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  1. You have a link for that walkthrough? Is it understandable if you translate the page or is there a translated one already?
  2. Didn't the most recent patch also cover the Saeko route? Or are her choices just blatant?
  3. Getting back into FFXIV before Stormblood drops. Taking a 4-month break was probably not the best ide, because I totally forgot how to play LUL
  4. Don't know what it is with Persona and spoilers but I've had to dodge people trying to spoil shit for the past month. Nowhere is safe
  5. Does anyone happen to have a route guide for this yet?
  6. Only interested in Iron-Blooded Orphans S2. Seems fairly boring outside of that
  7. It's almost as if people can have opinions that are different from your own! Crazy, right?
  8. > Wait until Otakon for 18+ announcements "We have no news at this time" Kek. I foresee many Dice avatars coming in the future (including my own).
  9. Anything involving Sekai on this forum is more than likely illogical. I'm not their biggest fan, but even I'm amazed at how much people enjoy shitting on them at times.
  10. Picked it up, and am pretty addicted to it. I've been looking for a grindy game I can sink hundreds of hours into, and I think I found it.
  11. Anyone pick up Monster Hunter Generations? And if so, how is it? Thinking about picking it up next week
  12. If by level you mean length, yes it's pretty long.
  13. I've gotten in the habit of just setting it to auto when I play just so I can lay down and read. So yeah, voices on.
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