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  1. Gacha hell

    dont worry, i´ve been playing almost straight from 016 onwards, even dumped my boyfriend because he felt no love for fluffy ears aka yuel is life!
  2. this is pretty much what i meant above. because it´s their own plattform there´s nothing you can do besides boycotting/using alternatives for them having upset customers. i know it´s frustrating, and i´m aware users are pissed, but if this is what they´ve wanted so be it, with all consequences.
  3. re. Valve threatening to remove VNs with adult content from steam as hard/incomprehensible as it may seem to some, in the end it´s their plattform, their decision, their guideline to make. doesn´t matter if it´s mangagamer or other publishers/develovers who´re affected by said outcome, valve has any and all rights to handle steam as they see fit. no matter how much one whines and rages, if you don´t like it, don´t use it. simple as that.
  4. Otome * Domain Traslation Project

    seemingly nothing done by now, probably never will & as far as downloads go not even allowed on fuwa.
  5. Monmusu by Tentacle Games (Neko works)

    @bakauchuujin mentioned henshin when coming up with an example of questionable? fandom, which is pretty okay in itself. it´s just, nah what i´m trying to say here is that monmusu is that bad of a title, even talking about others, be it good or bad ones, in the very same thread is wrong. like seriously bad. maybe comparable to appetite´s lineup, those weekly churned out soulless cashgrabs...
  6. Monmusu by Tentacle Games (Neko works)

    mentioning henshin in the same sentence as monmusu, or trying to compare both with eachother in whatever way is nothing but outright heresy. tentacle´s monmusu turned out being trash way beyond salavation, whilst almost all henshin titles are kamige tier in their respective category.
  7. no matter how you look at it it´s always cheap porn that´s getting announced, most probably nothing to get gung ho about, like stuff from ammolite eg. milking onii-chan´s strawberry dick, or tales of onahole ... ah just fuck it. whoever truly believes it´s that time again where kamige come popping out right after another, nah it´s more than not.
  8. even then. like i´ve mentioned before it´s a pure love story at heart and no matter how you look at it, regardless of done fanmade or professionally, when said story reads like detectiv conan, then everything went down the fucks
  9. In my opinion Haru Uru & Damekoi both are the single best pure-love stories i´ve read up to date, there simply is no real competetion when coming to those two. Anyhow good luck!
  10. Tsujidou-san no Jun'Ai Road Discussion

    pretty sure he only hated yukino´s route. distinctly remember him ranting about the writer having fucked up hard, not because he found her annoying
  11. What is wrong with reading a bad translation?

    basically saying if you´re personally fine with reading fanfiction (at best) then go for it, but just don´t call a bad translation a translation, because it´s not, and even more so trying to rate works based on garbled mess, that´s just plain retarded. btw. the aforementioned fanfic isn´t limited to amateurs, as there´s quite some around officially published, regrettably so.
  12. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    @bakauchuujin not trying to defend the way they localize, nor even wanting to, but frankly speaking moenovel (e.g. willplus) simply does what others didn´t. seriously now, not like they haven´t been licensing stuff to jast/mangagamer/whomever before, not like they aren´t willing to do so even now, so yeah, if none of the others seemingly gave a fuck about going for cc, they could´ve only done it themselves, or giving a fuck about it as well.
  13. Beyond Clouds — Beyond bad?

    they probably do and pretty much dont give a damn about it, all that matters is revenue from its chinese sales. nothing you can do about them (both companies) treating the english audience as nothing more than an annoying extra, one that´s not worth any professional investment localisation-wise.
  14. there´s no traps in this world if you were to go by emperor trumps doctrin & a virgin´s blood is nothing but a myth. everyone´s a natural born fucker. e.g. nutaku standing synonymous for healthy sexual education, like tools of conservative governmental propaganda. aight.
  15. moenovel is releasing "A sky full of stars"

    Dunno whom you´ve expected to, but wasn´t it obvious from the beginning? Like since Moenovel IS Pulltop & vice-versa, so there you have it, regrettably so.