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  1. One Thousand Lies has been released officially today on Steam, please check it out: http://store.steampowered.com/app/463390/ It's free as always so download it even if you only wanna complete that Steam pokedex For those that have already played it, I would appreciate if you could add your own reviews to the page. Feel free to be sincere with those review, after all for me the most important thing is for you to be truthful... (/Claire off)
  2. Steam store page is up, the game should be released this monday if everything goes well (depends on how long the higher ups on steam gives their approval). You can check it out here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/463390/
  3. THE GAME HAS BEEN GREENLIT!!! Thank you everyone! I can't believe this, it only took 8 days to pass the greenlight!!! I thought it would take forever, this is amazing, I'm jumping right now. This is incredible. Thank you!
  4. I love reading theories, just according to keikaku I'm glad you liked it FinalChaos, it's always great to hear people feedback and opinions about the novel. Especially if they are positive (but I'm open to hate in case you want :P) About the spoilers, I won't really tell "what happens" since I prefer to leave it so people can discuss about it, but I'll give a tip because everyone is always doing me the same question once they finish it lol And that's it, maybe after some time I'll decide to give all the answers and all the details in the novel in case somebody care by then (>implying somebody cares about it now).
  5. Why would you even bother creating a thread about something you will always say no to everything? I could use the same argument here man, don't go to the defensive because nobody here is trying to attack you. My suggestion precisely was as simple as to don't learn a language due the numbers of reasons I gave you, but it seems impossible to talk with you since you take everything as an attack and no reply is good enough. Good luck then.
  6. So not trying to sound cynical here but you ask people to give you reasons to learn a language but then: you don't wanna travel so you don't need languages to visit places, if the literature/comics/movies is translated (nowadays all the classics and great pieces for every language are translated at least into english) then you don't need it either, you don't really wanna join communities from people interested in X language or learn their culture either, and if it's a language that's not VASTLY used then you don't care because it's not useful. Man, I don't know, it's like wanting to learn to drive without even thinking of getting inside a car. What's the point here? People is trying to give you reasons and you are just saying that all of them suck. You learn to drive for transportation and/or for love for cars, and you learn a language for communication and/or for love for their culture. If you just wanna learn a language but don't really have any purpose other that just learning then pick one randomly and go for it, it's not like it matters at the end anyways.
  7. So I have a great announcenment. The Steam Greenlight for One Thousand Lies is a go! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660334350 I wasn't really planning to do this at the beginning but a lot of people told me to try it out and that it would be cool to see the game in Greenlight, and here we are! If you liked the novel or just feel generous, I would appreciate your votes, and also share around online so everyone finds out. The support until now has been great, a lot of people seems to like it and we are close to the one thousand downloads. I never expected this much, and for that I love you guys <3
  8. Nope, you are right, it's "wouldn't". It's also negative in spanish and it should be negative since she's shy. Changed it for next version!
  9. Thank you for reporting them, I don't know how I missed the planning one. There's always typos hidden here and there so I appreciate when they get reported so I can fix it for the next version. If you find more you can send them to me through here or through private message, any way is fine. Algo I'm glad you are liking it so far, I love to hear feedback from people! I recently got to 500 downloads (thank you!) but you never know if people is liking it or not unless they tell you
  10. Android version is up! Free Download from Google Play You will also find a link in itchio to download it. I have also updated the other platforms to version 1.2 (1.1 died on the way, rest in peace). I fixed some minor bugs and typos so everything should be nicer. Thanks everyone for your support and I hope you enjoy reading the novel!
  11. I've put my novel in itch.io and it's pretty simple and easy to use. People can pay what they want for it and I receive the money directly to my paypal account, then you can decide how much itch.io takes. The default is 10% but you can even set it to 0% (but don't do that, they deserve some money too!). It works pretty nicely and as people say, it's pretty simple. You can also create a widget to put in your website or anywhere else.
  12. More than 100 downloads already, thank you very much people! I never expected to get so many download in such a short amount of time!
  13. Hello guys, I have great news... The visual novel One Thousand Lies is OUT!! You can download for free from Itch.io: https://keinart.itch.io/one-thousand-lies There's also the official website: http://onethousandlies.weebly.com Of course, is totally free. I hope you guys enjoy reading One Thousand Lies.
  14. Alright so the fullscreen bug has been confirmed by Dergonu to be fixed now with a new build. If it happens to someone else with an old build let me know so I can send a new one. Thanks for the help guys, it means a lot to me!