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  1. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    btw when ur trying to make fun of jast by introducing the soon meme to the community, but ultimately end up pretty much same
  2. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    some people getting hired, others dismissed, such is the way of anyone trying to do buiseness. nothing unusual, nothing concerning. but what´s concerning is how they seemingly got disposed of without much proper notice beforehand, feels abit inhuman to me, like sure it´s called human ressources, but...
  3. "Your Diary" is coming out

    distinctly reminded at how mikandi burned their ks-money in a similar way
  4. Mangagamer Otakon 2018 Announcement

    of course someone else is inevitably getting the rights to all of their ip´s in case of a bankruptcy, like creditors/debt holders for example. this usually doesnt terminate existing licenses in the process, but companies holding onto these are then forced to work out whom to consult when facing all sorts of shenanigans , btw asking for support etc etc etc. whilst technical not impossible getting licenses of dead-ish companies, this might funtamentically aggravate everything, even more so in cases of rights being transfered to anyone who´s totally not involved in anything galge, eg. credit institutes etc, therefore unable of lending localizer XY a helping hand when a sudden need arises.
  5. "Your Diary" is coming out

    2 out of 3 garbo tl´s that´re being officially released in the west are nothing but divine punishment.
  6. Mangagamer Otakon 2018 Announcement

    as far as i remember the company wasnt bancrupt yet, it´s just jast being jast eg. who knows if they´d survived if the game hadnt been in works for what feels like a decade.
  7. Mangagamer Otakon 2018 Announcement

    mg´s tl´ers are already super busy marathonning rance & gang, anymore massive gameplay-ish stuff and they´re sure to slit their throats whilst raping donkeys
  8. Mangagamer Otakon 2018 Announcement

    whilst lune remains erogemaker no1 (only the mainbrand), at least to me, "sukebe elf no mori e" is one of its more weak titles, definitely not bad, but pales in comparison with others like fuurinkanzan or jutai hen.
  9. Mangagamer Otakon 2018 Announcement

    no idea where you´ve got that idea from, but in case you didn´t know, chuable went bancrupt aka financial shenanigans. no clue as who currently holds them rights to their titles, but as far as i remember there aren´t that many localizers around proactively going for dead meat
  10. pretty sure that´s really the main reason why many haven´t bought the game, like a small, but overly vocal minority having basically rallied hard against fw censoring subahibi ever since its kickstarter, so naturally a lot of potential customers were drivem away from doing so. can´t expect the average schmuck of casual reader to know it has been only a tiny scene, lots basically believed there´s hours of content missing, at least that´s what i think. subahibi itself not being mainstream certainly factored into the poor sales as well.
  11. "Your Diary" is coming out

    i dont really see any reason why hobibox would or even should care about it, like it´s clear as day their version is primarily targeted at chinese speaking people, with its enrish pendant, well, might call it some low-effort throw-in at best. guess quality (in case the chn-tl wont suck) goes where the most money´s at. or in other words, if hobibox believes translating their titles in any other language apart from chinese isnt worth the hassle, so be it.
  12. Your Diary Release, True or Not?

    just hoping the translation does read good and no robotic at all. bit hesitant since there´s no visible indication on its steampage, the engrish description aside, be it screens with textboxes or an overall summary. doesn´t even make any sence to me, like prioritizing chinese over its english pendant effort-/qualitywise, but at the same time most stuff being written in engrish there.
  13. Trample on Schatten!! Out Now!

    definitely one of the better reads this year, as its been in jp quite some years ago. too bad the whole scene-removal whatnot blew way out of proportion, like making people avoid buying the title etc etc. & regarding some of the bit more unpleasant scenes, those aren´t even that much dark, just human, especially things concerning yuki did feel quite real in terms of emotional aspects.
  14. & there i´ve thought "pieces of news" meant u guys going official, aka together hand in hand, lead by moenovel to promised land
  15. Tsujidou Translation Project (By Tsurezure)

    on their latest blog-entry there´s a link to trips twitter account, if that helps. btw just putting a comment under the blog like everyone does should do it as well.