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  1. [POLL] What's your translation quality cutoff?

    some unfortunate wordings aside, i´d give it a good 8. this is because there were quite a lot of different translators doing the script and even though it´s been thoroughly edited the product as a whole feels a little bit inconstent given different styles. granted an average reader most probably won´t even notice some minor inconsistencies in writing, but this is hypotetically speaking. there´s way way worse examples of such out there, most of which people been happy with regardless
  2. [POLL] What's your translation quality cutoff?

    this basically stems from companies no hiring real professionals. granted there´s some editors around gifted with good skills, having previously worked in journalism or whatnot, but let´s be honest most aren´t. an a-grade amateurs work is 99% going to be inferior to his/hers b-grade professional pendant
  3. [POLL] What's your translation quality cutoff?

    for fantranslations option 6-7 should be plenty (unless people wanting to sell it), but seriously now anything other than point 9 shouldn´t be acceptable to no one sane coming to professional works, heck since whatever company decides on making money with title xy, it´s automatically every customers right to only expect the very best. period. also as a paying individual i couldn´t care less about any potentially horrendous work expenses, no being profitable any more, or whatever complaint there is when them trying to max out its quality. if no having the means of doing things right, it´s from my point better no getting started at all. in all honesty if 3 or more passes of edits are neccessary, then it´s everyones right to expect it being done, such is the way of professionalism. no whiny blabla like in leylines or chrono clocks case about it no earning them enough money to warrant such things. personally i´m somewhat content with patches for technical reasons, but having to do so even once when wanting to enjoy a good read simply gets me raging...
  4. main reason why libra deserves a good bashing does no only stem from its subpar quality, which they´re having fixed route by route, its more mikandi´s attitude towards the whole thing. like first promising backers/customers a very good translation and after everyone + their mothers knew they´ve got scammed fukking hard still defending the scammers work. is it really so damn difficult to openly say "hey we fucked up, cause we got fucked up, because we´re naive retards. sorry everyone"? still calling sth that´s utterly unreadable for the most parts a good read is laughable at best and at worst it´s disrespectful to those who eagerly awaited said title´s release. edit: @Happiness+ please no more pointless mumbo-jumbo about saying bad translations are better than no translation at all, cause that´s completely shit. a bad translation is labeled bad for a reason, not only because its prose might no be winning nobel prizes and/or lacks emotions. inaccuracy is a thing and getting to read nothing but fanfiction does contradict with you saying "...but there’s so many kamiges out there that will remain untranslated."
  5. Lovekami Healing Harem

    wondered about that as well. bit weird they keep doing a bunch of low-quality titles before actually good/popular ones, but oh well. especially since there´s no licensing costs/talks involved ...and then life became meaningless, forwhy sarcasm was no longer understood by humans. rip
  6. Baldr Sky Chinese patch

    just look/ask around for a bit on sumisora, as there´s a good possibility of you getting helped, definitly more so than in an english community.
  7. just wanted to say the same. one can basically expect each route being released in a very reasonable timeframe, even more so since both really liked the title, means double the speed - unlike their last one, which still has been done faster than many others. edit: can´t say arunaru is more slow, when doing gameplay-ish titles does include interfaces etc as well, plus the linecount of all he´s done in recent years easily tops the million mark
  8. that´s the common problem i´m having with like 95% of all titles available. people involved in works of literature, goes especially for editors here, should´ ve no right to exist if no being talented in writing themselves - same as a janitor won´t suddenly do a ceo´s work, ungifted schmocks should never be allowed playing author. main issue is not even an inaccurate outcome, but rather the utterly lifeless read one gets to experience as a result. whole thing basically reads like an easy to understand manual for self assembling a closet.
  9. my point was that purplesoft favors none and would probably give licenses to whoever asks/pays first. from a companies point of view it´s also no weird if let´s say 5 titles were done by 5 different publishers, as long as they sell/earn them money, btw they couldn´t care less about fans then having to buy things from 5 different places
  10. not wanting to disturb your delusions, but there´s nothing that indicates purplesoft has ditched sekai and now favors mangagamer. realistically speaking both released the title which has been licensed to them, in which way doesn´t really matter, and coming to purplesoft they´d probably give another one away to whoever comes across as well, new publisher or whatnot. times are long long over where a dev -publisher relationship felt like a marriage of sorts.
  11. Thoughts on Fortissimo?

    facing said dilemma you could also ask yourself whether or not breaking your own dick might make it look better in speedos, seriously though, there isn´t even an opinion to have coming to machine tl´d titles of any kind. stuff is utterly unreadable and simply makes no sense, no matter how you look at it, means fortissimo has no english tl as of yet. nothing to read, nothing to rate.
  12. Lamunation! announced by Love Lab

    out of the myriads of titles they could´ve choosen from, they seriously went for lamunation... it´s literary value of a hemorrhoid ridden frog aside, not everything has to be a profound read, there´s simply nothing which gets you going, or in other words: the world won´t loose a thing, if this abomination goes down the way of all flesh. edit: blickwinkel doing the tl boggles my mind as well, but i guess a man needs to fap, feed himself and shit... edit2: still i believe this is going more than successful, target audience is definitely there (regrettably so)
  13. This time Sakuragame decided to kill Hakoniwa Logic

    pretty sure skyfish isn´t really interested in the english audience, chinese sales are all that matters. or let´s rephrase it, unless convinced otherwise, means showing them definite prove of significant sales numbers being indeed possible, there probably won´t be any change in their policy of viewing english localizations as a bothersome hassle. & before anyone starts the usual defender-of-innocent/naive -jp-devs, nah, they´re neither this much retarded, nor do they exist in total ignorance of the world. heck they know fairly well whom they´re partnering with, goes especially for more big developers, so if anyone is to blame it´s most probably both. sakuragame isn´t only around since yesterday, social media, trackrecords & traceable pr do exist. keep on believing in the opposite is nothing but whiteknightening those who obviously don´t give a shit.
  14. arunaru is the epitome of ubermensch, there´s simply no other way to describe it.
  15. if this is based on the dc version i´ve played years ago then some of the dialogue is still there, no actual porn, but nuances & indications of what´s happening (game been 18+ as well). anyhow i don´t get them people, like this one is mecha, with its plot revolving around existential crisis & whatnot - also pretty much made clear from the beginning - so if its already dark, then some possible rape/ntr shouldn´t feel out of place. sure both aren´t to anyones taste, but even if i were one of those, i´d rather have it that way then some forcibly patched together happy-go-lucky crap. not everything needs to be fluffy as fuck.