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  1. Oh my... You say comedy yuri game? Is...is that possible that I apply fort the art? (é o è) There is my most recent sprite (still work in progress, thought...), I don't know if the style is okay with your story (moe/kawai, rather "childish" girls) but if you want me on the projetc, I'm here! (^ o^)/
  2. I downloaded the demo! Still not time to play but, hey, I really like the art! (^ o^)/ And there is a glasses boy <3
  3. Wow! The CG done by Hydriss is awesome, it woul be great if he will do the entire vn (°____°)
  4. I'm in love with the backgrounds (° O °) Who is the artist?
  5. Oh you're are there too! I really REALLY love the art of your project and the plot seems really fun ^^ Sometimes I regret not to be mega rich to help as this type of project (* cough * -and have the final goal- * cough *) I have a few question about the production/project progress. Can I send you a pm?
  6. Thank you! I hope I have time soon to make new drawings xD
  7. Just a little something for fun (^ o^)/
  8. Hey ^^ The concept seems fun! However, for this sort of project which is rather big, I think you need first to finish the scenario and the gameplay, otherwise I doubt that you find some good artists and programmers to help you ^^"
  9. Thank you! I will maybe drawing other characters in this art style ^^
  10. Hellooooo everybody! Welcome to my domain, my kingdom, the supreme place of ... Wait. No. Let's be serious. Welcome to my gallery, make yourself at ease, have a good time and feel free to comment the drawings! I'll try to update regularly (^ o^)/ [2015]
  11. Well, It was great if you can translate it in English! I hope so! x) By the way, can I ask some questions? Are you in a rush to find the rest of the team? What kind of artstyle do you want for sprites and CG (anime/semi-realistic/cartoons/other)?
  12. Eh, your sprite artist is very talented! I love this sample! ^^ I am looking forward to see your kickstarter
  13. It's a good idea to have created this topic! And apparently I'm the first person to answer xD I am primarily an artist, but I still find that communication between writers and people who handles graphics is foundamental! For writers: - Try to give as many references and details as possible to the person who will be responsible of the drawings, otherwise it may take longer than expected, the artist might get discouraged and potentially gradually drop the project. This is why a simple "Hello I would like sprites of two girls and a boy, thank you goodbye" is not enough (it's nothing at all, actually...). Besides that, you will already be lucky if someone responds to this kind of ad x) - Another important point, if you pause or stop the project for a reason or another, tell the artists (and all other members of the team). Seeing the project manager or writer disappear for months or never come back is rather stressful... Moreover, it's quite disrespectful for members of the team. This leave a little bitter taste and a certain distrust thereafter (of course if you are dead or in the hospital, it's not really your fault, eh). -Finally, be clear on what you want. Express your felt well and what you have in mind but try to do it in a good mood and avoiding conflicts For graphists: Well, it's more or less the same that the writers, in fact x)
  14. Merci Terancam! ^^ Well, I don't really know why the name of the team is in german, in fact xD But you can ask to Helia, our project leader (oh by the way, if you want to chat a bit with her and you go to the Japan Expo, the team will have a stand in the "créateurs amateurs" part, If I remember well)
  15. Thank you hsmsful! ^^
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