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  1. sounds more like them mostly translating oneshot manga and such alike
  2. both marathonning hoshi ori in under 9months or so is what´s really frightening. btw i could also see them vastly slowing down in terms of progress if transitioning into official works, simply because their current facility is going to be lost when faced with deadlines, pressure and other inevitable consequences.
  3. can´t even think of that many trilogies, huge ones like grisaia, which doesn´t really count forwhy it´s been a special case. basically saying customers (usually) are no fucking retards, no one just goes throwing 2,5k at a campaign, without knowing if he/she even likes the 1st title. no trial version available doesnt really help shit either... that´s what happens when retards are given money. let´s fucking outsource everything to shitdoing nobodies, apparently no even asking/checking for provisional results, paying them like 10times the usual rates, because why not & finally when shit bombs hard you still praise them for having done "an amazing job". no even mentioning the ongoing re-edit/-translate out of pity....
  4. Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Steam store opened

    it´s got mimarin. reason enough.
  5. Manga that has mature themes?

    actually i didnt even read it for the faps, just searched around for sth about doing drugs & delusions. still on the shorter side of things but been hillarious at times. & my 2nd recommendation still stands, eg. übel blatt since op mentioned him having read dark fantasy and stuff
  6. Manga that has mature themes?

    do yourself a favour and start reading imako system, not just the one-shot, but the whole thing in its weird entirety. have fun! btw now that übel blatt´s going to end you might also want to give it a try.
  7. >>Ain't a Damn Thing Changed what did u expect? moefags are still around and the breast that feeds them devs, whilst lolibros getting knocked down by public opinion
  8. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    considering funds getting literally wasted on delusionally ambitious projects a la tokyo chronos, instead of trying to hire real tech-dudes/gals, costing them real amounts of money, they and many others mostly keep looking for self-taught amatuers.
  9. Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Steam store opened

    guess steam-kun is on a roll again, randomness sucks balls
  10. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    localization as its name suggests stands for localizing sth, eg. in this case the act of porting pieces of literature originating from one cultural environment into another, like it or not. & coming to ur point of demographic differences regarding customers, sure they´re there, but at the same time small companies can´t be really expected to make like 15+ versions available, that´s just economical suicide. in case of u no wanting to read a title localized into murrican, don´t blame a murrican company, blame ur own mileu for no founding one itself, btw there apparently being no enough people buying it in ur native language for it to happen.
  11. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    there´s no making an argument about. ideal localization simply means porting everything to the main target audiences country, or demographic whatever - text, names, cultural shenanigans, etc, then dubbing the audio and releasing a product that has an totally western/african/etc feel to it. those who whine about it being no japanese anymore should just read it in japanese, or shut the fuck up. of course fully localizing a title does no neccessarily mean putting less effort into it, or keeping the costs low - good western va´s do ask for reasonable wages (excluding talentfree bums who usually getting hired), same as any other people involved that rightfully call themselves professionals.- simply translating a title /= fully localizing a title, though both go hand in hand. it´s especially the half-finished jobs done that keep the annoying controversy going, eg. honorifics, unavoidable discrepancy between things heard & things read....
  12. implying there´s someone who even wanted to translate it for free. almost sounds like a never-ever-ge either way to me...
  13. Mosaic preferences in Visual Novel H-Scenes

    mosaics these days arent even half bad imo, like who the fuck even cares about those tiny little pixies. granted if the art´s great, and that goes for beneath mosaics as well, then i´d be fine with uncensoring, but that´s only IF. & honestly times where mosaics covered almost the whole body are long long gone.
  14. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart English Release

    honestly why would they, now that work is done on the game itself & them high school students got paid for translating it. shame it´s going to be in japanized english.... on the bright side they didn´t pay as much as mikandi, yet basically got the same result, on the other hand given how much noratoto earned them, they easily could´ve afforded hiring some real professionals *sigh
  15. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Kickstarting physicals or whatnot isn´t really bad in itself, it´s the innumerous delays of shipping goods/fullfilling your obligations coming to backers which pisses people off, and since there´s basically been no campaign until now that´s done the aforementioned in a timely manner, running a KS even for the most basic things almost guaranties you a good backlash from the userbase.