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  1. Pretty sure it´s also a matter of how much localizer xy is willing to pay. eushully for example is not against someone officially releasing their titles in the west, just the amount of money they´ve asked for (sekai in this case), seems a little offputting. guess same pretty much goes for some others as well, which might change over time (devs getting into financial shenanigans etc), or not. & with now DMM proactively stomping the loc market you can´t really predict anything anymore
  2. pouring a lot of (limited) ressources into titles, that caused a company going bancrupt, does sound like a smart decision, undoubtably so. granted few of these been an okay-ish read, but still....
  3. seems like dmm is pretty much bend on turning into galge overlord these days, cant complain since i´ve really enjoyed the recent lineup of theirs, both coming to originality and quality as well. still bummed one of their best ones got axed by steam, but oh well.
  4. this, and since your taste in galge most probably isn´t the same as the ones who did suggest xy, it´s more likely than not you´re going to give a fukk and drop it altogether
  5. pretty much this. makes u realize how much of a massive undertaking the whole project really is
  6. considering giniro´s overall length and them already being +- halfway done, sure has some otherwordly flair to it.
  7. key-fanboys are plenty and so is their backing as well. no doubt this goal´s getting reaching pretty soon-ish
  8. this game´s an awesome read, and also totally wouldn´t mind dmm going full force at non japanese markets, seeing how much they lately focus on developing own titles etc. + their budget is sky-high, can´t complain about its tl-quality, adult-dlc planned and the whole thing´s just appears to be well thought-through. hope this keeps up.
  9. sounds like great news so far, well excluding the thingie about glupak, so congrats on successfully pushing through. & regarding what possibly comes next, you might wanna look at ninetails older titles, as there´s some real good stuff in there, eg. eve, amatsukaze & whatnot.
  10. pleasantly surprised by the demo so far as its concept & overall theme seems to be well thought-through. as someone with DID myself this makes for a "wholesome" experience aka god is dead. best wishes on your endeavour, best of luck & just do your thing.
  11. hoshi ori´s common route was pretty good, yeah, but gin´iro´s only makes out what feels like 2% of the whole game, so it´s not really representative...
  12. i can already see the majority asking for the koihime franchise, despite most of it being way too massive to localize at a whim - as if they haven´t released some other, partly great, titles so far.
  13. and those are? personally i´m pretty much cool with buying their stuff at JAST. bit curious though why they haven´t also gone after GOG, but oh well
  14. >nonchalantly translating its common route + the 2nd longest of the game alongside his thesis proposal and whatnot talk about making people (me included) feel like ass scratching monkeys...
  15. no wanting to lessen the "surprise", but somehow i already expected this. irru´s a cool dude that enjoys interacting with moefags & trip´s metamorphosis from beast into a 1000+ line eating monstrosity at breakfast already started during him marathonning tsujidou, irreversibely so. anyhow best of luck to both and guess 4chan´s on fire right now
  16. pretty sure and going by astro himself, there´s been publisher xy who prevented them from releasing anything (officially and not). dunno if he´d just give away all that´s done so far, quite possible others may have asked him already, but to no avail. and even if dyntec were to create a new project, it´d be obviously better to do so whilst staying under the radar as much as possible.
  17. hasn´t to be this game. like others mentioned it´s already licensed and you´d have to do it whilst staying under the radar + it might come out not that much longer after your release (ideally speaking). why not instead try your hands at ninetails older titles, almost each and every of them is an actual gem, with little to no chances of getting picked up officially.
  18. i don´t even know why the vast majority of devs keep using those minimalistic looking fonts or ui in general, totally destroys any and all immersion. like it´s a product where ones main focus lies on reading, so why that stuff. worst examples are where them sprites and backgrounds are kept cute/ fantasy-esque, and contrary to that you get an interface/font which looks like straight out of the 90s.
  19. not your everyday trope ridden crap, nice art, intriguing setting (from the little i´ve got so far), no fukking no jp-names & what seems to be a well thought of concept. backed. edit: + there´s fukking finally someone using a nice and readable font. not that sterile looking stuff u always get
  20. you know not everyone just naturally dies at old age, illness´s and accidents exist. regardless big loss for the community and from a human aspect as well.
  21. contrary to many nukige it does have sth called plot (even an entertaining one), but to be honest its omnipresent feature is them cowtits - and if you´re into these then you´ll most probably fap like a horse. if not, well, then you´re going to be sickened by at least 50% of everything.
  22. sorry if that sounded a bit rude, but it wasn´t neccessarily aimed at you, more generally talking, or in the case of noby refering to your previous comment. the "maybe presented itself too much of being the next Clannad and others, rather then focusing on making a good product" part that is. in short, neither has a debut title to be commercial, nor does it have to look like one. good writing and story is all that matters in the beginning. seen some friends pour tons of their savings into creating sth and still put it on freem, only to get some exposure first. budget, media coverage and hype
  23. like mentioned before, some sort of talent (in writing) and dedication is needed, though whilst no one sane expects nobel prize winning quality, it shouldn´t read like dick either. honestly i don´t get most of the english galge scene, cause starting out right of the bat with kamige-esque titles is neigh impossible at best and those ending up halfbaked garbage tier at worst. why even being that much of a selfdelusional fag? why does some complete rookie have to produce the alpha & omega as his/her first work? why no aiming to improve naturally over time? why is that so? just fucking polis
  24. in my opinion its been doomed from the beginning. honestly, and unless you´re a lucky fucker who´s got fairies writing the script at midnight, there´s simply no way sth good will come out of it without having at least some talent for writing. granted there´s also a massive mountain of garbage available in jp, but the vast majority doesn´t even dare declaring it as some sort of next level written whatnot, instead puts it on freegame and good is. this whole "let´s kickstart xy, cause i´m able to play with my dick - talent is for the simpleminded and there´s no stopping me" attitude is what ridic
  25. not that super good and reads a bit weird at times, BUT still better than waiting another 3 years or so until its official release that´s been marketed with soon....
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