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  1. Thank you for your reply. I honestly don't know what to expect from Cookie 4 IS, but it might be fun!
  2. I expected nothing else of you Baldy. A new character route may be nice though!
  3. Say, now that Seiso route has been translated, will Dowolf make us a poll for the next route, or has he already made his decision for the next translation ? I don't know who could be the victor between Mon-sama and Cookie 4 IS...
  4. Well, that only shows how much hype there is around this project (and the whole Majikoi saga)!
  5. Here is what Fiddle said : "So when shall we release this patch? Well, Mr. presumptuous readers, we intend to release not one patch, but two or even more than two, which brings us to Mr. asterisk*. The first patch will contain everything we listed above, with the exception of all-around translation checking; in short, it will be 100% complete except for the fact that it will remain in the state (in terms of translation, not editing, which will be done) to which Staircase Subs’ unfortunate shortage of time and resources subjected it. Then, due to a subsequent increase in free time, we will
  6. We will be rooting for you, until the bitter end ! I was wondering, if it wouldn't be possible to ask for help (concerning H-scene) to some H-Subbing team, like SubDesu-H, or EroBeat? I mean, they translate this kind of stuff all year long, so maybe one of their translator may be interested in lending you a hand?
  7. Are you serious? You asked them the same thing last week, and the already answered you...
  8. And that's all we need to know, thanks again for your work and your time on this project !
  9. To me, the best route of S is... the common route. I enjoyed discovering Benkei, Yoshitsune and a bit of Seiso. Kokoro, Margit and Tatsuko were nothing more than sex fanservice in my opinion. The beginning of Tsubame route was cool, until the tournament. Mon-sama's was well developed storywise, but I'm not too fond of lolis. And finally, I was a bit disappointed in Koyuki's,
  10. That's some good news : https://majitranslations.wordpress.com/2015/11/07/a-small-update/ Thanks for your work
  11. I downloaded all the CG from A-1 to A-4, and there was some covers, if you want to use them : A-1 A-2 A-3 A-4 Or this one, for the entire "A" saga :
  12. It's not like I'm anxious, overreacting or unsteady right now, but well...
  13. If that's the case, we'll (maybe) have to pray the Lord for another TL application, or ask Dowolf if he's willing to continue the A saga, when he's done with S ! ^^
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