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  1. Hopefully RF5 is being made due to Marvelous AQL picking up the developers after the bankruptcy of Neverland.
  2. I love the rendering on Armin, well done!
  3. Golden Sun 1&2 was probably the best gba I've played and still holds up extremely well. Aside from that, PKMN, Megaman Battlenetwork and Fire Emblem.
  4. @Zakamutt Yeah, I think I was tunnel visioning on the window in the background and my composition just shaped around it. I also wasn't aware of the naming for the particular angle so thanks for that info. As for Fal, I might do it after I finish the stuff I planned to draw. Although
  5. Again, thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. @Flutterz Not sure which came first but I definitely started with either Phoenix Wright or Fate/Stay on the VNDS. I saw that these type of games were actually a genre and decided to delve in it more.
  6. @IceD Yeah I was having difficulty with the leg area, the boots were originally half the size as well so it was even more disastrous before. As for the composition, I was actually thinking of doing that earlier along the lines of this maybe?: Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Uuuuh I didn't mean anything harmful and I if unintentionally hit a sour note, I apologize. I meant that it would be pretty bad to constantly post in the creative forums and all the page is filled mostly with my stuff.
  8. Thank you! I'll refrain from flooding the forums and will try to post stuff related to VNs.
  9. Thanks! I hope to contribute to the community in some way.
  10. Got around to rereading it and drew my favorite character. If you got any criticisms, please shoot.
  11. Been lurking around for awhile and decided to make an account. My favorite visual novel is the Ace Attorney series. I enjoy drawing and if I post any of my work here, please feel free to give feedback/criticism to me. (Still pretty much a baddie and would like to improve) Nice to meet ya.
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