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  1. i been waiting since 2011 or 2012, finally the wait will be over :' )
  2. me too my list is: Aiyoku no eustia Aiyoku no eustia Aiyoku no eustia <3
  3. yeh at the moment i am looking for good online courses, or applications, instead of funding kickstarter, i will learn Japanese. this way i can read a lot of VNs that worth reading. will take time but way faster that waiting for many games to be translated by sekai. if anyone know a good site or course feel free to share ^^
  4. i started to think that sekaiproject isn't like what i thought about it. i was willing to pay monthly on kickstarter and to advertise for them. but now i rather learn japanese and not deal with sekaiproject again... i feel they are not here for us ....
  5. at least i tryed my best. and i don't regret it. ^^ thanks for those who helped. maybe one day we will get this VN.
  6. Trying to gather the people who care, is always free and doesn't hurt anyone.
  7. not against Sekai's way of doing things. at least they helped making the fan's voice reach the Japanese companies. thus us having translation etc
  8. Nicholas J from sekaiproject was nice, he is the reason why they had The Devil on G String and few other VNs. hopefully this one get attention, he wanted to see how many people are interested. feel free to help and re-tweet if you wana see it happen :3
  9. So after nearly a year!! of going on with Nicholas J from Sekaiproject, he told me that Aiyoku no Eustia have a bigger chance of getting a kickstarter. please help us to make this happen!! Please retweet so we can have it up on kick starter!! : https://twitter.com/VN_Saviour/status/756139850168803328 Please retweet so we can have it up on kick starter!! : https://twitter.com/VN_Saviour/status/756139850168803328
  10. no i don't understand Chinese, as i said trying to use the programs to make it English while playing, cause the dictionaries translate Chinese better than Japanese, or so i do hope
  11. trying to run this game (needed this one for more accurate translation from programs) i installed Chinese language packs , from win 7 update the game is running, yet before any Chinese text appear i get this error, how do i fix it? thanks in advance.
  12. ouch thats too sad to hear T_T did you find it or not yet? :<
  13. and if there would be a hard copies of the localized version, i would buy 10!!
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