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  1. Really interesting. Well, nukige market is still great, as I can see, releasing ton of games every month on Getchu site (like Appetite, Miel games etc). But usual eroge market yes... But hey, we still can see a few full-price eroge each month! But I often see now full-price eroge divided separately into one-heroine low-price games (collect whole eroge buying all 3 game packs of something like this). Like Koi-Mitsu from Torte Soft. Uh...
  2. Oh, thanks you still writing about Japanese VNs. I really think that less and less people discussing them here. And on other sources too. That's so sad. No one interested in them or what?
  3. Well, in my case... I just losing interest in game so fast, when the time between announcement of localization and actual release is too long. It's like... When you first see announcement... *Wow! Wah, so great, I have waited for this! I will buy at 1st day release!!!* And then, months later... Or even more... Game finally releases. *Ah... Oh... Maybe... Someday, when I will have a free time (because other interesting VNs released or announced already)* Seriously, even if VN market is so niche... There are still SO MANY GAMES releasing every, every month,
  4. If it would be released on Android somehow, it would be incredible. Also, still wait the news about Noratoto patch! This VN will wait for its own golden hour! :)
  5. Well, I hope it won't be so terrible like Tyranobuilder or Visual Novel Maker... Omg...
  6. It's logical, because translating full-price eroge is never so easy, especially just in free time...
  7. Hello, guys! I wonder how is it going, because I reeeeally want to finally read this VN! And also Noratoto 2. Thank you very much!
  8. I think it's the first official news, when VN localization company dropped the license?
  9. Ngh, I'd also want normal TL. Also for Hakoniwa Logic, because I can't read that quality at all...
  10. Hm, can you please compile .omv converter? Thanks!
  11. Oh, I think it's Kinkoi, not Kirikoi, as noted in first post? I am so happy to see such games, wow. They even did English sites like original. That's incredible!
  12. Guys, what the playDRM feature? i bought DVD pack of 13 games, and inside the license key for all games as playDRM. I don't see DMM version and don't know how to register the games on my account. Thanks!
  13. I don't know but I rewatching Shokomeza already at 3rd time, and I like it so much. Unfortunately in Saekano development of VN is just a background. There aren't much events about that, of course, no any details or deep practice cycles, etc. I don't know how to explain, but in Shokomeza I find out about full-price eroge, low-price, also budget issues, TOKUTEN privileges, and other really useful things. That's sad, Shokomeza VN didn't get any translation at all. I'd want to play heroine routes. Also Saekano has VN adaptation, but only on PS Vita, ugh... But I want
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