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  1. So JAST seems to be getting pre-orders out for this game after what seems like forever ago...we can probably expect a release within a year month or two from now. They do not have a limited edition available yet so who knows if they plan to or not so if you're hoping for one might want to hold off on the pre-order for a bit to find out what they have (if anything). Image should link directly to the J-list page if you click it so be aware NSFW.
  2. If they can't respect their own products and potential consumers that's not a company anyone should support. They probably have the biggest sales out of any localization company because they charge hardly anything for most of their games...it gives a false impression that they are successful in sales but profit wise I'm sure it's quite different. They seem to primarily care about the chinese market...shame they can't just license a visual novel by different companies and not have an incompetent half-arsed company try and translate a game in a language they are incapable of understanding.
  3. So here's the thing if a vn company in Japan is not willing to put forth effort and research into what people think of their would be translators and publishers then why should we give them the time of day?
  4. I was here for this and I don't remember what the game that must not be named was... I think a lot of this probably has to do with the SESTA and FOSTA which recently passed thanks to senate, house and T rump passing it into existence despite it having very clear problems and issues for people worldwide. In addition to the crazy christian groups always causing problems of course.
  5. Fire Emblem Series Discussion

    Fire Emblem Switch if releasing this year will likely be announced at/around E3...let's hope it ends up good.
  6. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    I have 17 hours in Pillars of Eternity 2 at the moment...loving it so far. It is definitely made for multiple playthroughs. Haven't had a huge amount of bugs but apparently one thing did glitch because for whatever reason one of my characters has the funny looking hat from 1 and he's supposed to have burned it.
  7. So here's my policy when it comes to new companies; first impressions are everything.
  8. VN's with doctor themes? Or yanderes...

    This is likely not what you are looking for but the main character (male) is an illegal doctor and one of the characters does dress up in a nurse outfit to assist him. This is also however not very realistic and is much more steampunk fantasy: Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People-
  9. What are you playing?

    I just began Sorcery Jokers...with my vn/game completion status these days I'll be lucky to actually complete it.
  10. I'll wait until I see an actual released game or two (and the quality of the release) before I go ahead and suggest other titles for them to pick up. In the mean time seeing what they decide to pick up without a survey is far more interesting to me until the previous mentioned point in time. I am hopeful for the release of sakurax2 and newton's apple to actually be really good but I am also skeptical at this time.
  11. What are you playing?

    I started Eiyuu Senki a while ago but got distracted by Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and haven't managed to get back to it or any other vn due to poor time management.
  12. You have to remember that the kickstarter for hoshimemo also managed to achieve getting a translation for the the fan disk as well (eventually) so the kickstarter wasn't redundant from that aspect.
  13. VNConf 2018

    Hmm interesting I might check out a few of them when it goes up for free...
  14. Out of curiosity what did you think of the demo if you've gotten around to reading it.
  15. Pulltop/Moenovel deserves to fail if they don't listen to the people who actually care about their games. The visual novel market is saturated with both quality and crap everywhere and now people are cautious about picking a product up and no longer are limited in what is available to them. I like pulltop games but I won't support a censored or poorly translated release. We have plenty of options to choose instead of them. Hope the sales of this game make them realize that.