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  1. Hi everyone, This month welcomes the start of a second year for Lekasoft Studio and its original members. We all learned a lot and are very happy to be part of the indie game development community. To be honest, it took us quite a long time to find the right members that would fit our mindset and approach of game developping. Indeed, most of us are students or have a job on the side which means we do have a more passionate approach that do focus more around teamwork and passion rather than money and commissions. Although that policy does have many flaws, it is very important for us to be able to create a great game following our beliefs. At first, we were all inexperienced in game developping as well as how to work as a team, but were finally able to get through all the troubles we had until we found our current character artist Vaatry who marked the real start of the project in September 2015. Before that, we lacked a lot of organisation and planning, but we were all very passionate about this game that we needed a few months to find out what mistakes were made and start thinking about how to repare them. Unfortunately, we also went through a dark period where the project almost got scammed by someone, making us loose our first ever character artist. Lekasoft Studio's leader would like to thank everyone who was there at the time, who trusted him and his leadership, which made him able to get rid of the scammer and keep going. The second boost for the team was the arrival of Mock Off, our new composer, whom we already contacted at the start of everything. His experience in Visual Novel development was really helpful for the rest of the team. Since then, we decided to work on a quick demo that would show our skills as well as our capacities to work as a team and it ended up pretty well, releasing our 1st public Developer Demo on the 24 of April, 2016. We have received a few amount of comments with a total of 81 downloads on itch.io up to this day, helping us taking some decisions concerning the game and the team working on it. As a matter of fact, Lekasoft Studio welcomed Bagel as a new writer and レモン for backgrounds art to the team. Indeed, the feedback on our Developer Demo released made us notice some flaws in the team skills and direction that we believe will be solved by adding those two new talents to the roster. We are aware of the amount we will have since changing our writer, be everyone believes it is for the best, as it will make us create a way better game than expected. Our previous writer Dave Burns will still be a part of the team as a support on the story and an idea bouncer and part of a trio with Bagel and Nahilys. On an other hand, we will be working with DJ Horn for editing who will only focus on wording and pacing. レモン will be working on backgrounds as well as CG together with Vaatry because of her better experience on those. Lekasoft Studio is happy to welcome again all of those new members and we're proud to be working with them in the future on a revamped version of the story and the rest of the development time we will be spending together. ~ Nahilys https://twitter.com/LekasoftStudio https://www.facebook.com/lekasoft/
  2. I'm making a VN

    Good luck with your project
  3. Violet Hill (DEMO released)

    Have been wondering if you guys were still around, sent you a message on Twitter
  4. Hi hi, We finally released our DEVELOPER DEMO. You can Download it on ITCH.IO. Come and discuss about it to help us improve ~ Nahilys https://twitter.com/LekasoftStudio https://www.facebook.com/lekasoft/
  5. Hi everyone ! I am starting this thread for Lekasoft Studio to discuss with the Visual Novel community about their first Work in Progress : Lost Winter Nights. Our team is very interested in people's opinion on our current skills and direction. We do believe every comment has a reason behind it, be it positive or negative and will consider them all equally. We would also want to make sure our opinions are well understood and do all we can to prevent misunderstanding. You can DL our DEV.Demo on ITCH.IO (free of charges. Also, feel free to check out a bit more about our thought process releasing this Developer Demo if you haven't yet. ~ Nahilys
  6. Hello everyone, I announced that we were working on a Developer Demo a few weeks ago, and I am happy to announce that we released it on the 04/24/2016. DOWNLOAD LINK 1 - What is a Developer Demo ? First of all, I have to admit that I have made some mistakes when talking about our incoming Developer Demo, so we were misunderstood a little bit. A Developer Demo is a Demo that shows Developers skills and creativity. This way, the community can have a first look at the current game quality potentiall. On the other hand, developers can have a better idea of players expectations and desires towards their game. A Developer Demo is meant to establish the opportunity of a dialogue between both parties and make sure everyone is happy with the result. In the end, I believe the community still has the upper hand. 2 - Why release a Developer Demo ? Lekasoft Studio is a very new team and Lost Winter Nights is a first project for most of us. As a matter of fact, we did not have a very clear idea of how an English Visual Novel was expected to look like. We did not want to copy Japanese games from the start so we tried to inspirate from them but still make something closer to our culture. As we worked one, we started to wonder if our direction was going the right way, and the best way to make it sure was to ask the community. This is why we had the idea of releasing a short Developer Demo before we keep working on it. 3 - What is next ? As we get reviews on our Developer Demo, our team is discussing about them and is thinking about what adaptations to be made to insure the sucess of our game. Although we are very strict when it comes to making a game that we all like as a team, we are totally aware of the important of the community. We will always be very open to them and every comment they make on the game. Feel free to download Lost Winter Nights Developer Demo on itch.io and comment about it there or on our website. You can also contact us on social medias to discuss about the game, we will happily do so. - Join the Discussion Thread - ~ Nahilys https://twitter.com/LekasoftStudio https://www.facebook.com/lekasoft/
  7. Really nice to have Teargirlvn as your BG artist, really love her art. I wish I could work with such a talented artist as well Good luck with your project!
  8. Hello there, long time no see ! - Lisbeth's new sprite lineart added. - New soundtrack by Mock Off "Days" added. - Aika & Morgan DEMO sprites sheets added (non-exhaustive). We will be releasing a Developer Demo in the incoming DAYS hopefully, just waiting for our last soundtrack to be done. It will be a short introduction to our demo heroines Aika & Morgan as well as a quick showdown of our skills. In the same time, we will use this demo to look for a final Backgrounds Artist. More news on our Twitter : https://twitter.com/LekasoftStudio / Wait for it Nahilys, contact@lekasoft.com / elodonnet@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/lekasoft/
  9. [Spoilers] Star Wars VII Discussion

    Visuallly well done, but the story was terrible indeed
  10. Thanks. I can already say I'm in love with Setsuko there Her sleepy face is the best
  11. Looking nice, good luck on your upcoming demo
  12. Thank you very much ! We're currently adding a few more features in the interface that we didn't think of earlier such as Backlog & Click-to-Continue icon. We're also doing quite a huge overhaul of the characters expressions so it fits more with the dialogues!
  13. I knew it! Recognized bonkiru's art very quick haha If only he could draw boys too, I'd have worked with him on our own project I'm not fond of the BG art but it gives a special atmosphere. I really like the character art & the writing seems pretty fun too. Nice job there
  14. [Spoilers] Star Wars VII Discussion

    Agree. Except the fact that all your points which are mostly negative points to me as a screenwriter made me cry of disgust watching that movie. Especally this :
  15. Some new looks for our heroines by Vaatry :3 ~ Aika swimsuit outfit ~ ~ Morgan swimsuit outfit ~ ~ Alice's design rework sketch ~ More news on our Twitter ! ~ Nahilys