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  1. Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Steam store opened

    guess steam-kun is on a roll again, randomness sucks balls
  2. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    localization as its name suggests stands for localizing sth, eg. in this case the act of porting pieces of literature originating from one cultural environment into another, like it or not. & coming to ur point of demographic differences regarding customers, sure they´re there, but at the same time small companies can´t be really expected to make like 15+ versions available, that´s just economical suicide. in case of u no wanting to read a title localized into murrican, don´t blame a murrican company, blame ur own mileu for no founding one itself, btw there apparently being no enough people buying it in ur native language for it to happen.
  3. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    there´s no making an argument about. ideal localization simply means porting everything to the main target audiences country, or demographic whatever - text, names, cultural shenanigans, etc, then dubbing the audio and releasing a product that has an totally western/african/etc feel to it. those who whine about it being no japanese anymore should just read it in japanese, or shut the fuck up. of course fully localizing a title does no neccessarily mean putting less effort into it, or keeping the costs low - good western va´s do ask for reasonable wages (excluding talentfree bums who usually getting hired), same as any other people involved that rightfully call themselves professionals.- simply translating a title /= fully localizing a title, though both go hand in hand. it´s especially the half-finished jobs done that keep the annoying controversy going, eg. honorifics, unavoidable discrepancy between things heard & things read....
  4. Irotoridori Kickstarter by Sol Press

    implying there´s someone who even wanted to translate it for free. almost sounds like a never-ever-ge either way to me...
  5. Mosaic preferences in Visual Novel H-Scenes

    mosaics these days arent even half bad imo, like who the fuck even cares about those tiny little pixies. granted if the art´s great, and that goes for beneath mosaics as well, then i´d be fine with uncensoring, but that´s only IF. & honestly times where mosaics covered almost the whole body are long long gone.
  6. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart English Release

    honestly why would they, now that work is done on the game itself & them high school students got paid for translating it. shame it´s going to be in japanized english.... on the bright side they didn´t pay as much as mikandi, yet basically got the same result, on the other hand given how much noratoto earned them, they easily could´ve afforded hiring some real professionals *sigh
  7. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Kickstarting physicals or whatnot isn´t really bad in itself, it´s the innumerous delays of shipping goods/fullfilling your obligations coming to backers which pisses people off, and since there´s basically been no campaign until now that´s done the aforementioned in a timely manner, running a KS even for the most basic things almost guaranties you a good backlash from the userbase.
  8. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    regrettably this. it´s no like them still being the "new kids on the block", quite some time has passed since founding and lots of things happened. times they´ve repeatedly told to work on whatnot for the better, are more often then idk. benefit of doubt is fine in itself, granted new companies shouldn´t be critizised into oblivion, same as having unnatural high expections for them, but yo, can´t pretend being professionals, yet behave like amateurs at times. in capitalism it´s eat or be eaten, and artificially keeping whomever doing inconsistent releases alive, through guilt-buying or misguided sentimentality, is nothing but a disservice to the industry as a whole. btw and yes, sekai totally deserves any and all taking the piss, and be it only for them to have made fun of jasts abysmal-ish slow releases, despite ending up no really much better (no going into numbers here, or wanting to compare both - just the overall attitude)
  9. ...During the release of Sakura no Uta some EOPs were scared of what he would do after the fact— more so even when he made a statement saying he might not like it. why is that so? to my understanding everyone´s free to like what he likes, and in case clephas possibly no liking sakuuta, so fucking be it. hell given the mentioned situation those eops couldn´t even read it, so why being concerned/scared/pissed off by anyones personal opinion? i just don´t get it. what´s real fucking bad is certain e-celebs declaring titles of their liking to be the alphas & omegas of galge, in a way basically endorsing sheep mentality. nothing worse than blindly buying whatever overhyped title, only to find it boring as fuck, or the existence of people actively defending bandwagoning as how the community should be. unneeeded toxicity when commenting is one thing, but a bunch of braindead fucks is in no way any better.
  10. Why is no one talking about the Dracuriot leak?

    iceboxing titles does no neccessarily mean the end, stealth-canceling these is the real genocide of hopes (looks at kikokugai...)
  11. Why is no one talking about the Dracuriot leak?

    because it´s already been quite some while. people who wanted used the beta/gamma(?) patch and read it, those who didn´t will wait until whatever date of release. basically saying almost all hype there been for this title in past years died down in the meantime. Not to mention them taking an extraordinary amount of time getting 2 yuzusoft ones out, tenshin ranman seems to be iceboxed though, which probably soured relations with ys.
  12. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    koikuma is nothing but a moedriven nukige (not neccessarily bad), koi ama bland as it could be & maitetsu a boring behemoth, not even counting in its issues upon release. though not even being its biggest fan, i´d definitely put walk among zombies leagues above the aforementioned in terms of quality/writing.
  13. Nanairo Reincarnation

    as far as i remember them h-scenes being tied to its plot was a chore to read, sheer amount of oni-reproducing whatnot almost killed any and all interest of me continue reading. when things finally got interesting i simply felt mentally exhausted
  14. Lover Able TL

    istn´t this the case with almost all of smee´s titles, like them 100% focusing on moe & fluff, having next to no drama? basically saying no one sane reads a smee title for the plot, it´s always about humor & cute chicks
  15. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    own plattforms are coming soon as well, both 18+ & all ages.