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  1. December update! https://djnostyle.itch.io/nothing-is-beautiful/devlog/116057/december-update
  2. Mini update: The heroines now have Twitter accounts! Saki: @sakurazakasaki Reina: @ritsushimareina Miu: @miyaharamiu Follow and be nice to them!
  3. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'll definitely do everything I can to make sure it keeps that same 'wholesome' charm, hahaha. I've always felt like the portrayal of characters with mental 'impairments' has been a bit skewed a lot of the time, so delivering something realistic but also comical is super important to me. I'll keep doing my thing and hopefully, it will all hold up!
  4. Thanks a lot for pointing out those issues! I also agree that my usage of en dash is definitely a bit more frequent than it should be. I've been meaning to tone down on that, so thanks for keeping me in check! I'm going to go back and find those other lines for revision as well. Editing and proofreading my own work is always a little rough because my brain just skips over things that it expects to be correct when, oftentimes, they aren't. Regardless, the mistakes shall be fixed and I'm glad you guys had fun! I also wonder if Yuu's eccentricity and the style of comedy will hold up over time because I do realize they can be a little much in large doses. I will say, though, that I have every intention of amping up the more serious and dramatic points of the game -- [< be proud of the em dash] so I hope doing that will bring more balance to the overall feel and structure.
  5. DOWNLOAD: https://djnostyle.itch.io/nothing-is-beautiful VNDB: https://vndb.org/v26715 This is the story of a girl who loves whales and a boy who eats too much candy. "What will happen to us in the summer?" A simple question from a simple girl -- but one that Yuu is unable to answer. Cursed with a severe case of psychosis at birth, Yuu sees and hears things that no one else can. These delusions, which come in waves brought on by the weight of God and past traumas, turn his daily life into an endless struggle toward normalcy. The game takes place over a two-week period at the end of high school. Please live a beautiful life. God is watching. Amen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, everyone! Please check out Nothing is Beautiful. It's a psychological drama I'm writing and producing entirely on my own. Every asset in this game is royalty-free and, as such, the full game will be free as well upon release. Right now, the demo covers the first day of a two-week period. Please be advised, this game does have several dark themes and deals heavily with the impact of religion on the human psyche. If you have an issue with that, I completely understand and hold nothing against you. I do, however, hope that those of you who aren't put off by this enjoy the world I have created. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEROINES: (All designed by Liah) Saki Your childhood friend and source of free food and laundry. She is very kind and loves whales. Please be nice to her. She is very sad. Reina Your classmate. You used to be close, but you stopped hanging out with her for some reason. You don't know why. Her three sizes are 89/61/88 and she loves horror movies. Miu Your kouhai. She will act brave. She is lying. Do not love her until she learns to love herself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is no planned release date for the full project as of yet, but I'll continue working hard to deliver a very memorable experience. Thanks for reading!
  6. Finally Registered

    What's up, guys? I've been lurking around Fuwanovel for quite a while now and figured it was finally time to register. Some key points about myself are: - I write/edit/proofread VN's (You can find out more about this in my About Me) - I'm a critic for the anime news/review website The Fandom Post - Im 23 and live in NJ. Full time job + full time student = Full time sadness - My favorite VNs are probably HoshiMemo and Fate/Stay Night - I have three cats I think that basically covers everything about me...So hello everyone! Nice to meet you all!