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  1. Hey there, we haven’t really posted that much for the previous couple of months, have we? Ooopsie… To be fair, we were quite busy with Chronotopia’s development . Our brand new promotional art, by the talented Eirlysa Lawrence We’ve made plenty of progress and are getting closer to the finish line but then we realized that we were lacking illustrations. And it’s especially important for such a long visual novel like ours to break away from the sprites/backgrounds monotony once in a while. That’s why we’ve decided to make a small supplementary Kickstarter campaign in orde
  2. It took us long enough to get through Valve's validation process but at last, Ambre will be coming on Steam the 9th June! Don't hesitate to share the news with people who played the old version, I think they're going to like the overhaul and the achievements
  3. That's it, Ambre has been greenlit! Which means we’ll be able to publish the new version on Steam very soon Thank you a lot for the support and stay tuned for the upcoming release date~
  4. Now on Steam Greenlight! While working on Chronotopia, we’ve decided to make a brand new version of Ambre, one of our oldest visual novel. We got tremendous reviews of the original and we thought a complete overhaul would do the game justice: so, it will now include all new graphics, more languages (English, French and Japanese), as well as a more modern presentation (such as camera zooms or blinking animations). Vote for us on Greenlight so that we can publish the new version on Steam for free! That way, old readers and newcomers alike will be able to enjoy this heartbreak
  5. Hey there! It’s been a while since the end of the Kickstarter so I thought it would be appropriate to make a general update on the project Chronotopia has a very peculiar structure that consists in a rather long introduction (which can be considered the “common route”) and a turning point where Donkeyskin has to choose how she will escape from her father. If you played the demo, you can’t miss it since it’s the last choice. In the full version, you’ll be able to opt for various strategies, each one corresponding to a “route”. All those routes have varying length and focus on different
  6. That’s it, folks, Chronotopia has been fully funded! And we’re greenlit too. What else could we ask for? Well, there is only a few hours left to reach a stretch goal but let’s try anyway! To celebrate this victory, here's a sketch of Lys by Anako. Thank you for your support: we would never have been able to do it without you! Now we absolutely cannot fail: we’re going to do our best to bring you the full game as we planned it and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it
  7. Big news: Chronotopia will now include love scenes for all romances (yuri and otome)! For more information, please go read the update I made today on the Kickstarter’s page Link to the full NSFW version (full nudity) BTW, we’re 65% funded so don’t forget to vote for us on Greenlight!
  8. Another update to announce that there’s an Android version of the demo available on Google Play! You can now read it on your phone or tablet~ Our Kickstarter is currently 20% funded so do take a look at the demo if you haven't tried yet, and don't hesitate to support us if you liked it Chronotopia is also 42% on its way to the top of Greenlight so we need your vote! Well, my collaborators don’t always mention their political convictions when we’re working together so, yes, I’m genuinely surprised! Anyay, thank you for giving us a second chance! Indeed,
  9. Hey, people, we're already 17% funded and 32% on our way to the top of Greenlight! To celebrate, here's a new scene from Chronotopia's demo: the pact. Make a contract with the fairy and become a magical girl (or something like that )! It is said she can make all your wish come true…if you pay the price~ Also, since I’ve been asked: I wanted to confirm that yes, Chronotopia will include both yuri and otome options! Who would you like to romance: Your loyal childhood friend, the mysterious fairy or the unrevealed prince charming?
  10. We're now on Greenlight too! Vote for us if you liked the demo and want to see more
  11. That's weird, he never told me he had a Twitter: I didn't know he had said those things... Thank you for showing me this, I will talk with him to get things straight! But know that I (writer/project leader) don't support those opinions and that the game isn't written by the composer
  12. It’s the big day, folks: Chronotopia is now officially live on Kickstarter! Chronotopia’s demo is available in English on itchio (PC/Mac/Linux). Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think and give a little bit of money to the campaign if you liked it The future of the team is now in your hands!
  13. Update: Hello everyone! Great news: we’ve decided on a date for the Kickstarter campaign; it will launch the 28th of September. All details concerning rewards & stuff are on our Prefundia page so go take a look. Plus, if we managed to reach over 20 000€, we’ll get to work with Basiscape (Hitoshi Sakimoto’s label) so I’m pretty excited . To help you wait, here’s a quick overview of what Chronotopia looks like with the 3D camera. I feel it really helps giving more impact to the story. What do you think of the result?
  14. Update: After thinking hard about everything that could be needed for the upcoming campaign, we've finally made a Prefundia page! There are still little things here and there to adjust but don't hesitate to give us feedbacks so that we can improve And while I was at it, I've put some actual screenshots of the game on the 1st post. What do you think? Does it make you want to play Chronotopia?
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