classic hard (for sacred stones that's not really a problem) for the newer sometimes I play with classic and sometimes I don't. I usually play a male character when it's a create-a-soul. Boon: Speed Bane: Luck What do I like about Fire Emblem? The strategy, the choices actually matter (I like the potential of permadeath), and the odd cast of characters each with often their own agenda and personality. I don't mind Waifu Emblem although it does hurt the story telling in the games more often than not...when said story telling actually exists that is. First character I got killed? Franz or Gilliam if I remember correctly. Pretty sure it was map 5 on Eirika's path. What do I dislike about the Fire Emblem series: The writing can vary from decent to god awful and sometimes it doesn't stay consistent. I feel as if in the most recent game that two of the villains should have been much more fleshed out as characters because they didn't really have a motivation for their actions. I also dislike Nintendo which is a bit odd to say but the way they've treated the last few games with the huge amount of overpriced dlc (some of which probably should have been in the game) rather disgusts me. Hopeful for Fire Emblem Switch (lot of things they need to tick off): Less censorship (preferably create the game without a need to censor anything to begin with), less memes in translation, good localization, worldwide release, children if used at all used in an interesting way, more supports, more unique ways of getting characters, more interaction between the entire cast, dual pairings need to return, Kellam revealed as an Elder God, Not split between multiple games, quality writing, an attempt at a good story and characters, more unique maps and great music, free dlc/really cheap or very little to no dlc, a connection to a game besides Awakening. Suggestions for people looking for games similar-ish to Fire Emblem: XCOM 2 (will rng screw you just like fire emblem), Devil Survivor Overclocked (and Devil Survivor 2), Shining Force, Advanced Wars, Valkyria Chronicles, Persona Series (for the support like elements), Final Fantasy Tactics (Advance and A2 primarily), Luminous Arc series, Record of Agarest War Series (mileage will vary), Tear Ring Saga (need a patch), Growlanser Generations (series in general), Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel, La Pucelle Tactics (mileage will vary), Divinity Original Sin 1 or 2 (depending on if you're interested in trying something western rpg,) Phantom of the Kill (mobile game similar to Fire Emblem Heroes apparently), Conception II, Disgaea (if you can handle insanity and bad puns), Suikoden Tactics, Kamidori Alchemy Meister (vn eushully)
  14. Thread for discussion on Fire Emblem games old, new, upcoming, and spinoffs. Fire Emblem is seeing a resurgence ever since the release of Awakening back in 2012 and has been steadily becoming one of Nintendo's more acclaimed properties. Since Awakening's release we've gotten Fire Emblem Fates, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (a remake of Gaiden), Fire Emblem Heroes (mobile game), Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, and even Fire Emblem Warriors coming out this year and Fire Emblem Switch coming in 2018. This is all since 2012 to say nothing of the other officially licensed Fire Emblem Games; Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, and although the older games have not been officially a licensed a solid patch exists for many of the other entries with one of the best translations/patches being for Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem (the game that released in Japan before Awakening and started the whole Avatar idea). What few people are aware of however is that one of the games Mystery of the Emblem actually received a two episode anime prior to any of the Fire Emblem games (or even Super Smash) actually being released outside of Japan which is tolerable if you're a fan of Mars...err Marth. The Fire Emblem series has seen an awakening of sorts outside of Japan and while the last game people have been questionable towards due to the story (which was admittedly poorly written in places) one can't argue that it had some of the most unique maps in the series to date and some excellent music. Whether your a fan of old or new here's a few questions for potential discussion (please remember to keep spoilers in spoiler boxes) or go ahead and ask and answer your own: How many fire emblem games have you played and what are they? Favorite character(s)/Kingdom/music/plot/map/chapter/event/skill/weapon/etc Which was your first Fire Emblem game? Best Waifus/Husbandos/etc... How do you play the games? (Casual, Classic, Phoenix, Lunatic, Hard, Normal, RP, Male/Female, etc...) Pick a Boon/Strength and a Bane/Flaw What is your favorite game in the series? What do you like about the Fire Emblem series? Who was the first character you got killed? What do you dislike about the Fire Emblem series? What are you hopeful for with Fire Emblem Switch or Fire Emblem Warrior or a good idea for a new spin off (what would you like them to do different?) Do you have any suggestions for people looking for games like Fire Emblem?
  15. What are you playing?

    I currently before summer had begun had started Utawarerumono 2, Dies irae, 3 routes left of Everlasting Summer, 2 routes left of Chrono Clock, 2 routes left Hatsukoi 1/1, 1 route left of noble works, 2 routes left of Koirizo, 2 routes left of Da Capo III, and pretty much none of Princess Evangile and Labyrinth of Grisaia. I was hoping to read a ton this summer unfortunately I have been getting distracted by the Fire Emblem series and as such I've made little work through any of them.