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  1. S in Japanese usually "sadist". M - masochist.
  2. So, I got official letter from HARUKAZE support mail. 18+ version of Noratoto (1 and 2) doens't planned for English edition, so, yeah, Restoration Patch will be our only way. And they are still in operation (regarding future 3rd part), and they will announce their "comeback" when they ready.
  3. Anyway, for your information, by the way, there are also some patches for first part of the game, I decided to paste it all here just in case, maybe, they also will be translated in future. 1. Visual Fan Book DLC - separate additional game with 3 new CG (and 3 new chibi art) and content. 2. 5th Anniversary Patch - additional 10 CG and new bonus scenes (Neko no Okangae). It's a patch for original JP version of the game. Unfortunately, GarBro decrypt archives not fully (if you choose 1st part as decryption), so I can't see most of contents in .dat archives. You can download it all here. Anyway, I have installed latest version of the game ~5.3Gb (title screen shows as 1.08 + 5th Anniv 1.01), so if someone want it, just DM me.
  4. The latest Kirikiri games usually encrypted with new encryption system, as I can see, and no any tools works, except KrKrDump or KrKrTools. I don't know how to extract archives exactly, unfortunately. Now VN extraction scene is died totally, no one wants to update tools etc, even GarBro abandoned, although it's still an incredible tool.
  5. I wonder where I can get the fullest of fullest "Last Run" edition with all patches and updates? I am just confused a bit. I wonder if console version (with Rail Romanesque Origin) includes any exclusive event CG?
  6. I am still asking, why exactly Mashiro? I don't mind at all, just interesting. Yeah, Sekai Project is really slow (they still have great lineup of Feng games...)
  7. Oooh... I think I can say you important thing. You shouldn't force yourself to play games you don't want (you are lazy, don't have motivation or just lost interest in them). Just drop them. Believe me, your time is most precious thing. You can spend it on other things that you currently like, enjoy etc!
  8. Looks like Debonosu releasing ton of low price games, diving them into parts (like one part = one heroine). I like a wolf (or a dog) from new game, can play only because of this cutie. By the way, why Mashiroiro Symphony so anticipated for English release?
  9. Oooh, it's November now, by the way! Waiting for more news! That's insane that you have tools for Switch version!
  10. Still waiting news about this project. Anyway, I don't know what happened with Harukaze... They was totally fine, and disappeared after Monkeys! release and Noratoto 3 announcement...
  11. There was also 2020 live. https://madosoft.net/madolive2020/ And now they have another work - Hamidashi Creation (with FD also). Ehehe, enjoy
  12. As I can see, it is actually for the old Pulltop/WillPlus titles. All new games (I think since 2019?) by WillPlus and their sub-brands (AdvHD.exe file) should normally run in UTF-8.
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