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  1. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    own plattforms are coming soon as well, both 18+ & all ages.
  2. hat clickbait title though...., nothing was lost, the contracts just naturally expired as explained in the statement of theirs.
  3. How do you refer to fuwa members by name?

    individual names do no matter to me. the world is divided into lolifags and hagfags, that´s what really matters.
  4. isn´t it basically the same? like ks-goal or not, if the base game were to fail sales-wise there wouldn´t be any continuation either, probably, eg. mg´s habit of only doing fandiscs depending on sales.
  5. that´s what they´ve been planning all along, hence them going to kickstart iroseka
  6. Sol Press 2019 Licensing Survey

    Tenbin no La Dea, simply because it wont be 10+years old upon release and makes a good entry into the series despite no being the 1st one. As for manga, guess i´m going with Imako System there. Can´t be any bad having one of the best things i´ve ever read available on Hyourin.
  7. english va´s aren´t even neccessarily bad imo, as long as a company won´t go for talentfree bums like many do.
  8. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    that´s basically what i meant though. perfect world´s regulated steam version instead of the more openminded current one. In a sense it will affect western publishers as many are starting to rely on those additional sales, excluding chinese speaking ones who live outside PRC. Even if publishers were to compile with [insert demanded changes], it´s quite likely a good amount of customers is going to feel cucked, eg. them reverting back to piracy. edit: don´t believe a possibly bad reputation is what they should fear though., like 99% of western customers do give a huge shit about a chinese version (sold in china) getting censored or not.
  9. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    steam´s current success, and even more so after its new "everything goes" policy, is what massively ticks chinese government officals off. Heard from many sources there, that this can´t and won´t go on any much longer. Makes you curious though how much a super-regulated/censored plattform will affect sales, especially those of western publishers who went/ are planning to go tri-language mode
  10. What are your thoughts on episodic visual novels?

    Personally i have no problem with those, as long as they aren´t on the very short side, or to be more precise as long as there´s enough time for telling a story. each episode releasing in a consistant and timely manner is also a huge +, like almost fukking no one cares about getting a sequel to whatnot that´s already 2years ago. also depends what one considers episodical releases, standalone titles with massive cliffhangers, or ones with semi-unfinished plots can be considered episodic as well, no just those route by route thingies etc.
  11. say what u want, but probably best thing which happnened been solpress saving himakoi from getting mtl´d by [insert cashgrabbing faggot]
  12. sth about a manga been mentioned as well, if i remember correctly, dunno if it´s steiners project though.
  13. multiple times (somewhere in here or the next one http://boards.4chan.org/vg/thread/232493845#p232493845). also oniikiss getting its fd as well in case of main game selling at least decent, which i´m having no doubt about. totally unhateable unless ur born an asexual creep
  14. yep xev himself told us so. should expect them getting announced in the no so distant future (a week or bit more, probably), also there´s still steiners real project, not the sudden LN-placeholder one, which got delayed by the jp side. btw there´s at least decent progress being made coming to all of their new projects, so none is sitting at 0%
  15. they better pay them godlike for keeing ´em, can´t have enough of those, especially since solpress gonna anounce more titles in a week or two. anyhow been a really long time i´ve seen 4chan that happy, eg. moe is justice!