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  1. Hey guys. Remember me? Well I killed Black Sands about 5 months ago due to production costs being too high but I shifted my efforts to a much more cost efficient comic series in the same universe. I wanted to share with you my personal story because I feel it is a very interesting perspective from an EVN developer. The PAST I worked on Black Sands, Legends of Kemet for a little over a year.. I had updated my project page here close to 50 times and I had this very unusual story. In 2015 I launched my first kickstarter and failed miserably. Most people when they fail, they
  2. Here is a major update. We are no longer in production of Black Sands but we moved to comic production. While this is not a VN, it is pretty bad ass. Thanks for following us all this time. BTW, our comic went viral.
  3. well the evn's are catering to japanese markets in america. All moe and tits.
  4. i can't disclose yet how i am winning, but i am winning big fucking time right now.
  5. it does not matter if it is in the constitution. It's like being a pirate lord. You can't just drop the pirates code when its inconvenient even though its more of a guideline. You will not be captain long.
  6. they can't. can't call it a democracy if you undermine it. Educate your voters instead.
  7. the republican brand is responsible for trump. Its been the same racist, dog whistling party for 50 years. They will either win this election and fall apart from the stupidity they put into the white house or lose and finally see that pandering to the lowest of the low is not a winning strategy in an ever changing american demographic.
  8. Everything is in english. I don't know where it states that it will be in japanese. This is straight english and fully voiced. Nice suggestion on the layout. We will probly do that. Fixed that issue with the link and thanks for the compliments.
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